U•Con 2002 Quotes

Slot 1

"Death in the Darkness" by Kristen Gibbs

"Listen to me, boy. Don't go wanderin' around the streets at night. The Beast killed again yesterday, and it's waitin' out there, deep in the alleyways, waitin' for ignorant people like you. King Random sent hunters out for it, but they can't find the damn thing. It's a ghost, I say. We've got to look out for ourselves, now. Bar the door, and stay here the night. No use leaving, if ya value your life."

Cast of Characters

 Jeff Bailey:Berani Fontenot, illegitimate child of Amber
 Scott Colcord:Wynam Leitharad, Sasha's foreign companion
 Rain Donaldon:Thula Messen, an ex-pat of Amber City
 Kris Fazzari:Sasha de Gérard, legitimate child of Prince Gérard

"Is there any Pattern at all to the killings?" -- Sasha
"No, it's completely random. Which is why, of course, it's the King (who's responsible). -- GM, punning badly

"The family likes to pretend the whole thing (with Brand) never happened." -- Kris
"Yeah, it's rough when a member of the family's been branded a traitor." -- Scott, continuing the punning tradition


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Game description taken from the Ambercon 2002 Gamebook.

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