Game quotes from "New Blood, Old Wounds"

Cast of Characters

Lisamarie Babik:Talia Bacquillinor, daughter of Corwin, half sister of Lorian, mother of Nicholas, grandmother of Katherine
 Iris, daughter of Random and Vialle
Kevin Collins:Jaysen, son of Eric, half brother of Torrence
Kris Fazzari:Lorian, daughter of Corwin and Moire, half sister of Talia and Torrence, former Queen of Rebma, Avatar of the as-yet-unnamed water entity
Crystal Lewinski:Clarissa, daughter of Benedict
Andrew Prill:Chadwick, son of Flora, older brother of Catarina
Matthew Richardson: Katherine, great-granddaughter of Osric, granddaughter of Talia, daughter of Konrad and Nicholas
 Konrad, grandson of Osric, father of Katherine
 Lucan, son of Albrecht, half brother of Quynn
John Schippers:Samael, son of Oberon, King of Acheron
John Schleick:GM
Kristen Schleick:Catarina, daughter of Flora, younger sister of Chadwick, Regent of Manazil
Dave Schoen:Quynn, grandson of Benedict, son of Albrecht and Marian, half brother of Lucan, ruler of Mythos and Tir-na Nog'th
Wendi Strang-Frost:Dana, daughter of Deirdre, Queen of Amber
Tim White:Torrence, son of Eric and Moire, half brother of Jaysen and Lorian, Lord of Arden, Avatar of Ygg


August 1, 1997

"It's orange wine. It goes with everything." -- Clarissa to Talia

October 12, 1997

"I'm working on purifying the (demon) line myself. Oops, wrong direction." -- Konrad

"Corwin based his entire universe on France?!?" -- Lorian to Talia

November 22, 1997

"You see Brand." -- GM
"Oh, it's not nearly as bad as I thought." -- Jaysen

"I've dealt with demons, I've sold my soul to the Serpent, but I haven't really felt like scrubbing the dirt off until now." -- Quynn to GM, upon seeing Brand

January 17, 1998

"You see 10 million people down below." -- GM
"This is a bit more crowded than I was expecting." -- Quynn

"So, what kind of magic is working here? -- Quynn
"None." -- GM
"Super." -- Quynn

"Let's go meet the neighbors." -- Talia to Quynn
"Put your clothes on first." -- Andy, referring to Quynn

"I've got my little elvy eyes. Can I see anything?" -- Talia to GM

"You hear someone running up the stairs." -- GM
"I grab the bathtub." -- Quynn

"If you blow me up, I will be very put out." -- Talia to Quynn

"Your arm goes numb." -- GM
"Here's a thought...Quynn!" -- Talia

"You remember that this isn't what the Labyrinth is supposed to look like." -- GM
"Oh damn, they've redecorated." -- Konrad

"There's an overall sense of death and despair." -- GM
"Oh, that hasn't changed." -- Konrad

"Yes, your genitals are still there." -- Talia to Konrad

"(Konrad) had made a loincloth out of (his) own skin." -- Matthew
"Hung like a handkerchief." -- Andy

"I'm remembering this. If I get a chance, (Talia) goes to hell with me." -- Konrad to GM

"My immediate goal is to find someone, beat the shit out of them, and take their clothing." -- Konrad to GM

"I am not made to be an action figure." -- Talia to the group

"(Konrad's) not used to experiencing a lot of things. Cold, smells..." -- Matthew
"Jock itch." -- Andy

"It wasn't when I sold my soul to the Serpent, it was the sponge bath (with Talia). That was my undoing." -- Quynn to the group

"Burn Lorian, she's a heretic." -- Lisamarie
"(Rebma is) an underwater realm." -- Andy

"I look vaguely nervous." -- Chadwick to GM
"Look really nervous. Don't hold back." -- Lisamarie

"Bleys is dead!" -- Random
"That's your problem." -- Torrence

"And I was wearing white. Do you know how hard it is to get blood out of white?" -- Chadwick to the group, after being shot

"Um, I'm bleeding internally, anyone know what to do about this?" -- Talia to Cassilda and Mandor

"Vague hand gestures are bad." -- Andy to the group, after Quynn's demons grab the wrong people

"I grow tired and weary of bleeding." -- Chadwick to Arthur

"I think I'll resist the temptation to wander." -- Katherine to GM
"Especially since you're naked in a bathtub." -- Andy

February 28, 1998

"I don't care if (Random) is insane, he's King." -- Clarissa to GM
"See, that was (Chadwick's) philosophy, then *blam*!" -- Andy, referring to when Random shot Chadwick

"This means (Dana has) to swim to Amber." -- Crystal
"Not in a corset." -- Wendi

"There's no picture of Konrad (in the Hall of Portraits)." -- GM to Katherine
"That's because no one wanted to look at him long enough to paint him." -- Lisamarie

"Pay no attention to the person behind the curtain." -- Andy
"It's Fiona." -- Kris

"If I'm going to kiss Arthur's ass, isn't that where Fiona's hand goes up?" -- Chadwick to the group

"Julian's a..." -- Corwin to Katherine
"A prick." -- Lisamarie

"The room's been full of men playing cards for four hours." -- GM
"No wonder they wanted (Lorian) to join the card game." -- Kris
"Because (she's) got more testosterone than everyone else combined." -- Matthew

"Smells like you've been playing cards." -- Dana, inhaling deeply
"Smells like you've been...sleeping with Jaysen." -- Caine, inhaling deeply
"Certainly you're not jealous." -- Dana
"Oh no, I can have Jaysen whenever I wish." -- Andy, speaking for Caine

"If only our dance steps had as many circles as this conversation, Mother." -- Chadwick to Flora

"Lorian did lose that young, boyish appearance that she had, but Caine won't hold that against her." -- Andy to the group

April 25, 1998

"Please catch Caliban before I go shopping. I don't want to run into him at the mall." -- Katherine to Torrence

"Sex. This game tonight's been filled with nothing but sex." -- GM
"I beg to differ!" -- Dana

"Are you going to give Arthur the bird?" -- Andy to Matthew, referring to Katherine's mechanical bird

June 27, 1998

"That ship's going to go down fast." -- Lisamarie
"Thank God it's full of Rebmans." - Wendi

"So, you're telling me that (the Serpent) is the root of all evil, but I should just ignore it, not talk about it, and hope it goes away?" -- Chadwick
"Basically, yes." -- Arthur

"I'm being upstaged by a nine-year-old Shadow child?" -- Chadwick to GM

"This is so annoying!" -- Chadwick to the group, upon realizing that no one recognizes him

"When I pull up the Pattern, I do it as non-discretely as possible...I mean as discretely as possible." -- Chadwick to GM

"Stefan's like a fish out of water." -- Andrew to the group

"What's (Caine) going to do, stab me again?" -- Torrence to the group

"That's oogy. My half brother and half sister are together half-naked." -- Lorian to the group

"(Torrence is) not man enough to ride Deirdre." -- Lisamarie
"Yeah, but she's man enough to ride (him)." -- Tim

July 25, 1998

"Why is Torrence going to die?" -- Wendi
"Because everyone else in this game has." -- Lisamarie

