Gen Con 1998 Quotes

From the Thursday night game by Mike Manolakes

Cast of Characters

 Kris Fazzari:Lorian, daughter of Corwin and Moire

"I pick up one of the rocks and move it." -- Shael to GM, referring to one of the rocks in a psuedo-Pattern
"I move far away from him." -- Lorian and Morgan, in unison

"A Time to Die" by Kristen Gibbs

Cast of Characters

 Kris Fazzari:Melanie, daughter of Brand
 Kat Lemmer:Mordaleah, daughter of Benedict

"At this point, a servant comes running around the corner." -- GM
"God, who did Dad kill now?" -- Mordaleah

"The Dead Game" by Felicia Baker

Cast of Characters

 Kris Fazzari:Ariana, daughter of Mirelle

"Things are different when you're dead." -- Kyra to the group

"Flora is weeping." -- GM
"Only because Bleys said that Deirdre was Amber's favorite daughter." -- Stefan

Gen Con

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