Gen Con 2002 Quotes

Friday, 9:30am-4:00pm

"It's Crazy What You Could Have Had" by Simone Cooper

Seven years into Random's post-war reign, Amber and the Golden Circle prosper, yet life for those of the blood remains hard. Remnants of the Black Road and damage from the Shadow Storms of Corwin's and Oberon's works with the Jewel still bring danger to Amber's borders, while the townfolk, merchants and nobility sleep peacefully. The role of you, the younger generation, now admitted and openly accepted in Amber, is perhaps even more difficult, as you tread the lines between your own futures and the cold wars of your parents. At least you live in the sure knowledge that opportunity will always come to those like you who are blood-bound to the Grand City and her reflections, so long as you have the vision to see.

Cast of Characters

 Kris Fazzari:Juliana, daughter of Julian
 Eric ?:Ian, son of Caine
 Ka'lyn ?:Kaireen, daughter of Deirdre
 ?:Brent, son of Flora
 ?:Gareth, son of Fiona
 ?:Jorge, bastard son of Caine

"Betray your family once, and they never forgive you." -- Gareth to the group

Friday, 6:00pm-Midnight

"Out of the Woods" by Sara Mueller

King Eric's reign has been long and prosperous, but now there have been a series of gruesome murders around the Golden Circle. He is giving the younger generation their first chance to prove themselves. Bring in this criminal and earn the gratitude of your king, the Golden Circle, and prove yourselves worthy of your blood.

Cast of Characters

 Scott Acker:Anoch, son of Bleys
 Dana Bayer:Mercedes, daughter of Flora
 Linda Duncan:Peregrine, daughter of Caine
 Kris Fazzari:Ariana, daughter of Mandor, granddaughter of Julian
 Kat Lemmer:Siren, daughter of Fiona

"Eric's hand explodes. He and Benedict can now clap." -- GM to Siren

Saturday, 9:00am-1:00pm

"Clarissa's Lot" by Sara Mueller

An artifact on a par with the Jewel of Judgement has been stolen. With all the powers available to the Princes of Amber, why are they sending a bunch of teenage girls to get it back?

Cast of Characters

 Kris Fazzari:Delilah, daughter of Caine and Lilith
 ?:Jezebel, daughter of Caine and Lilith

"Right now, Bleys is on the ground undoing buckles." -- GM
"I probably have more practice." -- Jezebel

Sunday, 10:00am-2:00pm

"The Dead Game" by Felicia Baker

Cast of Characters

 Stephen Acton:Pierce the Shoeless, son of ?
 Lee Bynum:Gwen, daughter of Fiona
 Kris Fazzari:Ariana, daughter of Mirelle
 Bill Steffen:Solomon, son of Corwin
 ?:?, son of Dara

"Are there any mirrors in this room?" -- Gwen
"Of course there are, this is an Amberite's study." -- GM
"More importantly, this is Bleys' study." -- Kris Fazzari

"I have a plan." -- Gwen to the group
"Famous last words in Amber." -- Bill Steffen
"That's OK, we're safe in the Abyss." -- Kris Fazzari
"Also famous last words in Amber." -- Bill Steffen

"It's not that life is so short, it's that death is so long." -- Bill Steffen to the group

"I don't think I've ever heard of execution by skiing before." -- Ben Ekdahl to the group

Random Quotes from the Con

"The sex came after we were made gods." -- Kat Lemmer, about Scott Acker's "Exalted" game

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