"Don't kill me, I'm too pretty." -- Wendi, explaining how Dana would try to avoid death
"That should be Dana's official motto." -- Kris
"It didn't work for Chadwick." -- Andy

"Oh, you know who (Dana is), then." -- Wendi to Tim
"Yeah, (she's) the easy whore who's bad at cards." -- Lisamarie
"(She) is not bad at cards!" -- Wendi

"Once a demon, always a demon." -- Tim, referring to Quynn

"What is your name?" -- Talia to the pixie
"It's Ezekiel, the Amish pixie." -- GM

"I've got a head, and a body, and you leave!" -- Torrence to Quynn

"In (Dana's) line of work, you're loyal to one person and one person only." -- Wendi to Kris
"Yeah, whoever you're fucking right then." -- Lisamarie

October 3, 1998

"You are welcome here." -- Nicholas
"The crocodile didn't seem too welcoming." -- Katherine
"Crocodiles are like that." -- Nicholas

"So, the toad guys are actually toadying?" -- Andy to the group

"Faeries, you can't do much with them." -- Nicholas to Talia
"You can make a delicious soup with them." -- Dave

"(Caliban) was invisible, but I saw him." -- Torrence to the group

"If I have to blow up another body, I'm going to be really upset." -- Torrence to the group

"Why oh why won't you cooperate? Why must I make you a gory mess?" -- Jaysen to the prisoner he's torturing

"Brand is yelling at Quynn, blaming us for the destruction of reality, even though he started it." -- Chadwick to the group, summarizing the current situation

"Fancy meeting you here." -- Chadwick to Quynn
"Not really." -- Quynn and Jaysen, in unison

December 4, 1998

"(Torrence) killed (Isabella), but only killed part of her." -- Gérard to Dana
"It's Gérard, don't try to understand." -- Lisamarie
"I think I'll talk to Fiona." -- Dana to GM

"Is Chadwick still in a bad place?" -- Wendi
"Well, he's no longer in the stomach of the Serpent, so anyplace else is a good place." -- Andy

"You know, being in the belly of the Serpent, there were two different ways you could have gotten out." -- Wendi to Andy

"That would be handy in (Dana's) line of work." -- Wendi
"Being able to fade into the woodwork?" -- Kris
"What is your line of work? Voyeur?" -- Andy

"Is it anatomically correct?" -- Dana to GM, upon receiving a life-size, oddly warm teddy bear

"Well, this goes well with my reputation." -- Dana to the group, regarding the bear

"I stare at the three points of darkness." -- Chadwick to GM
"Haven't you learned anything yet?" -- Lisamarie
"You're going to die. Again." -- Wendi
"I'm feeling cocky. I survived getting eaten by the Serpent." -- Chadwick

"Did you get the knife in the back, too? I thought that was a nice touch." -- Talia to Mandor

"That's it, I'm not buying Dara a wedding gift." -- Talia to the group, while chained to a wall in Dara's dungeon

"As inconvenient as it is to be stabbed in the lung, this does protect me from having to kill either my granddaughter or my son." -- Talia to the group

"That's the nice thing about being stabbed in the back - suddenly, you're armed." -- Sean to the group

"I'm not afraid of a volcano!" -- Chadwick to the group

"It was much warmer inside the Serpent!" -- Chadwick to the group

"Oh, to be exiled." -- Corwin to Lorian

"Deirdre just wants (Dana) to die lonely." -- Wendi
"Hey, no man is good enough for Deirdre, so why should it be any different for you?" -- Lisamarie

February 6, 1999

"You get an odd kind of tingle in your head." -- GM
"It's not a bullet, is it?" -- Quynn
"That's not a tingle, that's a burning." -- Lisamarie

"What are you doing?" -- GM to Quynn, as he's being attacked
"Pissing himself. Luckily, he wears robes." -- Lisamarie

"Logrus Spider-man, now isn't that a scary idea?" -- Lisamarie
"Mmmm, character concept." -- GM

"Quynn's soul is like the towels you pull down in the rest room, only there isn't a clean spot on it." -- Kevin to the group

"I don't know about you, but I don't want to finger Quynn's soul." -- Tim to the group

"(Talia's) not a cold fish, just all (her) love interests keep getting capped." -- Lisamarie
"Like Drakula?" -- Kevin
"He was dead to begin with." -- Lisamarie

"(Lorian's) at the shrine to Arthur." -- Kevin
"It's too late for (her) to be the virgin sacrifice, I'm afraid." -- Kris
"No, that's where Arthur comes in." -- Lisamarie

"They fixed my kid by whammying him with the Jewel, just whammy Merlin." -- Talia to the group, on how to cure Merlin's insanity

"Mandor's balls are Pattern-based." -- GM to Talia

"I knew (Dara) was up to something, about half a breath before her dagger sunk into my back." -- Talia to Mandor

"It would have been much easier for (Quynn) if Chadwick had never existed." -- Mandor to Talia
"Isn't that true of everyone?" -- Kris

"...Co-emperor Brand." -- Mandor
"Oh, that leaves a bad taste in my mouth." -- Talia

May 31, 1999

"I would echo Brand's desire to keep the peace, with the addition of sincerity." -- Quynn to Arthur

"Do you care at all about your brother?" -- Corwin
"Which one?" -- Lorian

"Isn't (Brand) supposed to kiss my ring or something?" -- Quynn to GM
"Not until you kiss his ass." -- Tim

"I can't marry my sister, but her daughter's good." -- Lisamarie to the group, speaking for Caine,

"Do you take your seat?" -- GM to Quynn
"And where do you take it?" -- Lisamarie

"This place is so gross." -- Dana, newly appointed ambassador to Chaos, to the group

"Why be subtle about your love life? Everyone just finds out about it anyway." -- Dana to the group

"Even Dana's not a good enough lay, I mean lure, to get me to the Courts." -- Jaysen to the group

"I know exactly what I'm going to do! No I don't." -- Dave to the group

"I know what I'm going to do." -- Dave
"For real this time?" -- Lisamarie
"Maybe." -- Dave

"(Lorian) gets rewarded for dying? That's not fair!" -- Dana to the group

"I'm not going to sit and huff on glass to an old man." -- Dana to GM

"So Torrence, you just brought Eric back to life, what are you going to do now?" -- Wendi
"I'm going to Rebma." -- Tim

"Now Talia really can say that she has Mandor's balls in her hand." -- Lisamarie to the group

(Chadwick) was (Quynn's) own personal Jar-Jar Binks." -- Dave to the group

December 10, 1999

"We have captured the leader of the Rebels." -- Hellmaid to Brand
"They have Luke Skywalker?" -- Dave

"Do I know this?" -- Torrence
"You do now." -- GM

"I think the closest Corwin ever got to me was when he blasted me across the universe. But hey, that's where I met my new girlfriend." -- Torrence to Eric

"I've been shot in the head and swallowed by the Serpent. I believe whatever I want to." -- Chadwick to the group

"I call upon my heritage as Florimel's son. Does this match the ambiance of the rest of the garden?" -- Chadwick to GM

"(Jaysen) could probably Trump (Torrence) from Amber without a problem." -- Kevin
"Put your pants on and go find him!" -- Dave
"But (he's) in Amber City." -- Kevin
"Put your pants on, get a horse, and go find him!" -- Dave

