AmberCon Northwest 2005 Quotes

Slot 1

"The Chronicles of Corwynne Stormlord" by Madeline Ferwerda

LlewLluv: Dude, I can't believe they're cancelling The Chronicles. This Merlynne/Dara spinoff is so stupid.
corwynne217: chaos sucks. why would anyone rather watch those stupid chaosites? merlynne is the lamest character ever. and the animation sucks.
LlewLluv: I hear they're planning on blowing up the patterns for the Amber action figures in a big ceremony.
corwynne217: dammit now if mine break i wont be able to get any more...

In one of the shadows Corwin didn't ride though.... In a place Caine didn't even bother to look for a double.... Reflections of the Patternfall war were still fought. Strange, fractured reflections.

You'll play the 6-inch-high plastic action-figure versions of the elders from the popular animated TV series, "The Chronicles of Corwynne Stormlord"™! Will you be the deadly Benedict, with Kung-Fu Grip™? The swashbuckling Blaze, the Gay Blade™? The learned Professor Brandeis? You could be any of these and more -- even Corwynne Stormlord himself!

Cast of Characters

Kris Fazzari:Ranger Julie
John Kim:Dino-Man Gérard
John Randall:Uric, the Dread Usurper
Ameer Tavakoli:Blaze the Gay Blade
Jennifer Zimmerman:Professor Brandeis

"So, nobody loves you, but you're still alive." -- Dworkin, Who-Knows-the-Ancient-Secrets, to the group
"I'm loved!" -- Ranger Julie, surrounded by her dogs
"Puppy love doesn't count." -- Uric, the Dread Usurper

"I have clever plan." -- Uric, the Dread Usurper
"Run away!" -- Ranger Julie
"No, that one didn't work." -- Uric, the Dread Usurper

"Let's go out the backdoor." -- Professor Brandeis
"Blaze always go by backdoor." -- Dino-Man Gérard

"It occurs to you that while you can summon dogs, you cannot actually control them." -- GM to Ranger Julie

"Shhhhh, I'm rescuing here." -- Uric, the Dread Usurper, to the group

"Smack the left haunch." *pause* "Not mine." -- Uric, the Dread Usurper to Blaze the Gay Blade

"You're a usurper. It says so on your box." -- Ranger Julie
"And what I've usurped is command. So follow me." -- Uric, the Dread Usurper
"I can't fault that logic." -- Ranger Julie

"Carpeting is always good. I look for carpet." -- Uric, the Dread Usurper
"He's our tactical genius?" -- Professor Brandeis

"I play dead." -- Professor Brandeis, repeatedly

"Somebody was dying...maybe it was death, I don't know." -- Dino-Man Gérard to Rock-and-Roll Despil

"You're running with a little bit of a limp now." -- GM
"That's sort of fitting." -- Blaze the Gay Blade

"Fire needs oxygen and jello." -- Professor Brandeis
"In what world is this true?" -- Ranger Julie
"Shadow is infinite. Don't question me." -- Professor Brandeis

"Blaze is on top of a dog pile." -- GM
"Just like old times." -- Blaze the Gay Blade
"Actually, you're sandwiched in-between..." -- GM
"Even better." -- Blaze the Gay Blade

Slot 2

"Aurellis" by Tim Hart

Aurellis is a continuing campaign set in a version of the real world which has turned out to be larger than was previously thought. While the rest of the world population remains blissfully ignorant, the player characters have discovered that our universe is just a small corner of not one, but two multiverses, and that life out there is not the cosy safe thing it is back home.

Cast of Characters

Linda Cottrell:Vivienne Gaudin, cellist
Kris Fazzari:Dr. Elena Norris, expert linguist
Erik Florentz:Professor Aetius, Imperial-trained mage
Robert Haight:Kelly Banks, computer hacker
Jim Holthaus:Mike Conzone, fireman
Harvey Mills:Jerymyah Watt, mercenary Pilot
Katherine Nyborg:Johanna Veldkamp, taro reader
Jill Pritts:Dr. Melinda Faye Carson, CEO of Carson Pharmaceuticals, geneticist
Edwin Voskamp:Agent Jeffrey Phefferkorn, computer security expert and Imperial mage

