Game quotes from "Patterns of Memory"

Cast of Characters

Kris Fazzari:Miranda Barimen
Patrick Franklin:Maevyn Succat
Sean Frost:Jerand of Helgram
George Rabick:Perrin of Vizsla
Matthew Richardson:GM
Kristen Schleick (née Gibbs):Maseera Sawall (formerly Medraut)
Wendi Strang-Frost:Driscoll Minobee of Hendrake (formerly Kirov-Rost)


Session 2 (March 10, 2001)

"So Gareth doesn't have a soul?" -- Jerand
"Not that you can see." -- GM
"Not a soul in sight." -- Sean, making the first of many bad puns

"Do (the souls) eat?" -- Sean
"No." -- GM
"So there's no soul food." -- Sean

"I'm not going to the bad part of town, I'm going to the fun part of town." -- Maevyn
"Aren't the two of those synonymous?" -- Lily
"No, but they're often right next door." -- Sean
"And they share a bathroom." -- GM

"In the beginning, (Dara) is very courteous and polite." -- GM
"In the beginning?" -- Driscoll
"That's always a bad start." -- Kris

"What was (Dara's) ailment?" -- Driscoll
"She had an ailment of the heart." -- "Benjamin"
"She didn't have one." -- Sean

"Indiscriminate sacks in my stall." -- Perrin to GM
"What?!?" -- Wendi, mishearing
"Sacks, not sex." -- George
"Oh good, because I was thinking, 'With blocks of ice?'" -- Wendi
"Or the horse." -- several other players, in unison

"I think I'm faster than them." -- Perrin to GM
"Than the plants? I would hope so." -- Wendi
"They try to get away, but they're rooted." -- GM

"I'm there to remind them that they shouldn't have any fun." -- Jerand to GM, on his role as Palatine at the Barimen ball

"The best part about accidents is planning them." -- Wendi to the group

"Fighting on horseback. Yeah, I can do that!" -- Driscoll to GM
"Dragging a body behind you?" -- Sean
"(He) cuts that loose first!" -- Wendi
"I was going to say, 'Last thing you need's dead weight.'" -- Sean

"'Oh look, it's Stumpy!' That's the last thing you ever say to Benedict." -- Wendi to the group

Session 4 (May 12, 2001)

"Oh look, it's dope on a rope!" -- Sean to the group, as Driscoll swings back and forth off the end of a ship

"There was a storm. And a plague." -- Yut-Lung to Driscoll, explaining what happened to all of the sailors
"They had a bad case of consumption. They're being consumed by vampires." -- Sean to the group

"Bad stuff isn't always big things. Sometimes bad stuff can be not being able to find a bathroom when you really need to pee." -- GM to the group

"(The woman) called herself a Fury." -- Shennayr to Maevyn, Lily and Finn
"Maybe she was very upset." -- Lily

"I like my wife. That's why I don't want her here!" -- Jerand to the group

"Please ask me why I picked up a snowflake pendant in Hell, please, please ask me why I picked up a snowflake pendant in Hell!" -- Miranda (silently) to Brand

"You're going to leave (your sword) to me when you die, right?" -- Driscoll
"I'm not dying!" -- Kail

"I don't know (Lily's) stats. I just know (she's) good at math. That isn't going to help (her) much in this situation." -- Kris to the group, as armed men advance on Lily

"Auto-destruct sequence activated." -- Fury robot head
"That can't be good." -- Cole

Session 5 (June 9, 2001)

"I try to tuck my hair into a bun, and put a couple of sticks in it." -- Cole to GM, trying to tame her electrified hair
"It looks like she's strapped a badger to her head." -- GM to Jerand
"And the badger is angry." -- Wendi

"Fortunately, the dead don't sweat." -- Sean to the group

"I thought you needed a goal." -- GM to Perrin
"Kill Benedict? That's not a goal, that's a death wish." -- Kris

"Here, have my sword, why don't you just impale me?" -- Kail
"Don't tease me!" -- Driscoll

"(Kail) won't get better from burning." -- Driscoll to Yut-Lung

"So, what am I supposed to do?" -- Kail, regarding his role as bait for a vampire
"Just lay there and look appetizing." -- Driscoll

