AmberCon East 1998 Quotes

"Canon in Fugue" by Rich Driscoll and Lori Turi

Cast of Characters

 Elissa Ayadi:Brand
 Ian Ng:Flora

"Who's (Brand) drawing and what happens when he wipes his mouth with it?" -- Ian Ng
"Eric gets licked." -- Elissa Ayadi

"Flora's Forces" by Scott Whitney

Cast of Characters

 Michael Belle:Zair
 J.P. Brannan:Quinlan, son of Flora
 Lars Colson:Tal
 Michael Curry:Aodham
 Louis Evans:Cog
 Ian Ng:Recchi
 Graeme Smith:Max, 14-year-old son of Flora
 Jim Smith:Lawrence

"We may be family but this is not a family show." -- GM to the group

"It's like trying to light a match in a furnace." -- GM to ?, on something frightfully easy

"3...2...1...." -- Tal, turning on a comm channel that all of Earth can hear
"Should I talk now?" -- Aodham, making a good first impression

"Then I will become a better target and dodge more." -- Lawrence to GM, playing decoy to protect Max

"Oh, that'll distract them while I chop off their nipples." -- Lawrence to the group, on Max making faces in the windshield of a giant mecha

"I'm gonna look for something soft to land on, like a bus." -- Lawrence to GM, falling off a 40-foot mecha

"Your clothes are shot? I'll be right there!" -- Aodham to ?, knowing his priorities

"I really wish I didn't like the way he thinks." -- Jim Smith to ?, regarding Graeme Smith

Random Games

"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups." -- Scott Whitney to ?

"Amber. Chaos. I'm the one with the Trump." -- ?

"It's just like firing a bow, except there's no bow." -- ?, on using a sorcerous tornado to fling cannonballs

"I miss my friends, but my aim is getting better." -- Lars Colson to ?

"Ugh! I found the plot!" -- Ted Powers to ?

AmberCon East

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