"We were cordially invited. Your (invite) was less cordial." -- Johanna to Kelly, after his door is broken down by the FBI

"I see things through pictures." -- Johanna
"So do I...usually it's porn." -- Kelly

"Are we doing X-Files mad science, so I can do things quickly?" -- Melinda to GM

"Explosions are our signature trademark." -- Jeffrey to the group

"I'm sure there's a good mage that knows healing somewhere." -- Jeffery to the group, after shooting Mike's arms off

"I'm throwing up." -- Elena to the group, after someone is very messily killed in front of her
"Is there an Obey category for that?" -- Jill Pritts

"You've observed that after the treatment, patients wake up ravenously hungry...any raw protein will do." -- GM
"You could have warned me about that effect before I healed him." -- Melinda

Slots 3-4

"Out of Time" by Sara Mueller

Biological viruses bought our heroes time, but now it's running out. The Fallen and The Host are at hand, and within Reality traitors dwell. Welcome to the war.

Cast of Characters

Kris Fazzari:Ariana, daughter of Mandor and Sunna, granddaughter of Julian, Queen of Red Amber
Anneke Floor:Desdemona, daughter of Corwin and Dara, Empress of Chaos
Guy Gascoigne-Piggford:Luke/Rinaldo, son of Brand and Jasra, King of Blue Amber
Kat Lemmer:Siren, daughter of Benedict and the Unicorn
Cindy Henderson:Sharika, daughter of Benedict and the Unicorn, older twin of Piotr
Harvey Mills:Piotr, son of Benedict and the Unicorn, younger twin of Sharika
Emma Sansone:Alice, daughter of Mandor and Sunna, granddaughter of Julian
Murray Writtle:Peregrine, son of Fiona and Wayland

"You could have told me I'd have to walk the Pattern." -- Ariana
"Why? You've walked it before." -- Brand
"Yes, but I would have had lunch first." -- Ariana

"You mean you extrude money? That's so passé." -- Luke to Desdemona

"So, what you're trying to say is that the Styx is not a vacation resort." -- Guy Gascoigne-Piggford to GM

"Which is where you get to Circle 8, Level 1 (of Hell). Ladies underwear." -- GM to the group

"We always said (Piotr and Shar) shared one brain." -- Kris
"Cell." -- Murray

"Didn't you want (the Unicorn) dead?" -- Ariana
"No, I want her to redeem herself and then die." -- Siren

"That sounds painful...I think we should do it." -- Alice to the group

"Hell is closed for repairs." -- Shar to the group, as they cut the power supply

"They run through a lot of angels of death. The post has not been filled by the most qualified of applicants." -- GM to the group

"They have one hell of a problem."-- Luke to the group, after Siren releases all the souls from Hell

"Benedict was a bit hard on the furniture of Heaven." -- GM to the group

"(Despil) was jumped, sapped, and stuffed in a hole in the Abyss. He will wake up, although he will be cranky." -- GM to the group
"And this is different, how?" -- Guy Gascoigne-Piggford

Slot 5

"Shadow Walk: Cobwebs and Dust" by Eric Todd

Catherine, your mother, cried noble tears the day you and your siblings stepped beyond the sheltered shoal of your youth. Wandering through the labryinth into the wider world, you strummed the strings of Shadow and found Amber; found strange reflections of your childhood realm; found jewel-imprisoned, tormented fragments of your father, Corwin.

Having fused those fragments, the balance of worlds is set askew. Will your family endure, or will your end be cobwebs and dust?

Cast of Characters

Kris Fazzari:Bridget, 17
Erik Florentz:Jorgen, 17
Tim Hart:Leopold, 20
Bernie Hsiung:Henri, 17
Leslie Lightfoot:Sasha, 15
Edwin Voskamp:Philippe, 24
Karen Wells:Devin, 21

"I had a really disturbing daydream, and I don't dream. I fantasize, but I don't dream." -- Philippe to Catherine

"How did you gain control of the spider webs that make up your arm?" -- Leopold
"Force of will." -- Catherine
"You're out of luck." -- Philippe to Leopold

"He grabs a baseball bat." -- GM
"I'm wearing Julian's armor. I don't care." -- Philippe

"Does that seem like a good idea to me?" -- Jorgen
"None of them are good ideas." -- Philippe

Slot 6

"ShadowWorld" by Edwin Voskamp

ShadowWorld is a diceless roleplaying game based in our world, except that, under the facade of media, politics, political correctnes and 'reality' there is an Underworld where strange things happen: psionic powers, ancient secrets, dark conspiracies that are hidden from or dismissed by the general public. The players are psionically gifted operators of a secret organization sent on a mission.

