AmberCon Northwest 2004 Quotes

Slot 1

"Disconnected" by Meera Barry

The cards are warm. The Thelbane Empire lies in darkness. The Shadows are growing.

There was a messenger.

You are the message.

Cast of Characters

Lee Bynum:Gwen
Kyria Dane:Princess Cornelia Swayvill
Kris Fazzari:Jasmine Helgram
Kirgan Peacock:Lyco'sar Hendrake

"I'm not going crazy. A voice in my head said Dworkin is not here." -- Cornelia to the group

"Julian, we're going to Thelbane to kill Death! Be back soon!" -- Gwen

Slot 2

"Dworkin's Funeral" by Jennifer Zimmerman

He's been the subject of legend, the object of wonder and fear. He's been a rebel, artist, teacher, madman. And now, finally, Dworkin is dead.


Join the family in laying to rest its patriarch, the progenitor of the Pattern. Better bring the big guns - you know how these family gatherings can be....

Cast of Characters

Amy Edwards:Kira, daughter of Deirdre
Ian Goodwin:Colette, daughter of Flora
Stephanie McMechan:Kitty, daughter of Gérard
John Nienart:Jack, son of Random
John Schleick:Rowan, son of Julian
Jarrod Van Kirk:Link, son of Caine

"Check to make sure, did Jack remember his pants?" -- Rowan to the group, as everyone shows up for breakfast on the day of Dworkin's funeral

"I'm gonna check in with Random, see if he's going to wear his formal sweats to the funeral." -- Rowan
"Uh, no, the blind lady picked out an outfit for me. -- Random

"Can you think of a way to gather information on Dworkin's demise?" -- Kira
"One word: séance. Old guy's died...we make a Ouija board..." -- Rowan

"Wretches, scoundrels, the vomitus of my creation." -- Dworkin, sitting up at his funeral
"Link, I think he's talking to you." -- Rowan

"What are you doing in my dream?" -- Colette, after Rowan Trumps her while she's asleep
"I wanted to know what you're doing." -- Rowan
"I'm sleeping." -- Colette

Slot 3

"Symptoms of the Black Road" by Meera Barry

Luke: "What do you think is going on, anyway?"
Frakir: "Some horrible Wagnerian thing, full of blood, thunder, and death for us all."
"Oh, the usual," Luke said.
-- Coming to a Cord by Roger Zelazny

Just another day in paradise, eh? Well, the good thing is, you start the game by waking up. We don't promise that you'll live to fall asleep.

Setting: Five years after the terrible words spoken on the night of the coronation of King Eric. (Long Live!)

You were a guest, seeing what Mad Prince Corwin did not: the silence afterwards. This is a Kingdom of Peace, not of the pain of war. Things have settled out...well, except for the strange rumors of things that come from the creeping dark.

Cast of Characters

Karrin Jackson:?
Matt Southgate:?

"Stupid Zombie Sympathizers." -- Karrin Jackson to ?

"Nine out of 10 zombies said 'Aaaaaah.' The tenth had lost its tongue." -- ? to the group

"City Under Zombie Threat. Braaaaaaaiiins!" -- Amber city semaphore signal

Slots 3-4

"Out of Heaven's Hands" by Sara Mueller

Knowledge hath uncurtained heaven;
On the uttermost shores of darkness there is light;
Midnight hath sent forth a beam!
The blind that stumbled in darkness without light
Behold a new day!
In the obscurity gleams the star of Thought;
Imagination hath a luminous eye,
And the mind hath a glorious vision.
- Helen Keller, "A Chant to Darkness"

Cast of Characters

Simone Cooper:Despil, son of Corwin and Dara, Avatar of the Logrus
Kris Fazzari:Ariana, daughter of Mandor and Sunna, granddaughter of Julian, Queen of Red Amber
Anneke Floor:Desdemona, daughter of Corwin and Dara, Empress of Red-Violet Chaos
Guy Gascoigne-Piggford:Luke/Rinaldo, son of Brand and Jasra, King of Blue Amber
Ian Goodwin:Briar Rose, Chaosian gladiator/demon
Cindy Henderson:Sharika, daughter of Benedict and the Unicorn, older twin of Piotr
Harvey Mills:Piotr, son of Benedict and the Unicorn, younger twin of Sharika

"Angry silence is the last bastion of the Amber male." -- GM to the group

"So, this is an unexpected pleasure...but you don't look pleased." -- Corwin to Desdemona

Slot 4

"The Courts of Tigger" by Jeremy Zimmerman

The wonderful thing about Tiggers,
Is Tiggers are Wonderful Things.
Their tops are made out of rubber,
their bottoms are made out of springs!

They're bouncy-flouncy-touncy-pouncy,

But the most wonderful thing about Tiggers is...
I'm the only -- Hey, who are you guys?

