AmberCon Northwest 2006 Quotes

Slot 1

"Brave New Krypton" by James Arnoldi

An Elseworlds Adventure. It has been almost 20 years since the aliens arrived. A few hundred survivors of a doomed planet many light-years away, they escaped the destruction of their planet in giant space arks. At first these aliens, who looked so much like ourselves, seemed to be a blessing as they shared advanced scientific knowledge with humanity, but it soon became a nightmare. The Earth's environment made the newcomers exceptionally powerful. Under the leadership of General Zod, they set themselves up as Earth's new masters and began changing the planet into a replica of the world they had left, a planet named Krypton. Recently, the resistance has learned that the Kryptonians have a weakness: radioactive crystals from their homeworld. Can the resistance use this information to finally end the alien occupation?

Cast of Characters

Benjamin Bernard:Rogue
Kris Fazzari:Shayera Thal AKA Hawkwoman
Guy Gascoigne-Piggford:John Constantine
Kat Lemmer:Selina Kyle AKA Catwoman
Jennifer Zimmerman:Zatana Zatara

"Constantine is visited by ghosts of people who once were his friends but now don't like him very much." -- Guy
"Once he sends them to Hell, they don't tend to like him as much, no." -- GM

"Constantine's demons aren't nearly this cooperative." -- Hawkwoman
"(Constantine's) demons are in his pants." -- Zatana

"Well, just be prepared to kill (the Kryptonians)." -- Catwoman to Zod's female prisoners
"Now that was a rousing speech." -- Hawkwoman
"Hey, I've got a broken jaw." -- Catwoman

"I guess this is a preview of my future." -- Constantine to the group, as he's being burned to death and then rehealed, over and over, by the trio from Hell that owns his soul

"A god in a jar has got to be worth something." -- Constantine to GM

Slot 2

"NINF - Horror Rise" by Sara Mueller the Jewel of Judgement was shattered in the repair of the Pattern, and there was no hope that the children of Oberon would survive the massive storm which swept down on them through Shadow; but Princesses Fiona, Llewella, and Flora joined their efforts together and parted the world storm. In the aftermath, Fiona became Queen of Chaos, and Flora was made Queen of Amber. Llewella walked the worlds between, and kept the peace.

One hundred and fifty four years have passed since Patternfall. You are the Speakers of The Law, sworn to no country, no queen. Some call you Llewella's Hounds. You ride the Between Lands from Black Zone to Golden Circle, and you keep peace.

The word has gone out through the Speakers that there is a new kind of danger creeping through Shadow. Something that twists and warps the Between Lands. You have recieved word from Llewella to come in. She has a new assignment for you.

Cast of Characters

Kris Fazzari:Lilith Hendrake, daughter of Benedict
Kat Lemmer:Angelica Hughes
Louisa McGuinness:Nocturne, daughter of Fiona
Sean McGuinness:Amarin, brother of Nocturne
Lee Short:Iraku, son of Merlin
Michael Sullivan:The Man with No Name AKA Tat
Jennifer Zimmerman:Jane
Jeremy Zimmerman:Lord Forneus

"Speakers don't tend to die of old age, actually." -- GM
"Is that because they're all killed before they reach old age?" -- Kris Fazzari

"What if we cut out all the infected parts (of Angelica)?" -- Tat
"Yeah, that's the approach you'd like to take." -- GM
"You might want to be unconscious for this." -- Tat to Angelica

"As my own personal source of power, swamp gas just isn't my thing." -- Corwin to Amarin

"I'm fine, but now my tongue is bifurcated." -- Jane to the group, speaking for someone who's been healed by a Chaosian shapeshifter

"We all have our areas of expertise." -- Lilith
"Mine is running and hiding." -- Forneus

Slot 3

"Childish Things" by Sara Mueller

A Princess of Ghanesh has gone missing, which is odd because no one knew there was such a girl. For the first time in two thousand years, Ghanesh stirs. All your parents are talking about it as they gather for the month of celebration, games, and competitions that are the Unicorn Celebrations. Alternate Amber - Oberon is just, wise, and good. Amber is the jewel of chivalry, honor, learning and courage that all strive to emulate. Princes and Princesses of Amber serve their father in various capacities, loyally. Chaos is unknown.

