AmberCon Northwest 1998 Quotes

"The Inmates are Running the Asylum" by Todd Worrell

[Julian's barefooted daughter....]
"Why'd they develop smooth floors if you had to wear SHOES?" -- Kingsley sympathizing

[All daughters of Fiona go through this....]
"I think I'm a serious disappointment to her...." -- Chris

[Quick! What are you doing?]
"You're in your chambers...." -- GM to Eric
"Doing your chambermaid." -- Jeanne

[That quantum quirk]
"I was born...ten years after Dad died." -- Kingsley

[Trump Tricks you didn't WANT to know Caine had....]
"You can only see him from the waist up." -- GM

[He's got the legs for it]
"Can I see any Warfare-based advantage in his wearing Spandex?" -- ? regarding Benedict's get-up
"He's got...freedom of movement." -- GM

[How to say "No" the long way]
"You could try, but Benedict has a sword at your throat. How fast are you compared to Benedict? Let's see what you bid...." -- GM

[Bleys, always the generous sort....]
"I'll give you a chance to win HIS money back." -- Bleys

[Ranked...and Rank]
"You faint." -- John to Madeline, in regards to Bleys' stench as he Trumps through
"No, I bid in Endurance." -- Madeline

[Whatcha lookin' at?]
"Are you Trumping ME?" -- Gérard

[And of course....]
"If you'll excuse me, I'm entertaining." -- Vialle
[quick hush as everyone calculates their own retort]

"Spring Cleaning" by Kingsley Lintz

[Should we be worried about Brand?]
"He is barely a gleam in his father's eye...." -- Jeanne
"This IS Brand we're talking about...." -- GM

[Seniority of a sort....]
"The wives come and go.... I've been here." -- The Cook

[The Lord High Executioner]
"He threatened to cut my head off right there!" -- NPC
"He has an odd sense of humour." -- Emma

"I'm...I'm...I'm...innocent." -- NPC
"There's no word for that in Thari." -- Jeanne

[Oberon's Busty Blonde Secretary]
"She takes the note and tucks it into her cleavage, saying she's SURE (Oberon will) get it." -- GM
"Lord Crane scrutinizes the process carefully." -- Will

[One of those phrases you didn't think you'd hear]
"The three of us with the mop (go in) holding hands...." -- Will

"Revelations" by Meera Barry

[Flora's Son Meets Death]
"You are cordially invited to eternity. Please pack accordingly." -- Cory

[The Quick and Easy Way to Walk the Primal Pattern]
"The Quick and Easy way is?" -- Roy
"We go down and take a Walk." -- Mike
"...and the Quick and Easy way?" -- Roy, still hoping

[Always a good sign....]
"If he's screaming, he can't be too badly hurt." -- Cory

[Wait just a sec--]
"That explains everything...why a horse with a horn is in the Pattern's not a REAL Unicorn." -- Cory

"Last Best Hope" by J.P. Brannan and Ian Ng

"So you're giving her false memories of her real life." -- Pol Jackson clarifying with Megan O'Neil on her intent to use High Compelling on someone that looked like Deirdre

"I don't want to hurt you." -- Shelly
"I would rather you didn't." -- Patrick
"Please, hurt him." -- Sigil

"The Adventures of the Green Avenger" by Meera Barry

[With note: The characters called themselves the "Penitents" and their HQ, the "Penitentiary." NOT the "Karnage Quarters, in the Karnage Kingdom...."]

"If you've spent eight points (on a super-hero costume), it should come with shoes." -- Unknown, on artifact generation

"It's Worfare!" -- Unknown, on why nasty aliens are always pitted against Worf to prove that they're nasty aliens)

[Unrelated story about an infant in a Werewolf LARP]
"He's gone to Crinos form! He's almost a foot and a half tall now!" -- Kingsley

[When the GM puns, everybody loses....]
"Unfortunately, I don't have the authority to hit you." -- Pol

[Why Katie has Karnage Klaws]
"I like to get into my work."

[Santa Claus' phone number is in my back pocket, too....]
"Are you in communication with the guards?" -- The Conjurer
"The gods?" -- NPC mishears
"Do they have walkie-talkies?" -- The Conjurer fails to explain

[Essential Accessories....]
"You have a Karnage Kar that regenerates, but you don't have power windows?" -- a skeptical Blazing Swallow

[Priorities by Katie]
"I have to take the wounded first...they take up more room."-- ?

"By the Abstinence of Azathoth!" -- Kingsley

[How to get ZOTZed, fast!]
"Hey, Fiona, watch this!" (mimes smashing the fake Jewel of Judgment....) -- ?

[And NOW what?]
"I grab the grenade...umm...." -- The Running Gag

[Luke as Superhero]
"(The Mighty) SALESman...." -- Kingsley

[And, finally....]
"We shouldn't be called 'The Penitent'...we should be called 'The Unsubtle.'" -- Ian

AmberCon Northwest

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