Cast of Characters

Kris Fazzari:Cat Nelson, USAF pilot, TK and BioK
Anneke Floor:Dahlia Macy, booster
Guy Gascoigne-Piggford:Simon Monk, TK and ESP
Robert Haight:Duncan McArthur, warp
Sara Mueller:Dixie Delaney, animal telpath/warp
John Nienart:Robert Dillon, psychometer and precog
Eric Todd:Miguel Fortuna, precog
Linda Voskamp:Stephanie Dancer, telepath, warp, esp and healer

"Why do people have a problem with Miguel?" -- Dahlia
"The last thing Miguel asked me to do is read Stonehenge while it was covered in Druid blood." -- Robert

"So that's what blew Simon up? Chocolate cigars?" -- Kris Fazzari
"Actually, I think it was the plastique." -- Guy Gascoigne-Piggford

"This is the game in which the words 'careful' and 'volcano' occured in the same sentence." -- Sara Mueller to the group

"What do (the Djinn) look like?" -- Stephanie Dancer
"They look like the invisible creatures who attacked you in the church." -- GM

"I know how to take an order." -- Duncan to the group

"This is not a diplomatic mission." -- Miguel to the group, after they kill one of the Fae

"No evidence is good evidence." -- Duncan to the group

"So, you wake up in the morning, not tired, hungry, deranged..." -- GM
"I can handle all of that, except the deranged part." -- Simon
"I've got that covered." -- Duncan

"I don't have a lot of inhibitions regarding the use of my power." -- Duncan
"Do you have any?" -- Cat
"No." -- Duncan

Slot 7

"Merry Hell" by Jennifer Zimmerman

With the end of the Patternfall War, a great many Chaosian refugees turned to Amber for a new homeland. With the treaties signed, King Random accepted many thousands into Amber, granting them full citizenship. With this development, the Weir petitioned for citizenship of their own, bringing a second feared minority amidst Amber natives. Every faction has its goals, its dreams, and its desires.

Amber has weathered some difficult transitions in the twenty-two years that King Random has held the throne. As post-war peace with Chaos continues to hold, Amber's citizens have learned to live with the immigrant shapeshifters in their midst. Similarly, acceptance of Amber's Weir citizens is growing, although some still mutter darkly about the murders committed by rogue pack members two years ago.

The city newspaper reports that the King of Chaos has died. The royal house of Amber prepares to take leave from the castle in order to attend the funeral, leaving only Prince Gérard behind. As the first snows begin to fall on Amber, strange occurrences begin.

Cast of Characters

Kris Fazzari:Arya Greenleaf, witch
Roy Grutchfield:Morgan Graystone, consulting detective
Michele Habermann:Ulysses, Weir ambassador
Don Ide:Charlie Deacon, delivery "boy" and urchin king
Leslie Lightfoot:Henry Thurmond, constable

"(Henry's) second only to Gé deductive and reasoning abilities." -- Don Ide to the group

"You've gotta love the citizens of Amber that will give up their place in line in exchange for a free drink card at a place that doesn't exist yet." -- Henry to the group

"(Merry Hell) is a comedy club?" -- Henry to GM
"It's hellishly funny." -- Kris Fazzari

"This is just to let you know that throwing Merlin into the Abyss generally solves your problems." -- GM to the group

"If you could lick anywhere on your body, wouldn't you actually do it?" -- Michele Habermann to the group

"I understand the graveyard gets cold at night - here's some money to warm yourself up." -- Morgan to Charlie
"Is that (to) make a fire in the graveyard or buy a blanket?" -- GM

"You have never seen a fighter move like that before." -- GM to Ulysses
"Weir-jitsu." -- Leslie Lightfoot

"I'm somewhat medicy, not totally medicy." -- Henry to the group

"There's been so much peeing in this game." -- GM to the group

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