The Black Road 2000 Quotes

Slot 1

"Oh What a Night" by J.P. Brannan

On the eve of war, a grand ball is held for the nobility of Amber. Princes and Princesses, Lords and Ladies have gathered in amity, united against a common foe, and it is one last evening of carousing before the dirty business starts. A tale of romance, love unrequited, betrayal, and maybe a little swashbuckling. The game is an Elders live action, with one or two exceptions. Set several years after Patternfall, it is intended to be a one-shot, using pregenerated characters.

Cast of Characters

 Kevin Allen:Theseus, Duke of Illyria
 Deb Atwood:Vialle
 Michael Curry:Benedict
 Louis Evans:Gérard
 Julia Frizzell:Michelle, daughter of Harrison
 Jack Gulick:Random
 Paul Hawkins:Bleys
 Burr Rutledge:Harrison, Benedict's Aide

"You would become bitter because he's so much bitterer than you." -- Louis Evans to Michael Curry

"You should grow up and stop acting like Bleys." -- Gérard to Benedict

"Those two weren't listening, and he's Gérard." -- Michael Curry to ?

"I think an insane Benedict would be fun." -- Kevin Allen
"Yeah...for Benedict." -- Michael Curry

"Benedict can interpose himself between the colors to keep them from clashing." -- Louis Evans to ?, on the Duke of Illyria's color choices of lavender and yellow

"(Bleys) can feel free to shoot off his mouth anytime now...." -- Michael Curry to Paul Hawkins

"I understand your navy performed admirably." -- Random to ?, repeated throughout the game by others

"I suppose my husband has wandered off and isn't doing what I asked him to." -- Vialle/Deb Atwood to ?, as across the room Random and Deb's husband Kevin both look at each other wondering to whom she's referring

"I didn't realize I was going to be this goofy when I picked Benedict." -- Michael Curry to the group

"Is there anything you need, any service you require?"-- Michelle to Benedict
"Benedict blushes." -- Michael Curry

"I have not yet experienced many people outside the Barigen Empire." -- Michelle to ?

"Daughter, it is not kind to play head games with the Queen of Amber." -- Harrison to Michelle

"Throne War: Serpent's Teeth" by Eric Minton

Childhood for Oberon's children was a bitter thing. So dysfunctional was their family that some among them turned to parricide and fratricide as a way to avenge their hurts. Now, in this alternate Amber, you too can experience the joys of a painful, dysfunctional upbringing! Resent your parents! Torture your siblings! Revel in the angst of the children of Amber! Characters will be created onsite, with a focus on personality and character development rather than points and stats. And if you show up first, you get first dibs on being King/Queen!

Cast of Characters

 Corey Aurujo:James
 Elissa Ayadi:Queen Silver
 Becky Morales:Jessie
 Glen Seymour:Brock
 Mark Toigo:Ash

"What's your favorite bauble?" -- GM
"The Jewel of Judgment." -- Corey Aurujo

"Trees are much safer I suppose. Although I suppose you can get a good woody off of them." -- ?

"...A round table, obviously with head." -- Elissa Ayadi to ?, giving description

"Tastes like salmon." -- ?, repeated ad nauseam

"Mommy's pregnant again." -- GM
"Mommy's decided to hang out with women more often." -- Silver

"We're going to try to make this baby love Mommy too, but more intelligent." -- Silver to ?

"Mommy brings you toys, which are all books." -- GM
"I make forts!" -- Brock

"I've learned Mommy needs to keep her legs together." -- ?

"I give her books to read to me each night." -- Brock to ?
"Like War and Peace with the Peace part ripped out." -- Elissa Ayadi

"He trounces the city, then burns it, and salts the earth." -- GM to ?
"Then rapes the women." -- Corey Aurujo

"I'll bring along my hand-picked men." -- Brock
"They're lean, mean, and taste like salmon." -- GM

"Mommy doesn't know what you're planning, but I don't like your lean, mean salmon-tasting men!" -- Silver to Brock?

"You organize a bar fight with clinical efficiency." -- GM to ?