"(Eric) looked better when he was dead. He still had this warm, rosy color to him." -- GM to Torrence

"You've got to remember, my side (of the family) is three-sided." -- Torrence to the group

January 15, 2000

"I admit, I crossed a line with Dana." -- Brand
"Dana doesn't have lines." -- Tim
"She only has curves." -- Dave

"I do not say that thought. I don't want (Gérard) to end up in the pudding parade with the rest of us." -- Talia to GM

"I can always make my money through poker." -- Dana
"More likely through prostitution." -- Lisamarie
"She hasn't figured out how to get paid yet, though." -- Kristen

February 26, 2000

"How long would you have been out slumming in Amber City?" -- GM to Lorian
"All her life?" -- Tim

"The Man in Black is blowing in Brand's ear." -- Lisamarie to the group

"So it's just Caine, Julian, Torrence and I?" -- Dana to GM
"Welcome to the Bataan Death March." -- Andy

"Dworkin once told me something that made a lot of sense." -- Chadwick to Martin

"Don't we have cowbars? Can't we just hit (the Unicorn) and keep going? -- Talia to the group

May 27, 2000

"What you see is basically the ceiling in one of the rooms in Amber." -- GM to Dana
"She's seen a lot of ceilings in Amber." -- Andy
"Not all of them have been in Amber." -- Wendi

"There is a group of people here to see you." -- servant
"Uh oh. It's not an angry mob, is it?" -- Talia

"(The women) all have that glint of Chaosian about them." -- GM to Talia
"It's called tentacles." -- Dave

"We (six) are all Mandor's wives." -- Moriana to Talia
"No wonder he has so many flying balls." -- Andy
"Now you know why they're made out of steel." -- Tim

"I learned an important lesson. Always say 'no' to Torrence." -- Dana to the group

"Mandor is not the most forthcoming of men." -- Talia to Catarina

"I'm not currently pregnant, but I expect to be soon." -- Talia
"Consider it done." -- Quynn

"Don't worry, I've been swallowed by the Serpent, it's not bad." -- Chadwick to Quynn

"I've gotta keep Dana away from this stuff. She's not built for that metaphysical crap." -- Wendi
"We know what (she's) built for." -- Tim
"How would you know, (Torrence) never took her for a test drive." -- Wendi
"When the car has that many miles on it..." -- Tim
"So Dana, how many times around the block is 250,000 miles?" -- Andy

"You know, the whole lady in every port thing has a different meaning when it comes to Dana, because she's in every port." -- Kevin to the group

"So, can we assume from the conversation in the bedroom that Quynn has penetrated the purse?" -- Wendi to the group

"I just have to know, am I number two?" -- Chadwick to GM

"(Brand) couldn't at least die like a normal person?" -- Andy
"(Chadwick) didn't!" -- Wendi

"The evil monkeys in the floating library have stolen my rightfully stolen item." -- Jaysen to Torrence

July 22, 2000

"I know I'm out of the purse. Where am I right now?" -- Chadwick to the group

"Oh, I hate that dead bitch. Can't she just be dead?" -- Jaysen to the group, referring to Moire

"Somebody want to fish that out of the water?" -- Dave to the group, referring to Moire's body

"I don't think it's going to be nearly as intensive as what I did inside your purse." -- Chadwick to Catarina

"I think this thinking is bad for me." -- Dana to the group

"Well, this is very awkward." -- Jaysen to Gérard, after being accused of murdering Moire

"I've got to learn to say no to Torrence." -- Dana to Deirdre
"You've got to learn to say no." -- Lisamarie

"I'm allergic to being destroyed. I break out in nonexistence." -- Quynn to the group

"The bad news for Jaysen is that the world didn't blow up." -- Lisamarie to the group

"(Quynn's) no longer a god." -- Kristen
"Eh, it's happened before." -- Dave

"Incestulicious." -- Kris to the group

"You know, if I didn't already play with dead things on a regular basis, that would have creeped me out." -- Quynn to the group

October 7, 2000

"Actually, when you see the Serpent, it's got my head!" -- Torrence to the group
"In its mouth." -- Dave

"After I accidentally overheard what Jaysen said to Fiona..." -- Dana to GM
"Is that what they call it when your ear is pressed up against the door?" -- Kris

"(Torrence) is all piss and vinegar." -- Andy
"No, (Torrence) is all piss, and (Talia's) all vinegar." -- GM

"This is perfect soap opera music for Chadwick." -- Andy
"Soft and whiny, and nobody really cares." -- Tim

"What the hell, (Chadwick's) feeling lucky." -- Andy
"(He) just got all of (his) powers ripped away, and (he's) feeling lucky?" -- Kris
"(He's) not dead!" -- Andy

"I'm all for evil and self-promotion." -- Talia to the group
"Are you in marketing?" -- Tim

"I'm not talking to you! You're crazy!" -- Jaysen the insane to Chadwick

"You milked the Logrus!" -- Tim to Andy

"Isn't it ironic that Sand's Shadow is full of sand?" -- Kris to Tim

"So, are you going on vacation someplace, or are you just walking it for fun?" -- Catarina to Jaysen, on why he's walking the Pattern

"Do I think that it would be bad to step on the Primal Pattern right now?" -- Quynn to GM, right after taking the Logrus

"Now that you are a godling, go find Chadwick and make him farm." -- Andy to the group, paraphrasing Dworkin's instructions to Quynn

December 16, 2000

"It's bad news when both the #1 in psyche and #1 in strength get their hands on you." -- Lisamarie to the group

"I prefer not to have my balls embedded in the wall." -- Lisamarie to the group, speaking for Mandor

"(Jaysen and Torrence) are joined at the part of them that's related to Eric." -- Kris
"Oh, you mean the crotch." -- Kristen

March 4, 2001

"Hey, every time (Chadwick's) died, (he's) come back!"-- Andy, after a new player's been warned to watch Andy for what not to have your character do
"And that's only been three or four times." -- Kristen

"Well that would suck if you lived in the Abyss, all of these dead bodies raining down on you all the time." -- Talia to Quynn

"You notice that he's standing a little too close to the Abyss." -- GM to Talia or Quynn
"Is there anyplace near the Abyss that isn't too close?" -- Kris

"Dana, destroyer of worlds!" -- Kris
"Not worlds, just people." -- Wendi

May 19, 2001

"Now I know why everyone always gets pissed at me." -- Chadwick
"I didn't do it!" -- Catarina
"That's what I always say!" -- Chadwick

"(Chadwick and Catarina) look kind of like Delwin and Sand. If you take Delwin and Sand and make them..." -- GM to Reesa
"Pretty?" -- Andy

"I Trump Flora." -- Catarina
"She's blocking it." -- GM
"Bitch!" -- Catarina
"That, however, got through." -- Tim

"It's a pretty mausoleum." -- Reesa
"Well, there's plenty of places to sleep." -- GM

"How many times has (Chadwick) died?" -- Tim
"(He) was blown up, (he) got shot in the head... (He) was eaten by the Serpent, but I'm not sure that counts as death." -- Andy
"It certainly doesn't count as good!" -- Tim