Cast of Characters

Jennifer Decker:Bailey, daughter of Gérard, 11
Kris Fazzari:Delilah, daughter of Caine, 8
Jeremy Franklin:Jorrel, son of Finndo, 15
Eric Todd:Vincent, son of Benedict, 12
Amy Wood:Lessa, daughter of Caine, 12
John Worsley:Falyn, son of Random, 10

"Vincent's obnoxious, but he's also right." -- Lessa to the group

"Yay for mayhem and molotov cocktails. Let's hear it for juvenile delinquents." -- GM to the group

Slot 4

"ShadowWorld" by Edwin Voskamp

ShadowWorld is a diceless roleplaying game based in our world, except that, under the facade of media, politics, political correctnes and 'reality' there is an Underworld where strange things happen: psionic powers, ancient secrets, dark conspiracies that are hidden from or dismissed by the general public. The players are psionically gifted operators of a secret organization sent on a mission.

Cast of Characters

Kris Fazzari:Captain Cat Nelson, USAF pilot (telekinetic, biokinetic)
Guy Gascoigne-Piggford:Simon Monk, CIA field operative (telekinetic, telepath, ESPer)
Robert Haight:Duncan McArthur, Quebec diplomatic attache to the US (warp)
Sara Mueller:Dixie Delaney, socialite (animal telpath/warp)
Irene Schwarting:Lan Parker, education director (astral projectionist, teleporter, auditory mimic)
Eric Todd:Miguel Fortuna, Special Forces Captain (precognitive, astral projectionist, cyborg)
Drew Wood:Arthur Miller, road manager (booster, precog)
Amy Wood:Evan Davault, former stockbrocker (strongkinetic)

"Did you leyline back (from the blue glass space station) or teleport?" -- Evan
"Leyline. Nine light years is a bit of a haul." -- Lan

Slot 5

"Knights of the Silver Rose: In Service to the Prose" by Jennifer Zimmerman

After last year's victory over the insidious Betancourt books, the Literature Detectives found themselves much changed by their experiences. Their time within the Amber books, and service to those books, has conferred on them a new type of being, with new powers and new responsibilities. With the greater Book World now open to them, word has spread of the detectives' talent in solving literature-related crimes. First and foremost, these new Knights of the Silver Rose serve the Amber books, but when trouble spreads across the realm of prose, Amber sends its best and brightest: LiteraTech!

Cast of Characters

Andi Blija:Justin Cleary
Kris Fazzari:Miranda
Trish Hart:Kimberly Clark AKA Kim
Rebekah Morales:Galadriel
John Nienart:Jack McGraw
Thaddeus Rice:Arthur Pemberton
Mickey Shultz:Hippolyta

"Flora grabs Coral and a few minutes later, bam, (Coral's) in a lovely (wedding) dress." -- GM
"Wait, where did Flora find a white dress?" -- Andi Blija

"Justin, please be reasonable, especially with cyanide gas." -- Justin Cleary to Justin the rat

"So, there's no way to stop them from dying, but we can at least provide them with a good after-care program." -- Kim to the group

"You solved the problem by shopping. You are so true to character." -- Thaddeus Rice to Trish Hart

"I want that on my character sheet: appearance - not enslavable. Can that be a power?" -- Thaddeus Rice to GM

"You lose a tit and you get all bitter." -- Corwin to Hippolyta

Slot 6

"Aurellis" by Tim Hart

Continuing adventures in the universe of the FBI Special Operations section, the British Regiment of the Keys, and parallel dimensions of worlds, where strange civilisations seem to think that Earth is either a resource or an opportunity for gain. Multverse? What multiverse? What sane person could ever believe that just by stepping into a metal carriage with no windows, you might be transported to an entirely different universe - I mean really! (otherwise known as modern day earth with some weird things going on).

