Quotes from Joe S.'s Amber game

Cast of Characters

Gail Christopherson:Francisco AKA Frank, son of Julian
Simone Cooper:Helena of Jesby, daughter of Loren
Kris Fazzari:Kara of Dragaera
Matt Fulton:Ryan, son of Brand
Jim Huffman:Alexander AKA Dice, son of Eric
Rob Justice:Dr. Gwydion of Chaos
Mark LeBay:Mead, son of an unknown Amberite
Lisa Leutheuser:Amanda, daughter of Fiona
John Lewis:Peter, son of Finndo
Randy McCall:Mendelbrot of Helgram, son of Bleys
Steve McFarland:Sebastian of Helgram
Julius Rosenstein:Jonathan, son of Gérard
Joe Saul:GM
John Schippers:Wayland the Smith
Eric Todd:Tybalt, son of Corwin


  1. September 2, 1994
  2. October 2, 1994
  3. April 4, 1995
  4. May 21, 1995
  5. June 25, 1995
  6. July 30, 1995
  7. August 17, 1995

September 2, 1994

"I'm going to Shadow walk to the person responsible for the Reavers." <Pause while everyone gives Jim incredulous looks> "I turn invisible first." -- Dice to GM

October 2, 1994

"In what form would you like it?" -- Gwydion
"In whatever form you think appropriate." -- Mead

"I take it this is not normal." -- Tybalt, after the Pattern zaps him in the foot

"I am not on good terms with my Head of House. Well, actually, he's dead." -- Gwydion

"You don't recall me trying to kill you, right?" -- Tybalt to Corwin

April 4, 1995

"Peter, you're dead. What do you do?" -- GM
"Um, sleep it off." -- Peter

"Afraid (Jaïna's) going to kill you in your sleep?" -- Corwin
"Well, that's a good reason." -- Tybalt
"That's a stupid reason, it never stopped me." -- Corwin

"Well, you found me. Go forth and fuck." -- Corwin to Tybalt

"Yes lord. I'm to ask Lady Flora how to test furniture besides throwing it off the balcony." -- Odo to Peter

"Is (Jaïna) in any way more interesting after having had sex with her?" -- Tybalt to GM

"I hate it. It's not that they keep snatching me away, they keep taking my shit." -- Tybalt to the group

"I have reason to believe that you are my son. That I am your son." -- Gwydion to Peter

"Marcuse is under your protection but you're trying to kill Gwydion?" -- Bleys to Peter

May 21, 1995

"I have it on the best authority that I'm Prince Eric's son." -- Sebastian
"Well, the best authority would be Eric." -- Tybalt

"I don't like it when people under my charge fry themselves." -- Tybalt
"If there's some sort of waiver I could sign?" -- Sebastian

"Is this Marcuse person stealing your furniture?" -- Sebastian to Tybalt

"I've been considering the people I've grievously insulted lately. The list is quite lengthy." -- Tybalt to Mendelbrot

"I apologize profusely for the harm that I may or may not have done to you." -- Tybalt to Mendelbrot

"Many moons ago, you bled someplace. Have you checked that place?" -- Mendelbrot
"Which place?" -- Tybalt

"It's good to see you." -- Benedict
"I'd say it was good to see you, but I can't." -- Wayland the blind

"If Flora's still holding ballroom dancing lessons up there, let me know and I'll move you." -- Random to Wayland
"To remind you, my lord, Flora's been exiled." -- Peter
"Well, there won't be any noise then." -- Random

"Wait, everyone who commands (Odo) dies?" -- Random
"Yes. I currently command (Odo). I'm not sure how much longer that can last." -- Peter

"Send me a doctor with a large pair of pliers." -- Wayland to Peter

"Do you have a good bottle of whiskey around here?" -- Wayland
"No, but I've got a bad one." -- Peter

"Is there anything I can do for you, Mother?" -- Sebastian
"Bring your father back." -- Sebastian's mother
"Eewww. It's been several of their years, Mother." -- Sebastian
"I meant alive." -- Sebastian's mother

"This can't be a dream. You're never this stupid in your dreams." -- GM to Wayland

"Is that really you, Benedict?" -- Wayland
"Yes." -- Benedict
"Oh, well come in then." -- Wayland

"Why do you have a hole to the Abyss?" -- Tybalt
"Doesn't every good smith?" -- Wayland

"Oh wait, it's the Graadle affect. How annoying." -- Tybalt to GM

"Do you think it's safe?" -- Tybalt
"Safe to kill the snake? No." -- Wayland
"Safe to use the sword." -- Tybalt

June 25, 1995

"Smithing is women's work." -- big, dumb, strong guy to Wayland
"Maybe we should role-play out the hiring process." -- Eric to GM

"You have three big, dumb guys that will feed the fire." -- GM to Tybalt
"And three really smart ones that won't." -- John Lewis

"(The Reavers) have outriders, so you should be careful." -- Peter
"We are being careful, that's why we haven't seen any." -- Ryan

"(Tintingel's) not a sentient thing, is it?" -- Peter
"Not that I remember." -- Wayland