"Y'all are at least supposed to pretend you can't hear me!" -- Elissa Ayadi to the group, from the secret room

"Hurry up and kill me already!" -- Silver to ?, at 11:30 p.m.

"Instead of breeding bigger horses, we've bred smaller men." -- ?

"I'm declaring you a high traitor. You sank my battleship!" -- Silver to ?

"It's amazing how fewer riots there are when there isn't enough food." -- Ash
"My men have plenty of food." -- Brock

"We kill Mother, the world ends." -- Silver to ?
"Crunch all you want, we'll make more." -- Mark Toigo

Slot 2

"The Breakfast Club" by Deb Atwood and Jennifer Jackson

It's Saturday, and you're stuck in detention. It's the Brain, the Bimbo, the Frat Boy, the Rich Guy, the Cheerleader, the Weirdo, the Drama Monarch and the Shop Student. Just your average early Saturday morning....

Cast of Characters

 Corey Aurujo:Maximilian, "The Drama Queen"
 Elissa Ayadi:Val, "The Sorority Chick"
 J.P. Brannan:Leonard, "The Rich Kid"
 Michael Curry:Ted, "The Jock"
 Kevin Hudson:Buck, "The Weirdo"
 Becky Morales:Cindy, "The Bimbo"
 Burr Rutledge:Jason, "The Shop Student"
 Glen Seymour:Nigel, "The Brain"

"You owe me." -- Jason
"One date. No kissing." -- Val

"Like ribbit ribbit. Ribbit ribbit ribbit. Ribbit ribbit and your hair is frosted!" -- Val to Alyx

"You're a freak!" -- Buck to Jason

"This is the center of the universe?" -- Jason to ?, after discovering that none of his gadgets work in Amber

"If your dad owns the Gap, how come you're white trash?" -- Val to Leonard?

"It's my dad's thing, I need it." -- Alyx to ?
"That's just wrong." -- Elissa Ayadi

"It's similar to a blood test, it came back positive." -- Nigel
"All the medical tests I ever took, positive was like a bad thing." -- Cindy
"I told you not to tell people about those!" -- Val
"But I took medicine!" -- Cindy

Slot 3

"Inheritance" by Jennifer Jackson

The children of Amber are disappearing. From the smallest babe to those more mature, those with even a drop of Amber blood in their veins are falling prey to something mysterious. You've lost contact with several of your closer cousins. Could you be next? A cryptic warning from Corwin calls you back to Amber Castle, urging you to make haste before all is lost. Characters must be associated/allied with Amber. Amberites preferred, though willing to discuss unusual ideas as well.

Cast of Characters

 Elissa Ayadi:Winter, daughter of Bleys and Karin (a Chaosian)
 David Bicking:Gregory, son of Julian
 Michael Curry:Gillian, daughter of Deirdre
 Louis Evans:Balthazar, parentage unknown
 Julia Frizzell:Liam, son of Flora and Karin (a Chaosian)
 Jack Gulick:Aaron, son of Corwin
 Jim Smith:Marshall, son of Gérard
 Mark Toigo:Jynx, son of Gérard
 Will Wagner:Kara, daughter of Random and Vialle

"So, since I can't find Corwin...." -- Gregory
"You don't know you can't find Corwin." -- GM
"Okay, I look for Corwin." -- Gregory
"You can't find him." -- GM

"We're beginning to think it was not only the kids up for grabs. For example, we lost..." -- Gérard to ?
<pause as GM struggles to get a name>
"Corwin!" -- David Bicking

"I don't like the looks of this." -- Marshall to ?, on finding the drowned body of one of the children in his waterlogged bed
"I think I'm going to find someone else to find my parent." -- Balthazar, commenting on Marshall's attempts to identify his parent

"No one's ever tried this before because...." -- GM, describing the ritual for creating a Blood Pattern
"It's insane!" -- David Bicking and Jack Gulick together

"Go to Rebma" -- Winter
"Why?" -- Balthazar
"Because everyone is going to die." -- Winter
"Then why would we want to go there?" -- Balthazar

"Great, the Champion of Amber runs away." -- Michael Curry to ?