Cast of Characters

James Arnoldi:Lion
Amber Cook:Tigger
Kirgan Peacock:Super-Moose

"The Blue Tiggers are fleeing in the face of the Orange Glitter Tiggers." -- GM
"This is not the Dark Pooh (game)!" -- Kirgan Peacock

"You can do what you want in your little One Tigger Town!" -- an Orange Tigger in the Courts of Tigger while arguing with the Pooh characters

"You can't be here. This is the Courts of TIGGER and only tiggers can be here." -- an Orange Tigger
"No, this is MY castle. Pooh just built it for me." -- Lion
"No. This is the Courts of Tigger. And we are the tiggers." -- the Orange Tigger
"But Tigger's the tigger. And he's the only one." -- Lion
"He's been lying to you the whole time." -- the Orange Tigger
"No, I've been a tigger, not a lion!" -- Tigger

Slot 5

"The Second Corey Family Reunion" by Andy Ransom

The year is 1937 and you have been invited to New York by the wealthy American Eric Barimen, to take part in a Corey family gathering. Included with your invitation was a ticket for transatlantic travel on the airship Hindenburg....

Cast of Characters

Linda Cottrell:Juergen Wögebauer, banker
Amy Edwards:Alaric Corey, stage magician
Kris Fazzari:Claudia Finkelstein, Jewish farmer
Madeline Ferwerda:Poppy Zemora, spiritualist
Robert Haight:John Houseman, old soldier
Amy Wood:Finneas Porter, recluse

"I'll be sitting at a table, playing solitaire." -- Finneas, the recluse, to GM

"I'm certain we'll arrive safely...of course, I can't be sure, and nothing is certain in life." -- Poppy to Alaric

"Here I am, putting myself out for you guys." -- Poppy to the group, after seducing a suspect
"You certainly are." -- Kris Fazzari

Slot 6

"Target Amber II" by Tim Hart

The epic struggle continues - how can one small Shadow survive the discoveries it has made.

Cast of Characters

Kris Fazzari:Special Agent Jessica Knight, FBI, counter-terrorism
Erik Florentz:Dr. Jorgen Sorberd, Swedish linguist
Roy Grutchfield:Dr. Robert James Dove, combat meteorologist
Robert Haight:Captain John Microft, USMC
Thaddeus Rice:Todd Archer, Canadian Mounted Police, psychology
Randal Trimmer:Sgt. Trungpa, British Army, Gurkha
Edwin Voskamp:Major Jonathan Cosgrove, SAS
Linda Voskamp:Elly Porter, US Marine Sergeant

"You're probably immediately impressed with our professionalism." -- Archer to the newbies, as the veterans bicker

"If they want us to save humanity, they can damn well cough up some resources." -- Microft to the group

"Well yes, we've all blown things up, but usually by putting blowing-up-stuff there." -- Archer to ?

"You can never use too much explosives." -- Cosgrove
"That should be our team motto." -- Archer

"Trading Shadows" by Leslie Lightfoot

Two Shadows.... Two Designers.... One Carpenter.... Two Sets of Shadow-Owners.... 4.8 Hours...and a Budget.

Tonight on TRC (The Reality Channel) Trading Shadows reinvents design with two Shadows from the opposite ends of Reality.

Cast of Characters

Carla Arnoldi:Florimel, the Amberite Designer
Andi Blija:Mandor, the Chaosian Designer
Linda Cottrell:Random, Amberite Homeowner
Amy Edwards:Brand, Chaosian Homeowner
Karrin Jackson:Jasra, Chaosian Homeowner
Karen Wells:Vialle, Amberite Homeowner

"Turn the sand into tapioca beads that look like fish eggs." -- Mandor, discussing ways to spice up Rebma
"They could be eggs for something." -- Jasra
"Like what?" -- Mandor
"Like anything. What would be the hour equivalent for surprise me?" -- Jasra

"Fiona is the fag hag of which all other fag hags are but Shadows." -- Jasra to Brand and Mandor

"Bleys is working on my house?" -- Brand
"And somehow, a lightning bolt comes out of nowhere and kills Bleys." -- Mandor

"Looks like an interesting carpentry day." -- Host/the Unicorn, after one of Jasra's ideas is to change the social structure of Rebma from a matriarchal society to something resembling Gor
"I have five thousand sluts to make." -- Jasra, speaking for Dworkin, the Carpenter

"We love you, Mandor." -- Jasra
"Yes, we do." -- Brand
"You're our friend." -- Jasra
"I...don't believe you." -- Mandor

"I don't care if they can breathe, as long as they're enslaved." -- Jasra to ?, deciding on a preference between the Gor culture and changing the water to oxygenated gel

"No one harpoons my wife but me." -- Brand to ?