"I'm going to find those who are causing the Reaver problem and kill them." -- Peter
"Do you have any idea who this might be?" -- Tybalt
"Not at the moment." -- Peter

"This guy should be dead!" -- GM
"We'll do first aid." -- Wayland

"What sort of protection does (the amulet) have?" -- Wayland
"Apparently, not good enough." -- GM

"Oh great, my men are all Reavers." -- Peter
"But they're really good Reavers." -- GM

"How are you at Pit diving?" -- Tybalt
"Not very good." -- Peter
"We could tie a rope on." -- Tybalt

"Tybalt broke his leg, I got hit with sledgehammers." -- Wayland
"Tybalt broke my friend's leg?" -- Big, dumb guy

"It's 2:35, somewhere." -- Ryan to one of Peter's men

"(Tybalt) can show deference to me in the smith, and I'll show deference to him on the battlefield." -- Wayland
"That might be wise." -- GM

"I keep emphasizing that I am irrelevant to this (investigation), except that I knew (Luke)." -- Amanda to GM

"Having the advantage that, having been killed, (our men) would stay dead." -- General Rostenkowski to Peter

July 30, 1995

"It's a terrible neighborhood, sir. Don't blame me if you don't come back." -- Armand to Sebastian

"Have you seen me injured recently?" -- Tybalt
"Well, you're moving oddly now." -- Jaïna
"I have broken bones." -- Tybalt
"Then I guess I've seen you injured very recently." -- Jaïna

"You find it relaxing to do something you're bad at?" -- Jaïna
"It helps keep me modest, which is something I need." -- Tybalt

"Decent people are trying to sleep." -- large, hairy man with a crossbow
"How would you know that, my good man?" -- Sebastian

"I hope your dog's well trained." -- Sebastian
"Exceedingly." -- the chandler
"Then call him off." -- Sebastian, holding his sword to the guy's throat

"Regrettably, our family is not a military unit." -- Benedict to Peter

"There's a large couch missing near the visiting dignitaries' quarters." -- Odo
"Do we have a description of this couch?" -- Peter

"These are the primitives who painted one of our military secrets on the floor of their basement. How can you say it's not a cargo cult?" -- General Rostenkowski to Mead

"Don't worry about us, that's why you're a civilian." -- General Rostenkowski to Mead

"Rebman politics is a whirlpool." -- Random to Amanda

"Never sleep with anyone crazier than you are." -- Random to Amanda

"I ask Odo what he'd do if he owned the castle, then I tune him out." -- Peter to GM

"I need something translated." -- Peter
"Is it in Begman? I know a little Begman." -- one of Bill Roth's lawyers
"It's in legalese." -- Peter

"The owner lives there and runs the restaurant, so it's unlikely to be an embassy." -- lawyer to Peter, referring to Bloody Fred's

"Who do you think will buy (Bloody Fred's)?" -- Odo
"I look at the lawyer." -- Peter to GM
"Not me." -- lawyer

"So, if Julian wants to catch you, he will?" -- GM
"Well, yeah, he's riding frigging Morgenstern!" -- Tybalt

"Would (Wayland) be fighting unfairly?" -- Random
"Which of us wouldn't?" -- Tybalt
"This is true." -- Random

"Forgive me, but you haven't exactly proven yourself a master diplomat." -- Random to Tybalt

"We have one Chaosite that I can lay my hands on, and I'm not asking Sebastian. If I want to know what they're having for dinner, then I'll ask Sebastian." -- Random to Tybalt

"Wayland doesn't want to act until he gets his eyes and a hand." -- Tybalt to Random

"If you talk to them 15 minutes after I left, they'll think I ran straight to you." -- Tybalt
"Well..." -- Random

"Didn't you ask your dad about me? What I used to do to him?" -- Random
"No, what did you do to him?" -- Tybalt
"Lots of shit." -- Random

"You still claim that you are from Chaos?" -- Julian
"Well, I was in Chaos, and now I'm here, so technically I'm from Chaos." -- Sebastian
"You are an annoying fop." -- Julian

"You understand that we are at peace with Chaos right now, at my command." -- Random
"Oh yes. But when you change your mind, I'll be ready." -- Wayland

"I would like to never be at war with Chaos again." -- Random
"I could do that." -- Peter

August 17, 1995

"The dust was from the horse's hooves as it rode away." -- GM to Sebastian
"And Morgenstern got you dusty, too." -- Simone

"(The cats) sit on the couch and lick their butts." -- GM
"Well, you would too, but they won't let you." -- John Lewis

"Bleys is much better dressed than you are." -- GM
"I measure the distance from here to my quarters..." -- Sebastian

"Is there a member of the royal family who deals with diplomats?" -- Sebastian
"Fuck if you know, you've been here a day." -- GM

"Can we just get some giant rolls of cellophane and roll Peter up?" -- Simone to the group at large

"Look, Ryan has a date." -- Lisa Leutheuser
"No, Ryan has Sebastian's date." -- Matt Fulton

"When you're feeling sociopathic, warn me in advance, I'll get out of the way." -- Helena to Loren

"I think Brand is still dead, isn't he?" -- Helena to Loren

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