June 16, 2001

"There is something of mine you took." -- Clarissa, back from the dead
"Truth be told, I thought you were through with it." -- Chadwick

"I don't have any hostile intent. Well, I may have hostile intent, but I don't have any focus." -- Reesa to the group

"Catarina's purse has a room that contains nothing but mirrors." -- Kristen
"So, you just like to see yourself having sex from every angle?" -- Lisamarie
"No, that would be Chadwick's purse." -- Kris

"You know, this is the one time Fiona wants to talk to me, and I don't want to hear what she's going to say." -- Chadwick to the group

"Corwin sees Clarissa, Torrence, Dana, and a seven-foot-tall jackal-headed creature, and thinks, 'Amberite, Amberite, Amberite, Chaosian creature.'" -- GM
"No, it's Corwin, he's thinking, 'I've never slept with one of those before.'" -- Andrew

"This is Torrence, he's wearing a turtleneck and a cape." -- Chadwick
"No I'm not, I never wear a cape." -- Torrence

"Where (is Chadwick) going?" -- Kristen
"(He's) going to celebrate (Dworkin's) life." -- Andy
"(He's) going to get drunk." -- Kris
"You got it." -- Andy

"No, we don't want Brand to become a psyche vampire." -- GM
"Oh, that would be so cool." -- Lisamarie

"I've got more balls than most of the men in this family." -- Dana to the group
"She keeps them in a jar on her desk." -- GM

August 26, 2001

"That's odd, there's absolutely nothing different about anything I have." -- Quynn to the group

"We call (Quynn) 'Dances with Demons'" -- Andy to the group

"Now that I've helped you, I need your help. Will you come through?" -- Quynn
"The only thing that's out of the question is bearing children for any more demons...or for you." -- Talia

"(Chadwick) looks like a pale boy who's been out in the sun too long." -- GM
"That's a healthy glow, thank you!" -- Andy
"Healthy glow? They call that skin cancer." -- Dave

"(Talia) will make a Pattern that even weasels can walk. Just not Chadwick." -- Quynn to the group

"Talia's about to make a Pattern for the Serpent. We've got to stop her. Think." -- Chadwick to Jaysen
"I'm going to wash Chadwick's mouth out with soap." -- Talia

"The Serpent fears Arthur, it used to fear Quynn, but no longer, it fears Brand, it kind of fears Catarina, but it hates Chadwick." -- GM to the group

"Mopping up blood in not in my job description. I make it, I don't mop it." -- Dana to the group

"'(Nicholas) is with Corwin, so he's safe.' No matter how many times I say that, it still doesn't sound right." -- Talia to Deelia and Lorian

December 1, 2001

"I would let you have a look (at the Hydrus), but I think that might be detrimental to your continued existence." -- Quynn to Torrence

"I regret to inform you that Talia is not here right now." -- Mandor to Quynn, Cassilda and Torrence
"That's a regret?" -- Wendi
"Damn it, (Quynn) wanted another sponge bath!" -- Dave

"I would like (Hakim), if he would, to share his desert secrets with me." -- Dana to GM
<lots of snickering>
"Fighting! Fighting!" -- Dana

"Are you implying that there is some sort of legal ramifications that I have to face (for creating the Hydrus)?" -- Quynn to Arthur
"It's against the law to draw a Pattern." -- Kristen

"You don't have to thank me for saving you." -- Quynn
"We weren't about to." -- Arthur

"Everybody sing while they're moving in the purse." -- Dana to Catarina and Dacia

"So it's a girl's night out...with my family. I never, ever, ever thought I'd say those words together." -- Catarina to the group

"I'm not quite the meddler that Jaysen is." -- Dana to the group
"Is anyone?" -- Kris
"Florimel." -- Kristen

"So, is there a hot tub in your purse?" -- Dana to Catarina

January 19, 2002

"I need to speak with you." -- Dana
"I'm rather busy at the moment." -- Jaysen
"Oh this will only take a few minutes." -- Dana
"I can kill you in less than one." -- Kris, speaking for Dana

"I've got to stop playing with my cousins, they're nothing but trouble." -- Dana to the group
"(Lorian's) been saying that for years." -- Kris

"Why is it that when you break into someone else's realm, you two always go together? It's like you're 'Tag Team Fuck Up the Universe.'" -- Chadwick to Torrence and Quynn

"Where are (Chadwick and Catarina)?" -- Kris
"In a bad, bad place." -- Andy
"(They're) in Amber?" -- Kris

"Someone's messing with time." -- ?
"Hasn't everyone done that?" -- ?
"From time to time." -- Dave

"I've got to keep the corset because it's loaded." -- Dana to GM

February 10, 2002

"Voices in the head are never good." -- Chadwick
"I'm getting used to them." -- Dana

"Luckily I had a child to piss on me and put my fire out." -- Chadwick to the group

"I'm going to say something awful. No I'm not." -- Jaysen to Dana

"Llewella may be crazy, and evil, but she's not stupid." -- GM to the group

July 14, 2002

"Crap, we're going to have to kill Quynn. I have so few friends, that kind of disappoints me." -- Talia to GM

"It turns out that this greater need (of Arthur's) was a woman." -- Flora to Dana
"He's needed to fill that need for a long time." -- Lisamarie

September 14, 2002

"Where do you find cows on a cruise?" -- Wendi
"Steerage." -- GM

"Talia's family is the Addam's family of Amber." -- Kris to the group

"(Seth's) missing a shoe." -- GM to Talia
"Is he missing a soul?" -- Andy
"He's missing one, but he still has the other." -- Kristen, punning badly

"This is important. Unlike the hundred other times when I needed to talk to you, I need to talk to you." -- Talia to Merlin

"Tell (Arthur) to get laid and get over it. Come here!" -- Talia to Merlin, via Trump
"...and Talia sends her best." -- Merlin to Arthur

"Why else would (Flora) be giddy?" -- Chadwick
"(Maybe) she got laid." -- Catarina
"That's not enough to make her giddy. That's just like breathing." -- Chadwick

"How many of us haven't been brainwashed by our fathers to be King?" -- Corwin to Talia

"I'm wearing pajama bottoms in Italy." -- Chadwick, after coming through a Trump to Catarina
"Maybe you'll meet somebody." -- GM

"That's a good question. Why don't we have cars here?" -- Torrence
"The roads aren't big enough." -- Gérard

"You see that the costume has been designed to quickly come off." -- GM to Dana
"Now that's Dana's kind of costume!" -- Andy

October 19, 2002

"I am not a sinister guy!" -- Chadwick to the group

"This is inappropriate. This is so not the time for this!" -- Chadwick, after getting a prank Trump call
"Says the man in the King's bathrobe and pajama bottoms." -- Dave

"Is there anything we can do to make it worth (the Serpent's) while?" -- Chadwick
"Well, we could kill Quynn." *pause* "What? You asked for options." -- Talia, getting a funny look from Quynn

"I'd go with you, but I'm not entirely sure that I trust you now...or ever." -- Chadwick to Quynn
"You may finally understand how this family works." -- Talia

"Don't bag my Dad, man. I'm not calling you 'Mom!'" -- Talia to Catarina, who's admiring Corwin