"We could have this flailing, naked Bleys, like in a lava lamp...that'll be my personal touch." -- Mandor to ?

"Are you pointing that glue gun at me? Because nothing you do to this Shadow will hurt you as bad as pointing at that at me." -- Jasra to Mandor

"Brand is all about cold, hard stone." -- Mandor to the Host, explaining why no one has utilized throw pillows

"Do you need your balls, Mandor?" -- Host, right before the reveal

Slot 7

"NINF: Chaotic Thorns" by Sara Mueller

...but the Jewel of Judgment was shattered in the repair of the Pattern, and there was no hope that the children of Oberon would survive the massive storm which swept down on them through Shadow; but Princesses Fiona, Llewella, and Flora joined their efforts together and parted the world storm. In the aftermath, Fiona became Queen of Chaos, and Flora was made Queen of Amber. Llewella walked the worlds between, and kept the peace.

One hundred and fifty years have passed since Patternfall. You are the Speakers of The Law, sworn to no country, no queen. Some call you Llewella's Hounds. You ride the Between Lands from Black Zone to Golden Circle, and you keep peace. Llewella has summoned you to her camp. She has a special assignment for you.

Cast of Characters

Lee Bynum:Zoe, Shadow dweller
Kris Fazzari:Lilith Hendrake, daughter of Benedict
Penny Feltham:Viola, from the Fey of the far realms
Kirgan Peacock:Torvac, son of Gérard
Lee Short:Ocone, fey-looking Rebman w/Pattern
Matt Southgate:Lupos, human w/Logrus

"Do you have any idea why Gramble has been less vociferous recently?" -- Lilith to Mandor
"Because he's dead?" -- Lupos

"The evening before (Gramble) died, he would not have been here." -- Manager of "The Rim" to Lupos

"Sympathy, pity...these are not Hendrake emotions." -- Lilith to the group

"Son of a B---- Must Pay" by Madeline Ferwerda

Things are unsettled in Amber. Stories of how King Random would shoot an unarmed fleeing man in the back are gaining currency. The scent of blood is in the water.... And it occurs to you that there are any number of things that could happen, in times like these, to that son of a bitch who done you wrong.

Cast of Characters

Amy Edwards:Arien du Val, bodyguard and lover of Bleys
Erik Florentz:Dmitri, son of Julian
Don Ide:Geoffrey, steward of Amber
Harvey Mills:Shogo
Katherine Nyborg:Nuin, daughter of Sand

"So any of you think of pulling me out of prison this time?" -- Corwin, returning to Amber after having been imprisoned by Dara
"Well, I kind of had a kingdom to run. Half of reality." -- Random

"Corwin's very bitter. He's good at being bitter." -- GM to ?

"Bleys is goosing the occasional serving maid. Some of them giggle, some of them glare." -- GM
"No wonder the wait staff hates us." -- Arien

"Llewella did not appear (at dinner)." -- GM
"Smart woman." -- Nuin
"Yeah, well. She's too busy being moist and sad." -- GM

"I headed to the library after dinner. Is it now going to be filled with people...or at least booze?" -- Nuin to GM, after people begin gathering in the library

"So Corwin did some more of his typical badmouthing, and then burst into flames and something came out of him?" -- Dmitri to ?, after Corwin gives his siblings (and Dara) a blood curse from the center of the Pattern

"You could intercept (Arien) and ask her." -- GM
"That's the plan so far. I'm pretty sure she won't kill me." -- Geoffrey

"Boy, this horse sure was my hobby." -- Julian to ?, after putting Morgenstern's head on a stick and riding it down the halls of Amber

"This is not the riot you were looking for." -- Harvey Mills, speaking for Nuin as she calms the mob with her psyche

"So who's leading this fucking thing?" -- Random, asking about the riots
"Well, me at the moment." -- Dmitri

"Tithes" by Meera Barry

The Unicorn is a creature shrouded in mystery. In Her name are done charitable works, and it is to Her many have built great devotions. The Unicorn is seen as standing for truth, righteousness, light, beauty, and high virtue. The King of Amber is considered the head of the Church of the Unicorn. When he speaks "ex cathedra," he is invested with the traits of the Unicorn. What does that make you, Amber's royal sons and daughters? And why should it matter? That's the mystery, isn't it?

Cast of Characters

Dana Bayer:?
Karrin Jackson:Elena, daughter of ?
Louisa ?:?
Randy ?:?

"It is in the interest of every loyal subject to see that the King gets laid regularly." -- Randy to ?

"House of Florimel: we can make even ugly people look good." -- Louisa to ?

"Let's destroy their economy and way of life before anyone else does." -- Dana Bayer

"(I'm not keen) awaken an ancient evil." -- Elena to ?
"You already did. You woke up your mom this morning." -- Dana Bayer

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