"Drop sword, run over, hug Mom, yeah, the game's over." -- Gillian to ?, on Deirdre's return

"The Sun Never Sets" by Kevin Hudson

Picture it.... Amber...daytime...the sun high in the sky. It's been like this for days. Something's definitely wrong. Oberon has been off on one of his sojourns into Shadow. Benedict, Bleys, Fiona, and Corwin aren't responding to Trump calls. Others are busy preparing for possible best as they can. Down in the tense city streets, quick and fleeting glimpses of ghosts can be caught: ghosts of the children and grandchildren of Oberon, some of which aren't dead yet.

Cast of Characters

 Corey Aurujo:Sebastian
 J.P. Brannan:Meghan
 Paul Hawkins:Bergin
 Eric Minton:Lucas Feldane
 Becky Morales:Merenue
 Burr Rutledge:Dylan
 Glen Seymour:Keri

"(Sebastian) does also carry a long pointy thing. He goes both ways." -- Corey Aurujo to ?

"You can fall under Gérard or you can fall under Julian." -- Corey Aurujo to ?

"This is in memory of Corwin, hopefully he's not dead." -- GM to ?, giving the text on Corwin's cenotaph

"Am I supposed to know about this?" -- Burr Rutledge
"No, but it will shut you up." -- J.P. Brannan

"There's fewer solid people here than you would think." -- GM to ?

"Can we hear Oberon's footsteps?" -- Corey Aurujo to ?

"This Pattern that you keep walking, I do not think it is the Pattern that you think it is." -- J.P. Brannan to ?

"This is well before you were born. I don't know how this is going to go over." -- Oberon to ?

Slot 4

"Silver Silence" by Julia Frizzell

Do ghosts know more than they tell? What secrets do they keep, and why? An exploration of fate and prophecy amongst the silver spires of Tir-na Nog'th.

Cast of Characters

 Kevin Allen:Deirdre
 Corey Aurujo:Fiona
 J.P. Brannan:Brand
 Kevin Hudson:Gérard
 Eric Minton:Corwin
 Rebekah Morales:Julian
 Glen Seymour:Llewella

"I hate Tir." -- Gérard and Deirdre to ?

"They don't seem to believe me, no matter how truthful I am." -- Brand
"Did you tell them about how you tried to destroy the Pattern and remake it in your own image...or did you forget that part?" -- Corwin

"Has brother Eric acted yet?" -- Corwin
"He's not doing Shakespeare in the Park, if that's what you mean." -- Deirdre

"Sugar & Spice" by Deb Atwood

Ever since you were a little girl, your parents have prepared you for what it meant to be a woman. Dance lessons. Music & Art lessons. Etiquette lessons. How to run a household. And how to behave when presented at court in order to fascinate a prospective husband. But none of your lessons has ever prepared you for this....

Cast of Characters

 Elissa Ayadi:Katherine, daughter of Brand, twin sister of Charlotte
 Jack Gulick:Gwyneth, middle daughter of Bleys
 Burr Rutledge:Charlotte, daughter of Brand, twin sister of Katherine
 Jim Smith (Myth):Regina, eldest daughter of Bleys
 Mark Toigo:Zoe, youngest daughter of Bleys

"I won't blindfold you, so you won't be surprised when you see it." -- Thomas to Regina, his girlfriend

"You have to expect a little pause when you blow somebody's mind." -- Mark Toigo to ?

"I'm sure the supply of three inch tall purple bachelors is fairly limited." -- Regina to Zoe

"I would rather be the sort of lady who occasionally does that kind of thing than the sort of lady who does nothing and dies." -- Regina to ?

"That's not quite the Victorian era." -- ?
"The Victoria's Secret era, perhaps?" -- ?

Slot 5

"Last Best Hope" by J.P. Brannan

All alone in the night, Amber is on the brink of defeat as the forces of Chaos close in on the eternal city. Her greatest champion, Benedict, has fallen to the onslaught, though not without contingency plans. You are Amber's last best hope to put that plan into action. All you need is the Jewel of Judgement, and maybe a spacesuit.

