AmberCon North 1998 Quotes

"A Ghost of a Chance" by Rae Williams

Cast of Characters

 Linda Cottrell:?
 Kris Fazzari:Ariana, daughter of Mirelle

"When you have 30 points of bad stuff, you shouldn't walk strange Patterns." -- Kris Fazzari
"There's a lot of things you shouldn't do with 30 points of bad stuff." -- Linda Cottrell

"Oberon is still the King." -- Ariana
"He's dead, he says." -- Carla
"Admitting that you're dead is an act of abdication, isn't it?" -- Dillon

"Avalon Knights" by Mike Manolakes

Cast of Characters

 ?:Lady Katelyn
 ?:Sir Ivar
 ?:Sir Xanacroid

"Charlie will lead the way to the distressed lady." -- Sir Xanacroid, 2nd in command of the Knights of Avalon, speaking of her horse (an artifact with more points than her character)
"Why can't you be more like Charlie?" -- Lady Katelyn to her plain old horse without a name

"Sing Ivar!" -- Sir Xanacroid
"Yes, Sing!" -- Lady Katelyn
"Why do I have to sing?" -- young Sir Ivar
"Because you are of the lowest rank." -- Lady Katelyn, who is the 2nd lowest rank
<Ivar sings>
"Very good there Ivar. Stop singing now." -- Sir Xanacroid

"The End of Days" by John Schippers, Joe Saul, Mark MacKinnon, Jesse Scoble, Paul Vlamis and David de Jong

Cast of Characters

 Sol Foster?:Raven

"I ate the Virgin Mary's heart. It was fun." -- Tezcatlipoca AKA Smoking Jaguar Mirror

"Can I steal the Antichrist?" -- Raven to GM

"Chaos' Finest Hour" by Craig Sparling and Craig Johnson

Cast of Characters


"I'm evil incarnate, I dance." -- Jesby

"Blaze of Glory" by Sol Foster

Cast of Characters

 Kris Fazzari:Lorianne, AKA "The Pirate Queen"
 Joe Filippini:Otto Fromm
 Cal Rea:Philippe
 Jeff Trumitch:Westley, AKA "The Dread Pirate Roberts"
 Liz Trumitch:Jayne Green, AKA "Plain Jayne"
 ?:Jean Philippe, AKA "Sacre Bleu," AKA "The Sapphire Pimpernell"

Bleys' elite guard, responding to an invasion:

    "I ready the cannons." -- Philippe
    "I get my weapons." -- Lorianne
    "I brief the troops." -- Jayne
    "I put on my mask." -- Jean Philippe
    "I flirt with Ann." -- Westley

"Who wants to die today?" -- Jayne to Bleys' troops
"You get 15." -- GM
"Excellent. Come with me." -- Jayne

"As soon as the chance of death falls below 75%, I lead my men out." -- Jayne to GM

"All you guys on the beach see this one naked half-dead guy struggling his way out of the water. It's one of Jayne's guys." -- GM
"Hey, one lived!" -- Philippe
"I'm surprised." -- Jayne

"When I say flying, I mean in a nautical sense." -- GM to group

"I rip off my shirt and give it to (Jayne) saying, 'Keep doing that baby.'" -- Philippe, giving Jayne more material for her flaming arrows

"I swing across and become a blue whirlwind of fashionable death." -- Jean Philippe

"I'm down to 15 crates (of clothes). What will the Americans say?" -- Jean Philippe
"The Americans will say, "Who is that fag in the blue clothes?" -- Jayne

"I shoot (Bleys' captor) in the back." -- Lorianne
"I skewer him. You'd better be ready to take advantage of the opening this creates." -- Westley
"I catch him as he falls forward and say, 'Now about that duel....'" -- Jean Philippe

"Are we red and furry? Did I not notice this?" -- Philippe to the group

Jayne's Ballad

Plain Jayne from London town
Had her men pull their trousers down
Jumped in the sea and splashed around
Tipped a boat and her men did drown
Got on a plane and flew around
Knocked a bunch of sailors down
Went on a train and her men fell down
Only four are still around
Plain Jayne from London town

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