"If you're going to get (Talia) a special friend..." -- GM to Quynn
"Make sure it vibrates." -- Lisamarie

December 21, 2002

"So, we're OK with (Lorian) killing Llewella?" -- Talia to Corwin and Chadwick, after Lorian leaves to do this
"Now you ask?" -- Kris

"Talia might go 'Oops' and let (the bayiki) in." -- GM to Jaysen
"Hey. I would not go 'Oops.' If I let them in, it would be on purpose." -- Talia

"(Torrence) pulled a Talia. He grabbed (Eric) by the neck and sucked his brain out." -- GM to the group
"I have become a verb." -- Talia

January 18, 2003

"In the morning, do you want me to call you, or nudge you?" -- Lisamarie to the group, speaking for Arthur to Dana

"You can't put a whore and an assassin on the throne of Amber." -- Dana to Arthur

"There are at least three options that I can think of." -- Catarina to Fiona
"At least two of them involve sacrificing Quynn." -- Lisamarie
"No, just one." -- Kristen

"Talia and Corwin are going to be on the pudding parade for a while." -- Catarina
"Again?" -- Merlin

"Mandor has an intimate knowledge of Talia's anatomy." -- GM to the group
"I just love the way her spleen curves to the left." -- Matthew, speaking for Mandor

"Let's get married." -- Merlin
"All right." -- Catarina
"I'd make him beg...crawl. Hell, my guy stalked me for 200 years." -- Talia to the group

"Can we get something to eat first? I'm really hungry." -- Merlin to Catarina
"Son of Corwin. Can't save the world on an empty stomach." -- Lisamarie to the group

"Jaysen is under the weather." -- GM
"That's code for 'on the pudding parade,' isn't it?" -- Wendi
"Well, he's not on (Talia and Corwin's) float." -- Lisamarie

February 15, 2003

"It's a sound plan, in theory." -- Wendi
"It sounded better before Merlin said it aloud." -- Lisamarie

"I guarantee something will go boom." -- Torrence to the group, regarding his plan

"Brand would survive. He's like a cockroach." -- Lisamarie to the group

"Not one of Flora's children would sweat inappropriately." -- Chadwick to the group
"So what is appropriate sweat?" -- Kris
"Anything that makes you glisten." -- Andy
"Chadwick is gay porn." -- Matthew

"You guys are so screwed." -- Kris, referring to the suicide group of Chadwick, Quynn, Torrence and Dana
"Nonsense. (Torrence) hasn't set foot on an alien Pattern yet. There's still fun to be had." -- Tim

"You get the feeling that if you touched (Quynn's) Trump right now, it would suck you right into him." -- GM to Talia
"In like Quynn." -- Andy, punning badly
"Our man Quynn." -- Tim, following suit

"My God, Lady Talia is having a seizure. Don't touch her or she might die!" -- Kris, speaking for the servants, as Talia frantically waves a note in the air
"Touch her and you might die." -- Matthew

"Nothing says 'Quynn' like a gift-wrapped corpse." -- Dave to the group

"Something's wrong with Quynn." -- Chadwick to GM
"Well, we know that." -- Dave

"You know, this fighting gods thing really kind of sucks." -- Chadwick to the group, while getting his ass kicked by Sand and Delwin

"Nobody pays attention to the eight-year-old with a knife." -- Andy
"Except the social worker." -- Lisamarie

"Torrence makes a decisive decision." -- GM to Chadwick and Catarina

"It looks like there used to be two staircases here, one to Amber and one to Rebma." -- GM to Talia
"Hey, I didn't know that the Tir had a waterslide!" -- Lisamarie

"Torrence is now ubiquitous throughout Shadow." -- Andy to the group, after Torrence blows himself up

"Eww, I think that's (Torrence's) hand." -- Kristen
"No, that would have landed on someone's ass." -- Andy

March 22, 2003

"I'm making fun of everyone who wasn't born in Amber." -- Jaysen
"Like us?" -- Dana

"Isn't getting love advice from Jaysen a bad idea?" -- Kris
"Hey, he's known (Dana) the longest." -- Wendi
"That's the problem." -- Kris
"He's known (her) in the biblical sense." -- Kristen

"Where is Chadwick at 7:00 in the evening?" -- GM to Andy
"In the crosshairs of a sniper?" -- Tim, hopefully

"Well, I wouldn't want you to go your whole life without a woman sweeping you off your feet." -- Dana to Chadwick, after using a sweep-kick to knock him on his ass

"The best epitaph is the one you can read yourself." -- Andy to the group

May 11, 2003

"Elves ooze sexuality?" -- Matthew
"Look at Talia." -- Lisamarie
"The only thing (Talia) oozes is green slime." -- Matthew

"(Lucan) is ranked in truth." -- Matthew
"No, (he's) just ranked in bitch." -- Wendi

"Do you want to say goodbye to the King?" -- Catarina
"The King is dying?" -- Chadwick, leaping to conclusions

"Can't people that die just stay dead?" -- Dana
"Hey!" -- Chadwick

June 22, 2003

"And I thought I was crazy." -- Dana, after GM describes a scene where Jaysen meets his younger self
"I thought I was getting better." -- Jaysen, bitterly

"Death by rewriting a Pattern is not necessarily death." -- Torrence to the group

"Tone down on the cologne." -- Dana, giving advice on how not to be noticed
"Hey, it's a Pattern teleport, it's not exactly subtle. And Muriel was undersea for 2,000 years. She's not exactly fragrant." -- Lucan

October 4, 2003

"Torrence looks kind of tired." -- GM
"Well, he did just die and come back." -- Matthew

"So Torrence is in tune with the seasons? He has Seasonal Affectiveness Disorder." -- Matthew to GM
"Torrence is SAD." -- Wendi, punning badly

"Oh, I didn't warn (Fiona) about the...well, she'll find out." -- Lucan to GM

"I'm OK with Brand, it's just that every five or six years, we try to kill each other." -- Quynn to the group

"I've forgotten how many times I've died. You know, you lose track after, like, two. After being killed a certain number of times, the brain loses track of things like numbers." -- Quynn to the group

"You were crazy there. Not, like, wearing funny hats crazy, but really crazy!" -- Jaysen's younger self to Jaysen

December 14, 2003

"I'm going to go back and take this to the King, because my going off and making decisions on my own doesn't seem to be very popular." -- Quynn to GM
"That's never stopped you before." -- Wendi

"I think you should come through. Dworkin's here." -- Corwin
"Doesn't anyone stay dead in this family?" -- Lorian

"That's a whole new angle to passing a stone." -- Tim to the group, as everyone speculates on where food goes after the Dworkin golem eats it

January 24, 2004

"After sleeping for a month, I felt in need of a shower." -- Lucan to the group

"(The person approaching Manazil) is dressed like a page boy." -- GM to Lucan
"Oh no, it's Ariel." -- Lisamarie
"Quick, kill it now!" -- everyone
"Actually, it almost looks like Chadwick." -- GM
"Quick, kill it now!" -- everyone

"Wait, Brand and Fiona want me to help because of my expertise in Trump?" -- Talia to the group

"Dworkin is the love child of Torrence and Quynn." -- Kristen
"Ahhhhhhhh!" -- the group, horrified