Cast of Characters

 Deb Atwood:Genvieve (Jenny), daughter of Brand
 Corey Aurujo:Korren, son of Corwin
 Elissa Ayadi:Lane Corven, daughter of Caine
 Kevin Hudson:Lucius, son of Corwin
 Eric Minton:Ciaran, son of Eric
 Burr Rutledge:Wallace, son of Martin
 Jim Smith (Myth):Rhion, son of Bleys

"And on the first day Oberon invented women." -- Elissa Ayadi
"And on the 14th day he regretted it." -- GM

"Last Exit to Babylon...5" -- Corey Aurujo and Jim Smith

"Basically, you walk the Jewel and turn right when you should have turned left." -- Jenny to ?

"The Pokéfall Wars!" -- Jim Smith
"My Ganelon evolved into an Oberon." -- Eric Minton

"Are we witnessing psychic combat?" -- Jim Smith
"No, they're giving each other a chance to surrender." -- Corey Aurujo
"Ah, it's social combat." -- Jim Smith

"And we couldn't take Benedict because...well...where we were going, we could only take people who were attuned to the Jewel, and...he was dead!" -- Jenny to ?

"Is he your lover, your brother, your father, both, or all three at once?" -- Lane
"He is my reason for existing." -- Fleet Admiral Flynn
"All three at once." -- Jenny, nodding

"That doesn't sound very intelligent." -- Jenny
<pause while Lane gives her a significant look>
"Oh, right, when have I ever been that?" -- Jenny

"What are you doing?" -- GM
"I think we need to go to the ship and attune it to the Jewel?" <pause> "Is it at least intelligent?" -- Rhion

"We go to the ship. We solve the problem. We win. And we all go home." -- Elissa Ayadi to ?

"You guys disappeared."-- Wallace
"You can come too." -- Ciaran

"Benedict doesn't say much." -- Ciaran
"He never did when he was alive, either." -- Jenny

"Gérard has the key." -- GM
"Gérard doesn't need the key." -- Eric Minton

"The only parts of the books that are true are the parts I remember." -- GM to ?

"Women have slept with uglier people who've had less power." -- Eric Minton to ?, describing Dworkin

"Some people have a Swiss Army knife in their pocket. You have a Swiss Army." -- Deb Atwood to ?

"We mean no harm." -- Ciaran
"I'm naked, how could we mean harm?" -- Jenny
"You have no idea how much harm has been caused by naked women, do you?" -- Jim Smith

"We don't mean to cause a disturbance, where should we go?" -- Ciaran
"Perhaps where the men with the guns are taking us?" -- Jenny

"There's nothing more astounding than a naked Amberite."-- Jim Smith to ?

"We're fleeing for our lives, sorry for the inconvenience." -- Rhion to ?

"Are you sorcerers?" -- Daphne
<in unison>
"More of an enchanter." -- Rhion
"No." -- Lane
"Sort of." -- Korren
"We hate to be bogged down by definitions." -- Wallace, a moment later

"Three Funerals and a Wedding" by Julia Frizzell

Benedict's getting married! It is the premiere event in Amber and all of the Golden Circle. Flora is handling all the arrangements, she can't be bothered with trivia, so the player characters have been put in charge of making sure everything behind the scenes runs smoothly. She's dealing with the florist, the caterer, the YOU have to deal with keeping miscreants out and making sure everyone gets to their proper place in time.

Should be simple, right? After all, who would dare stop Benedict's wedding?

Cast of Characters

 Kevin Allen:Rochester (Rocky), son of Random
 Michael Curry:Abelard, son of Caine
 Louis Evans:Minuet (Minnie), daughter of Benedict
 Jack Gulick:Fortitude (Fort), son of Gérard
 Paul Hawkins:Mercutio (Manny), son of Bleys
 Jennifer Jackson:Alyssandra (Alyse), daughter of Bleys and Manny's twin
 Becky Morales:Rilla, daughter of Corwin
 Glen Seymour:Maximilian (Max), son of Flora

"Manny, I'd like you to take your sister." -- Max to Manny

"Are you sure you want to come here, cause the bitey things are all over the floor." -- Fort to ?

"Stay away from my men." -- Max to ?

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