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"Dead Men Talk Too Much" by Felicia Baker

Cast of Characters

 Kris Fazzari:Ariana, daughter of Mirelle

"We wanted her dead, she was too cool to live. She had sunglasses." -- Callisto to Ariana

"I think we're going to have to disturb Bleys." -- Callisto
"Oh no!" -- Stefan
"What if (the demons) are pursuing us?" -- Callisto
"Then they'll disturb Bleys." -- Stefan

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"A Night at the Opera" by Sol Foster

Held out on Shadow Earth, the premier of Corwin's new opera is the event of the year. And you're assigned to guard duty. Can you stop those who would kill Kings Random and Merlin at a single stroke? Or just keep Corwin from being terminally embarrassed?

Cast of Characters

 Kris Fazzari:Ariana, daughter of Mirelle
 Cal Rea:Hlassar, son of ?
 David Vandenabeele:Carol?, daughter of ?
 ?:Dorian, son of ?

"When I say opera, I mean honeymoon." -- GM to the group

"There's one additional useful thing that you will have available to you." -- Random
"The Jewel?" -- Carol

"Looks like Julian, tastes like Brand." -- David Vandenabeele to the group

"You look a lot like Julian, why don't you borrow Morgenstern?" -- Carol to Dorian

"How do you know Bleys wants to sabotage the performance?" -- Ariana
"Because he Trumped me and asked me to." -- Hlassar
"Ah, that would explain it." -- Ariana
"You know, he never asked me to be discrete about it." -- Hlassar

"Aunt Fiona, can you please make nuclear reactions impossible within this Shadow?" -- Hlassar, after detecting multiple launches from NORAD
"There's a bit of a time crunch. You have ten minutes." -- Dorian

"You have five minutes. Impress me." -- Hlassar to Fiona, after the submarines launch their nuclear missiles

"So eight minutes later, the GM says, 'The good news is the missiles haven't exploded. The bad news is that the sun just went out.'" -- Kris Fazzari to the group

"We may destroy this whole Shadow, but the opera will start on time." -- Kris Fazzari to the group

"Why don't we set off an EMP from space?" -- Carol
"Let's give them a chance to recover their world before we destroy it." -- Hlassar

"You grenade the orchestra pit out of tradition." -- Dorian
"What? Tradition where?" -- Ariana
"I always do." -- Hlassar

"There's lots of bodies down there, and they're shredded into tiny little pieces." -- GM
"I look for the ones that are obviously Chaosite." -- Hlassar

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"Home, Sweet Home?" by George Gitari

Cast of Characters

 J.P. Brannan:?
 Kris Fazzari:Melanie, daughter of Brand
 Sean Frost:Baxter, son of Caine
 Pilar Quezzaire-Belle:Jude, son of ?
 Matthew Richardson:Llateri, daughter of Llewella
 Wendi Strang-Frost:Dana, daughter of Deirdre

"Hey, I only killed a few men. That's good. Caine will be pleased." -- Baxter to the group

"GMs are mean when they're tired." -- Sean Frost to the group

"Would Brand have taught me anything about Shadow storms?" -- Melanie
"Don't go there!" -- GM

"Lots of water, what do you want to do?" -- GM
"Swim!" -- Baxter

"That's OK, last night I got run through with a Pattern sword, so this isn't so bad." -- Wendi Strang-Frost
"Well, now I have a goal." -- GM

"I'm going to have a throne-shaped bruise." -- Dana
"Now there's a way to get the King's seal." -- Jude

"(Your) cane's warfare is not equal to the statue's warfare." -- GM to Jude

"(The statue) has disarmed you. Do you disengage?" -- GM
"Yes!" -- Baxter

"Hey, it's not every day you can finger Fiona." -- Wendi Strang-Frost to J.P. Brannan

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"Riddle of the Sphinx" by Mark MacKinnon and Jesse Scoble

Cast of Characters


"Go Dalt, now, and finish the work your mother started." -- Tree of Ygg, wanting him to burn down Amber City and its environs
"Whoa. There is a God." -- Dalt

Slot 9

"Logical Thoughts are Self-Defeating II: That Can't be Good for a Baby!" by ChaosAngel Productions (Rich Driscoll and Lori Turi)

Cast of Characters

 Rachel Holmberg:Ariel, daughter of Bleys
 ?:Bubba Joe, son of Bleys
 ?:Gabriel, son of ?
 ?:Harmony, son of ?

"It's not fair! (Bubba Joe) gets all the attention! Why won't (Daddy) hit ME????" -- Ariel to ?, while looking down at her unconcious brother, who has just been beaten half to death by daddy Bleys

"What the fuck are you in a damned wheelchair for, boy?" -- Bubba Joe
"Dude, I'm like...trying to empathize with the crippled people of the world...." -- Harmony
"I'll show you fuckin' empathy, you liberal hippie faggit!" -- Bubba Joe, picking up his shotgun and aiming

"Gabe, why'd you have t'string her up like a goddamned deerskin?" -- Bubba Joe, while in Trump contact with cousin Gabriel the serial killer
"I'm sorry if my methods offended you, Bubba Joe...." -- Gabriel, in a perfectly calm and collected voice
"It ain't that you killed her, don't get me wrong. But why didn't you just shoot the bitch?" -- Bubba Joe


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