Ordinary World  

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Cast of Characters

Carla Arnoldi:Zoe Ashford, Zach's twin sister, member of Amber's military
James Arnoldi:Finn Cumhal, Amber rock star
Kris Fazzari:Noriko Ono, Shadow gang member
Patrick Franklin:Dr. Darren Branson, Amber researcher
Matthew Richardson:GM
Kristen S. (née Gibbs):Sophia Aslan, mechanic
Jarrod Van Kirk:Zach Ashford, Zoe's twin brother
Brenda Wilson:Sonia Mienz, forensic anthropologist


Session 2 (May 14, 2005)

This is going to look weird going through requisitions. I would like to request some small thermo-nuclear devices." *pause* "Non-weapons grade." -- Darren to GM

"And if it should cause the entire city to collapse or crumble?" -- Senator Hawkins
"Oh, we'd be able to measure that." -- Darren, cheerfully

"I'm a scientist ma'am. We don't do anything recklessly." -- Darren to Lyn Dai

"I think I may need to report a crime. I've never been mugged before." -- Darren to military guy

Session 3 (July 9, 2005)

"What's skiing?" -- Sophia
"You don't know? Wait, let me show you." -- B&B owner
*plays opening to James Bondish movie where "Bond" is skiing while being fired at*
"Oh my God!" -- Sophia
"Oh, it's not normally that dangerous." -- B&B owner

"More data!" -- Darren to GM, many times

Session 6 (November 12, 2005)

"I'll just say you double-dog-dared me." -- Sonia to Sophia, coming up with a reason for why they fixed the Pattern

"Run, it's a bath!" -- Jarrod to Kris, as Nori's gang runs from the Pattern rewrite of her world

"I wasn't injected with Chaosian life-giving stuff." -- Zoe
"I'm so giving you a blood transfusion tomorrow." -- Zach

"Yoda says, size does not matter." -- Jarrod
"You are not Yoda." -- Brenda

Session 8 (February 11, 2006)

"I think we should reserve rash action for judgment and analysis." -- Darren to the group

"Oh, so you had a brain injury. That explains a lot." -- Zach
"Yeah, what's your excuse?" -- Agatha

Counter  Hellriders have passed through here since June 9, 2005.

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