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"Simply the thing I am shall make me live." -- William Shakespeare

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General Description

A young Lakota woman who isn't quite what she seems, and whose quiet life is about to undergo a drastic change.

Physical Description

Ehawee is around 5'6" tall and a bit coltish in appearance, her slender body just starting to show the curves of womanhood. She has a dark complexion, hazel eyes and long black hair that falls to her waist when unbraided.


Ehawee is a study in contrasts, caught between child and adult, duty and heart. She is friendly by nature, laughing and playful, but is capable of being quiet and restrained when she must be. Although she enjoys being around people, and is fiercely loyal to her family, there are times when she prefers solitude, finding an isolated spot and, for a short while, leaving her cares and concerns behind.

Trump Description

Ehawee is standing, dressed in a traditional three-hide buckskin dress, with two bands of seed beadwork sewn halfway between the neck and the waist, and an additional band along the shoulder fold. There are long fringes hanging from the sleeves, and the toes of two beaded moccasins can been poking out from beneath more fringe at the base of her skirt. The dress seems almost a little too large for her, like she hasn't quite grown into it yet. Her long black hair hangs in two neat braids, and her hands appear to be at her sides, although with all of the fringe it's hard to tell. She is looking towards the ground in a demure fashion, but there is a sparkle in her eyes and a slight curve to her lips, as though she was merely biding her time, waiting for the photograph to be over. In the background, one can see a herd of horses grazing.


Ehawee was born into the Oglala Lakota tribe, in what the whites call the Dakota Territory, in a Shadow very similar to mid-1800's Earth.



Akecheta, her father (deceased): Tall and well-built with black hair and brown eyes, Akecheta was a fine warrior with enough horses to be considered well-off. A proud man, the loss of both of his wives made him rather stoic, and he refused to marry again after Mapiya's death. He loved his children dearly, though, and was willing to protect them with his life. He was killed during an army attack on the tribe.

Kohana, her husband

Magaskawee, her sister-in-law: Napayshni's wife, she is pregnant with their first child.


Makawee, her paternal grandmother (deceased): Makawee blamed her son's refusal to take another wife for Ehawee's boyish behavior, and had recently been trying to rectify that by taking Ehawee under her wing and providing her with more appropriate guidance. She also had been pushing her son to find a husband for Ehawee, something Akecheta had been reluctant to do, in part because Ehawee did the cooking for him and Takoda. Born into the Blackfeet tribe, Makawee was killed during an army attack on the tribe.


Mapiya, her mother (deceased): A kind, friendly woman who died when Ehawee was only seven.

Napayshni, her older half brother: At 18, Napayshni seems destined to follow in his father's footsteps with two successful raids already under his belt, and he strives to emulate his father's attitudes. He is tall and well-built with black hair and brown eyes.

Takoda, her older half brother: Takoda, the younger of the two brothers at 16, is much more gregarious than his father or brother, with more of an interest in women than raiding. He is tall and well-built with black hair and brown eyes.


Wahchinksapa, her paternal grandfather (deceased): He was killed during an army attack on the tribe.


Ehawee lived a fairly normal life until the death of her mother when she was seven. Mapiya simply disappeared one day while gathering berries. Although her body was never found, some of her bloody clothing was, and it was assumed that she was attacked and dragged off by a wild animal of some kind. Ehawee became quiet and withdrawn for a period after that, although she eventually came to terms with it. She took over some of her mother's duties as best she could, mainly the cooking and mending of clothing, but without a mother to guide her, she became a bit of a tomboy, learning how to ride, shoot, track and hunt from her half brothers. It was only recently, once she became a woman, that she started to feel pressure to behave in a more appropriate manner, pressure that left her feeling somewhat torn. On the one hand, she knew her role and what was expected of her as a young woman, but at the same time she envied some of the freedoms the men had. Given her interest in such male pursuits, she didn't feel that she would make a good wife, but she understood it was not for her to say. Then, one fine day in middle spring, everything changed...

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