"Lucan has a bag of evil!" -- Matthew, gleefully, to the group

"It's an airless dead environment." -- GM to Lorian
"Much like Lucan." -- Kris

"Taking a 16-point Pattern blade to the chest. Now that's love!" -- Dana to the group

"Do you need to get home?" -- Nicholas
"No, I think I'll take my larval sack and go for a walk." -- Talia

"I manipulate people and I kill people. That's what I'm good at." -- Dana
"I dust and watch TV." -- Lucan

February 28, 2004

"Yeah, you want to help Talia? Go kill her ex." -- Lisamarie to the group

"Why is Trinadose always having trouble?" -- Matthew
"Because it's Jaysen's Shadow. That was a silly question." -- Kristen

"You see they are tall, slender people." -- GM to Talia
"With hearts as black as tar." -- Lisamarie
"Just like Talia's." -- Matthew

"I've never seen you pine for someone before." -- Torrence to Caine
"That's not pining, it's whining." -- Lisamarie

"You get to have your daughter, who may also be a tramp...." -- GM, speaking for Fiona, to Deirdre
"There's no 'may' about it." -- Lisamarie

"Damn, Talia has a heart? Who knew?" -- Lorian to the group

"I never get offered anything of worth. Ambassador? Chadwick can be an ambassador!" -- Caine to Torrence
"Not a good one." -- Kris

"Hey, I respected (Caine), I hit him with my open hand, not my fist." -- Dana to the group

"Corwin likes Stefan." -- GM to Lorian
"That's because he wasn't the evil overlord of the Abyss (like Mandor). Love finds you in the strangest of places." -- Talia

April 24, 2004

"They know you need time alone with your pod." -- GM to Talia

"It's the Al-Rashid..." -- GM to Torrence
"...Marching Band!" -- Matthew
"Go Jackals!" -- Tim

"Quynn at least is the devil we know." -- Lorian to Lucan and Arthur
"You don't really know Quynn until you've given him a sponge bath." -- Lisamarie

"I pull out a very old Trump of Benedict." -- Lucan to GM
*laughter* -- the rest of the group
"He's wearing bell-bottoms." -- Matthew
"He's got sideburns." -- GM
"Oh my God, he's got a mullet!" -- Kris

"OK, Catarina and I have to have some normal kids." -- Dana, after spending some time with both Talia's and Quynn's children
"Oh yeah, the heir to the throne of Amber, and Merlin's kids. They'll be normal." -- GM

"I'm not feeling especially roleplayey right now, so just assume (Lucan) said something deep and meaningful and (Lorian) attuned (herself) to the Coral." -- Matthew to Kris

"(The storm) is only unnatural in that..." -- GM to Talia
"'s not found in nature." -- Matthew

"The conch is in Lorian's hands. That's likely where it should be." -- Talia to Gérard
"That's high praise, coming from Talia." -- Kris

"Hmm, interrupt the wedding, destroy a chunk of reality." -- Lisamarie to the group, mocking Arthur's reluctance to contact Merlin before his wedding
"It's not Merlin you need to worry about, it's Catarina." -- Wendi

June 5, 2004

"You're going to be my sister-in-law...Which also makes you aunt to all of my transparent children." -- Talia
"Oh no!" -- Catarina

"(Catarina's) wedding is a family affair, of course something horrible will happen!" -- Lucan to GM

"(Jonas) is only stunned." -- GM
"Of course, he's a descendent of Corwin." -- Kris
"Hard heads are part of the family." -- Wendi

"(The blue stone) protects me from you." -- Jonas to Talia, Corwin and Merlin
"It doesn't work." -- Lucan

"I have a son. At least I think he's my son. He looks like me. He talks like me." -- Merlin to Catarina
"He makes dumb-ass mistakes like me." -- Lisamarie

"(Lucan's gift) is impractical and kind of odd. Just what you'd expect from an older relative who's out of touch with kids today." -- Matthew to Kristen

"(Is Torrence) robbing the Smithsonian with Caine?" -- Wendi
"No, with (his wife) Isabel. It's a date!" -- Tim

"It is easier than one thinks to destroy something." -- Benedict to Corwin and Dana
"Says the man who destroyed the Pattern." -- Lisamarie
"I wasn't going to say it." -- Wendi

August 28, 2004

"Corwin's interested in going back to the blue stone cave." -- GM to Talia
"Of course he is, there's a possibility of danger and injury involved." -- Kris

"I haven't blown up in years, have you?" -- Chadwick
"I blew up recently...I blew up an entirely reality." -- Torrence

"We're making our way across Shadow, keeping a low profile." -- Chadwick
"How low profile?" -- GM
"Mariachi band...balloons...." -- Torrence

"I'm not comfortable with the attention that might draw." -- Chadwick to Torrence and Dana
"Who are you and what have you done with Chadwick?" -- Lisamarie

"Where have you taken us?" -- Dana
"He's dropped us in the middle of a minefield." -- Chadwick
"Not in a minefield, just next to it." -- Torrence

"Who would be crazy enough to try to get beyond this?" -- Chadwick
"You!" -- Torrence

"Benedict (Blood) Blessed his children. They're both dead now." -- Andy to the group

October 2, 2004

"Coming back (to the King) with a dead future queen does not do you any favors." -- Chadwick to the group

"So this is the session about Amberite fuck-ups come back to life." -- Matthew
"That's what every session is about." -- Andy

"Kinda tricky, isn't it?" -- Salvatore to Dana, looking at his missing arm after trying out her whip

"Something's flaming and it's not Chadwick." -- Lisamarie to the group

"We should turn all of our enemies into furniture." -- Lucan to the group

"Hiding in a closet in Catarina's purse? You'd think the mouse would rat you out." -- Wendi to the group

"Do you fight with one sword or two?" -- Dana to Lucan
"In the last fight, he fought with one arm." -- Lisamarie

January 30, 2005

"You can tell when you reach out to (Fiona) that there is something of great power nearby." -- GM
"I'll be right there!" -- Talia

"I'm not especially subtle. I'm as subtle as I can be." -- Jaysen to GM

February 26, 2005

"Has (Catarina) shared the knowledge of..." -- GM to Kristen
"Share nothing!" -- Lisamarie
"That's the Amber family motto." -- Kris

"Merlin wants to do what's right, but he doesn't know what to do, so he wants to do something." -- GM to Catarina

"I have plenty of boxes in my purse. Because I have...a pack rat." -- Catarina to the group
"Isn't (Marcus) a mouse?" -- Wendi

"If you kill my father, I'm afraid I may find it rather difficult for us to remain friends." -- Talia to Brand

"Father, I love you. You're going to die today." -- Talia to Corwin

"Silly me, I guess I should have paid attention to Lorian's life-line." -- Lucan to the group, after Lorian gets shot

"Is there anything I can do to change (Merlin's fate)?"-- Lucan to GM
"Throw another Corey on the fire." -- Lisamarie

March 26, 2005

"There is now only one Brand, only one Talia, only one Chadwick..." -- GM
"One Brand is one too many." -- Chadwick
"Funny, I was just about to say that about Chadwick." -- Kris

