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At 60, Madeline and her twin sister Genvieve are the oldest siblings in their family. They have three younger siblings: Martine (50), Claudette (25) and Jakob (10). Their ancestral home is the beautiful Moncavio Estates, set in the hills of prime wine country, where they spent the first 20 years of their lives. Their mother, Lorraine, is the sister of Baronness Blissima Bayle and their father Javier's family owns a large shipbuilding firm. Naturally the girls grew up surrounded by the wine business, and they did not lack for material wants. They had nannies to oversee their care and saw their father seldom, as Javier was often away overseeing his ship building business. They have never known him very closely.

Ever since they were born, the girls were inseparable. They did not start speaking to others until they were six years old, but spoke to each in their own language that they developed, a fact that disturbed their parents somewhat. For the next 14 years, they were never far from each other. They shared the same room, the same teachers, and often the same clothing. As the girls got older, they would play tricks on potential suitors by substituting one for the other. They did have some personality differences, of course. Madeline was more of the tomboy - while her sister rode sidesaddle, there were times when Madeline was quite outrageous and rode bareback. Madeline showed aptitudes in math and engineering, while Genvieve loved history, language and the arts. Because of these interests their tutors had to separate them while they did their homework so that Madeline would not do all the math and Genvieve all the history. Genvieve is more hot-tempered, Madeline more even tempered.

As age 20 approached, and it became time for the two to be sent off to boarding school for more formal education, the girls were full of plans of where they would go and what they would do. This is when the first blow fell in their very sheltered lives. Javier and Lorraine, disturbed by the girls' interdependence on each other, decided to send each of the girls to separate boarding schools. As can be expected, there was much screaming, kicking, tears and theatrics, but without much ado, the girls were forcefully sent to schools in different Shadows. Boarding school lasted six years, time enough for the girls to eventually adjust to life apart and develop their own lives and interests and maturity.

After boarding school was finished, the twins were given money and instructed to visit a number of relatives as a reward for their accomplishments. Genvieve ended up spending three years with her Great Aunt Jacqueline. Madeline traveled more, visiting numerous different Shadows.

Once they were 60, the twins' parents Javier and Lorraine sent them on an official "coming out" tour of the Golden Circle Shadows to introduce them to society. The ladies had spent several years learning the business side of the Moncavio vineyards and the Bayle's ball was intended as the culmination of the tour. The ball did not go as planned....

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