Cast of Characters

Kris Fazzari:Dr. Elena Norris, expert linguist
Trish Hart:David Lawford
Paula Sageser:Sarah Greeley
Eric Todd:Urgyan Trinley Dorje
Amy Wood:Devon Michaels

"I routinely do things which are insanely stupid." -- Devon to the group

Slot 7

"Infernal Desires 3: The Carnival of Lost Souls" by Jennifer Zimmerman

With the end of the Patternfall War, a great many Chaosian refugees turned to Amber for a new homeland. With the treaties signed, King Random accepted many thousands into Amber, granting them full citizenship. With this development, the Weir petitioned for citizenship of their own, bringing a second feared minority amidst Amber natives. Every faction has its goals, its dreams, and its desires.

Amber has weathered some difficult transitions in the twenty-four years that King Random has held the throne. As post-war peace with Chaos continues to hold, Amber's citizens have learned to live with the immigrant shapeshifters in their midst, especially with the guidance of Henry Thurmond, the Chief of Police for the last two years. Similarly, acceptance of Amber's Weir citizens is growing, especially since the pack gained a new leader, Ulysses, also two years ago.

With the death of King Swayville, Chaos has been aswirl with assassinations and political machinations as potential kings rise up and are cut down. The news that reaches Amber is likely out of date and badly garbled, but the concern for family and friends in the "homeland" as well as worry for the continued accord between Chaos and Amber are wearing on all. The end of the summer draws near, and a welcome distraction arrives in Amber City: a travelling carnival.

Cast of Characters

Kris Fazzari:Arya Greenleaf, witch
Patrick Franklin:Morgan Graystone, consulting detective
Julian Morley:Garrett, noble Rebman scholar
Michele Ray:Vinta Bayle, teenage daughter of Baron Bayle, socialite
Glen Seymour:Alexander "Sweet Sasha" Gorodetsky, local crime boss

"Are you teasing (the servant) with Tupperware?" -- Kris Fazzari to Julian Morley, after Garrett scares the servant with the Tupperware burp

"But you know, you are of privileged birth, you know what Tupperware is." -- GM to Garrett

"Am I ready (for my party)? Do I have on my amazingly fabulous dress, chock full of knives?" -- Vinta to GM

"It's the kind of place where you crawl out of the Abyss, look around, and say, 'I'd like to raise and eat my young here.'" -- GM to the group, quoting Karrin Jackson in "Pulp Chaos"

"Find the construct. Not destroy the Pattern. Must remember that." -- Garrett
"Write it down." -- Llewella

"Do not lick the Pattern." -- GM to Sweet Sasha

"Spontaneous Flexible RP Fun!" by Karrin Jackson

You pick the character and genre, I whip up a system and make an adventure. It's spontaneous flexible RP fun!

What I'll need from you is the top three character archetypes you're interested in playing. The archetype can be anything, you know, archetypical, like the hero, the child, the trickster, the rogue with a heart of gold.... Pick a character type and send me your top three choices.

What I'll also need from you is your top three genre picks. Bad Victorian novel? Ancient Rome? Bronze age with dragons? Far future with magic? Teenage drama in space? Feel like old school fantasy? How about science fiction? Does film noir catch your fancy instead? If I have a grasp on it, it's up for the asking. Unfortunately that means your favorite book series is probably out of the question -- you can ask but it's got to be something everyone is reasonably familiar with. Be creative. I'd rather receive original suggestions; think of it as a chance to try something no one has ever done before. I'll bring a list to the game for players to vote on.

Cast of Characters

James Arnoldi:?
Stephanie Itchkawich:?
Kingsley Lintz:?
Todd Worrell:?
?:Chitters the Spider

"What can you recommend in a breakfast wine?" -- GM to ?

"What's the planet like?" -- Stephanie Itchkawich
"It's a beautiful place; the sun is shining...." -- GM
"I go back to my room and load up on guns." -- Stephanie Itchkawich

"We had a moment. Now, I have a restraining order." -- GM to ?

"You're going for that award in the Obies, aren't you? 'Most Heinous Betrayal.'" -- James Arnoldi
"I would have to be on your side first in order to betray you." -- Todd Worrell

"Can I cast a spell to ties his shoelaces together?" -- Kingsley Lintz
"What kind of pussy-man wears shoes with laces? Boots! Manly, strong, pull-on boots!" -- GM

"Screw you! I'm going home and be all Emo in my room!" -- Chitters the Spider to ?
"Where the hell are my 'Emo' legs?" -- Chitters the Spider to GM

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