"That's sad, I was kind of hoping it would have worked out the other way." -- Lucan to GM, upon realizing that Sand and Delwin have been defeated
"What?!?" -- Chadwick
"I didn't mean that they would win, I just hoped you'd all work it out." -- Lucan

"I'm so happy that I messed up Sand's hat." -- Dana to the group

"We'll help you work on developing control - something lacking in the men of Corwin's line." -- Talia to Jonas

"Off with his head, off with his head!" -- Wendi to the group
"(Talia) can live without her head." -- Lisamarie

"Brand was trying to destroy the universe. (Chadwick) just wants to bathe in it." -- Matthew to the group

"Arthur's mom is hot!" -- Chadwick to the group, at Arthur and Dana's wedding

May 29, 2005

"When I blow up, I'm not going out alone." -- Talia to the group

"Arthur wants to get this done because there's something else he wants to do." -- GM
"What?" -- Dana
"Sex." -- Lisamarie
"You." -- Kris, at the same time

"The worst punishment Nicholas can think of to inflict on his child is to spend some time with his mother?" -- Kris to the group

"I'll update Arthur when he returns." -- Dana to GM
"If he returns." -- Kris
"Shut up!" -- Wendi

June 25, 2005

"Currently Chadwick's our best hope. Tell me you think that's a good idea." -- Talia to Torrence

"The Catarina and The Merlin." -- Kris
"I want an adjective in front of my name!" -- Lisamarie
"Bitch!" -- Kristen
"Yep, that's an adjective." -- Lisamarie
"Actually, I think it's a noun." -- Kristen

"If I ever look at any quotes page and see the word 'uterus' in it...." -- GM to the group

"I, if you released me, would not consume you...right away." -- the Serpent to Quynn

"You did that for (the Dragon), why wouldn't you do that for me?" -- the Serpent
"Because I would miss you terribly." -- Quynn, not at all sarcastically

"How are you feeling?" -- Mandor
"I was fine until my husband poisoned me." -- Talia
"It was for your own good." -- Mandor

August 27, 2005

"I don't know if I can (help you)." -- Lucan
"I could read it in your entrails...." -- Talia

"The most dangerous path is usually the correct one." -- Chadwick to Hakim
"In your world, maybe." -- Matthew

"I don't know, any Benedict that embroiders is just creepy." -- Lisamarie to the group

"I wrestle with my own moral quandaries every day, I just like to occasionally tweak someone else's." -- Talia to Arthur

September 24, 2005

"I'm not going to try to shapeshift Fiona." -- Talia to the group

October 22, 2005

"Right now, Fiona's in the kitchen..." -- GM
"With Dinah." -- Lisamarie

"What's going on?" -- Catarina
"Corwin's dead....again." -- Merlin

"How are you delivering this energy?" -- GM to Catarina
"Rectally." -- Lisamarie

"Aw, no more Waylan wall." -- Wendi to the group, after Drakula's castle is destroyed

"Everything's going to be fine...Chadwick's taking care of it." -- Merlin
"What?" -- everyone else

"Some witch out in Shadow was using this device...." -- Arthur to Chadwick
"Not Talia." -- Lisamarie

"How many people have I sucked dry in my past history?" -- Chadwick to the group

"Take it from me, I understand angst." -- Brand to Catarina

"Arthur didn't have any real friends when he was a child, just the people Fiona picked for him." -- GM
"What a miserable childhood!" -- Dana
"Well, his mom is his dad." -- Lisamarie

"Well, at least you're not calling my mom on me. That's reassuring." -- Catarina to Arthur

November 26, 2005

"So Chadwick actually did the right thing?" -- Tim
"For a given value of right." -- Andy

"It's like when you wake up from a bad dream thinking 'the zombies are coming, the zombies are coming,' and then you realize..." -- GM to Talia
"...they're under the bed." -- Andy

"If you meet this man, he will kill you." -- GM
"What!?!" -- Chadwick
"He will shoot you." -- GM
"How will that kill me?" -- Chadwick

"That and the fact that (Dana's) been dabbling in politics forever." -- Wendi to the group
"Really, I thought she was just dabbling in politicians." -- Andy

"(Chadwick's) taking a small situation and making a big deal of it." -- GM to the group
"Situation normal, all Chadwicked up." -- Lisamarie

"There's something I don't want to picture - Talia with menopause." -- Wendi
"How could you tell?" -- Andy

January 28, 2006

"Argh! I don't need this psycho bitch now." -- Lucan to the group
"That's what I used to say to my mother." -- Lisamarie

"You control the realm of forgetfulness and you're surprised that I've forgotten you?" -- Lucan to Maya? (the lady in the well)

"Well, we know not to do that again." -- Dana, after looking into the Manazil crystal ball and passing out

"It's an empty bottle, right?" -- Lucan
"Well, except for me...." -- Quynn

"And what have we learned from (Quynn getting trapped in a Djinn bottle)?" -- Wendi
"Never, ever trust your relatives." -- Dave

"When I get out of the bottle and find out what happened, I might go right back in." -- Quynn to the group

"You become Queen, and no one wants to take you anywhere." -- Kris
"Hey, the Queen can go anywhere she wants on the chess board." -- Wendi

"If this can be solved without obliterating half of the universe, then I'm totally OK with that." -- Lucan to the group

"Something really bad is going on. Lucan is going to be destroyed." -- GM
"I'm not sure that I necessarily consider that a bad thing." -- Talia

"I don't know which is worse, risking your life and soul, or the PR blitz that has to follow." -- Lucan to the group

"You may run into Jaysen (in Faerie)." -- Talia
"How hard do you want me to run into him?" -- Dana

February 25, 2006

"Don't I know your tastes?" -- Jaysen
"Not for the last 20-odd years." -- Dana

"OK, one should not waggle one's eyes like that when one is discussing feces." -- Wendi to Dave

"Why Jaysen, being on your hands and knees, that's a good position for you." -- Wendi
"It's one he's very familiar with." -- Lisamarie

"I've always blown myself up for the greater good!" -- Chadwick to the group

"Your psyche must be this high to ride the (Manazil) crystal rides." -- ? to the group

March 25, 2006

"It's hard to be evil with the sun in my eyes." -- Lisamarie to the group

"I'm guessing Dana and Arthur have this in hand?" -- Catarina to Merlin
"She's a bad guesser." -- Lisamarie

"I'm not worried about ethics." -- Quynn to the group

"Take me back to where you changed history!" -- Quynn to Jaysen

"Did you hear your initial?" -- Talia to Quynn, when he arrives shortly after being referenced as 'Q'

"Do you still have my cards?" -- Puck Robin
"My cards." -- Quynn
"OK, your cards, which you loaned to me without your knowledge." -- Puck Robin

"Spank (Jaysen) for me when you see him." -- Talia to Quynn
"Things have changed in Amber since I was last here." -- Puck Robin

April 22, 2006

"The world is coming to an end...and Lucan is moving furniture. -- Kris
"(Matthew's) going to role-play redecorating." -- Lisamarie

June 17, 2006

"If there's anything I can do to repay you...." -- Dana to the Cabra lighthouse keeper
"What, hot Queen-on-lighthouse-keeper action?" -- Kris
"I was thinking of darning socks, actually." -- Wendi

"No one will ever accuse Caine of being flowery." -- Kris to the group

"Quynn's plans always end up with him missing a hand, stuck in a bottle, enslaved to a demon...." -- Matthew to the group

"Your level of subtlety is what ribs to go between with the dagger." -- Chadwick to Dana

"By the way, I found a Shadow where a bunch of women worship you as a god." -- Lucan
"Oh, them." -- Quynn

"That's what happens when you mess around with destiny." -- GM
"It wasn't me, it was me!" -- Chadwick

July 22, 2006

"Think Caine, with class." -- GM, describing Merrick
"I'm sorry, I can't do that." -- Dana

"What does this tell me about the pscyhe that created it?" -- Chadwick to GM, investigating his clone
"Diseased, malign, narcissistic to the extreme...." -- Matthew
"Shut up!" -- Andrew

"Lucan is colder than an iceberg...he just killed his own nephew." -- Chadwick
"No, he just didn't save him. There's a difference." -- Matthew

"(My clone) is going to kill me...for my own good." -- Chadwick to the group

August 26, 2006

"Do you want me to lead you to Dworkin?" -- Catarina
"Not" -- Brand

"We haven't been able to talk to it...him." -- Caine to Catarina, referring to a broken statue that is somehow alive
"What, didn't they find that piece of him?" -- Wendi

"So did you have a plan? Or was this just 'call Mom and see if she can come up with something?'" -- Talia to Nicholas

"I'm going to have such a headache." -- Dana
"You're going to have a headache? I got hit with a freaking carriage!" -- Talia
"Well, your head's bigger than mine." -- Dana

"So, we found this body...." -- Catarina to Dana
"I didn't do it!" -- Talia

"Flora will teach (Maeve) how to be politic. Deirdre will just teach her how to beat things up." -- Talia
"The only downside is that Flora will teach her how to be a bitch. You may not want that." -- Corwin
"She's going to turn into a teenage girl. It's inevitable." -- Talia

"I figured you would be too busy. You're out finding yourself again." -- Talia to Corwin

"(Corwin's) done a very good job of not raising any of his kids so far." -- Kris to the group

September 22, 2006

"Brand is talking to Dworkin? Oh, nothing good can come of this." -- Kris to the group

"What is the logical result that could happen, then?" -- Lucan
"You could be shunted out of existence." -- GM
"Oh." -- Lucan

"You will take the ring to the mountaintop." -- Dworkin
"The mountaintop never ends." -- Chadwick
"It will end for you." -- Dworkin
"Care to rephrase that?" -- Chadwick

"Chadwick speaks crazy-guy." -- Kris
"That's why Dworkin and (he) always got along." -- Andy

"Trust us." -- Brand
"You've got to be kidding." -- Lorian

January 27, 2007

"It's funny to have Fiona sit and talk about Talia's 'primal urges.'" -- GM to the group

"So undersea Rebmans can have lakefront property?" -- Lisamarie to the group

February 24, 2007

"I don't usually work with others." -- Talia to Catarina
"Now that's an understatement." -- Kris

"Mandor says 'Hold still,' then plunges the scalpel into (Talia's) forehead." -- GM to Talia and Catarina
"If this was anyone else in my family, I might be concerned." -- Catarina

"Talia's got a splitting heacache." -- Dave to the group, after Talia's children spring forth fully grown from her forehead

March 31, 2007

"Mandor technology is kind of oogy." -- Chadwick to GM

"That's good, because if any man puts his fist inside Mandor, I'm going to have to cut it off." -- Talia to the group

"You sense of Chadwick comes and goes, comes and goes." -- GM to Dana and Chadwick
"Kind of like waves of nausea." -- Wendi

"Suddenly, I'm craving Quynn." -- Dana to the group
"Isn't everybody?" -- Dave

April 28, 2007

"I have a daughter that wishes to meet you." -- Talia
"How can that be?" -- Dracula
"I have a new husband." -- Talia

"Brand's just jealous that he didn't think to be born an adult." -- Talia to the group

June 23, 2007

"I get the sense that there will be more aerial travel." -- Arthur to Torrence
"What, are you going to ride her corpse?" -- Lisamarie

August 25, 2007

"Merlin and Brand have come up with a funky idea." -- Torrence to Dana
"Oh, nothing good can come from this." -- Kris

"That I do like - to use distrust to build trust." -- Nicholas to Pericles and Jaysen

September 29, 2007

"The Queen's official opinion is that shapeshifters are icky." -- Dana to the group

"Mandor's technology is a little squishy. Brand and Merlin don't like the squishy technology." -- GM to the group

March 29, 2008

"I bring up refreshments for her...something a little more nourishing than ghostly tea." -- Quynn to GM

"Unless there was an ulterior motive." -- Lilith
"It's Caine, there's always an ulterior motive." -- Torrence

"You're being contacted by Lilith again." -- GM
"I'm going to change my pager number." -- Quynn

May 25, 2008

"I'm fine, I'm just worried about Brand." -- Talia to the group

June 22, 2008

"There's a bit of a metaphysical mystery going on here." -- Talia
"What do you mean?" -- Arthur
"I'm standing over your corpse." -- Talia

"How much of your army at this point is demonic?" -- GM
"You tell me, I slaughtered most of it." -- Samael

"If that means in 10,000 years we're just going to have to do this again, then I say we commence with destroying each other now, because I hate to wait." -- Quynn to Samael

"You don't remember my father, do you?" -- Samael
"Actually, I killed your father." -- Dana

July 26, 2008

"I want to have the empire that is Acheron growing like a cancer throughout Shadow." -- Samael

"I can help you." -- Samael
"Do you even know what we're going to do?" -- Merlin
"Does it matter?" -- Samael
"Kind of, yes." -- Merlin

August 30, 2008

"Talia's forehead children." -- Merlin to Catarina
"They have names!" -- Lisamarie
"Hindsight and Forethought?" -- Wendi

"Sure, I will conjure the Serpent." -- Samael to GM

September 27, 2008

"Are you seriously discussing how a Bag of Holding works in Amber?" -- Kris to the group

"Have you met Dara?" -- GM
"Yes, I'm the one that put her in the box." -- Talia

"Jaysen's doing something wholly different." -- GM
"Of course he is." -- Lorian
"Jaysen's doing something with Trump." -- GM
"Of course he is." -- Lorian

February 28, 2009

"Stop mocking the fictionally deceased." -- GM to Dave

"Why didn't anyone tell me my ass was so big?" -- ? speaking for Deirdre's spirit when she views her dead body

April 25, 2009

"I'm Chance, Master of Not-Much-Right-Now." -- Chance to Torrence

June 27, 2009

"Arthur's not an idiot...well, not a complete idiot." -- Iris to Quynn

August 22, 2009

"We had left Catarina in her purse with Merlin's heart in a jar...." -- GM to Kristen

November 1, 2009

"(The Shadow's inhabitants desicribe rodents which have grown to enormous size." -- GM to Iris
"ROUSs? I don't believe they exist." -- Kris

February 27, 2010

"Yes, we can give ourselves a safe distance from here." -- Gérard to Iris
"That sounds...ominous." -- Kris

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