"You can smell colors. Good for you." -- GM to Sean
"Stay away from black. It smells bad." -- Wendi

"There's nothing describing what (the Seed of Change) looked like, but it's capitalized, because it's important." -- GM to Jerand

"I've seen vampires, but I've never seen one of these creatures. They're called werewolves." -- Yut-Lung to Driscoll
"Because you don't know where they are." -- Kris

"So, I have to find Lucifer next." -- Perrin
"Or Benedict. Take your pick." -- GM
"I'll pick Lucifer." -- Perrin

Session 6 (July 14, 2001)

"You made one just like you!" -- Cole, referring to their son
"Only if he was stillborn." -- Jerand, the undead

"I'm sure if I remain cold and aloof and dead around (Lucia) for a few days, she'll open right up." -- Jerand to GM

"There were earthquakes?" -- Jerand
"What did you expect to happen when you summoned a volcano?" -- GM
"Next time, we'll get a smart wizard." -- Jerand

"Let me get this straight, you hit on three women, and you did it so badly that they drowned you?" -- Finn to Maevyn

"Mom hasn't died yet, has she?" -- Lucia
"No." -- Jerand
"That's good, because Hazimel says she'll become a monster when she does." -- Lucia

"Do I lie?" -- Kail to himself, while talking to Brand
"Funny, that's what I was asking myself not five minutes ago." -- Driscoll

"Why does (Suhuy) need me?" -- Jerand
"Because you are the logical conclusion of an experiment that's been running for thousands of years." -- GM
"I did not need to know that. It was a rhetorical question." -- Jerand

"Oh shit, I'm in a carriage with the two highest bad stuff characters in the game." -- Lily
You are in the carriage of doom! Six bad stuff, four wheels, two horses, straight to hell!" -- GM

Session 7 (August 11, 2001)

"I seem to be remembering things I can't recall." -- Jerand to Wyand

"What will this examination entail?" -- Cole to Suhuy
"Vivisection." -- GM and Kris

"You forget yourself, I'm Palatine." -- Jerand
"You forget yourself, I'm keeper of the Logrus." -- Suhuy
"I don't have one to lay on the table for this contest." -- Cole

"All the Emperor can do nowadays is grieve." -- Suhuy
"And flay people." -- Cole
"I doubt he has the energy to flay people himself nowadays. He probably has a servant do it." -- Suhuy

"This is the only character I've ever played in a game who started off dead and worked his way up to life." -- Sean to the group

"That's not hair, that's a storm front!" -- Xander to Maseera, regarding Cole's rather unruly hair

Session 8 (September 8, 2001)

"(House Medraut) provided the food (after the funeral), which was good, because afterwards you were hungry." -- GM
"Shit!" -- Jerand
"That comes later." -- Wendi

"I don't want any part of this. I'm squishy now. I've already been dead once, I don't want to do it again." -- Jerand to GM

"Research!" -- Jerand
"The battle cry of House Helgram. 'To the books!'" -- GM
"It's Dewey time!" -- Jerand

"My daughter's had her first poisoning!" -- George, speaking for Jasra, showing maternal pride

"Do you have bad stuff, Kristen?" -- Kris
"No, no I don't." -- Kristen
"She has plot. That's much worse." -- Sean
"It's a very specialized form of bad stuff." -- GM

"The best part of having Logrus is the (ability to grab) doughnuts." -- GM to the group

"I would rather walk the Logrus than get married." -- Driscoll to Hector

"Is (Morgenstern) doing anything?" -- Perrin
"Eating a deer." -- Stasia
"Anything else?" -- Perrin, hopefully

Session 9 (October 13, 2001)

"Well, you didn't get eaten by ghouls, so that's a start." -- GM to Maevyn, summing up the session thus far

"This is all Mandor's fault for not keeping (Fiona) properly cowed." -- Miranda to GM
"Well, he put her in the pasture and put the bell on her. What more do you want?" -- Sean

"Oh great, (Driscoll and Maseera) can be boring together." -- Sean
"It's the foundation for every good marriage." -- Kristen

"Shit, I sweat now. It's so gross." -- Jerand to the group, on the trials of being alive again

"I'm awake, I'm sweaty, Cole stinks." -- Jerand to the group
"Yes, living is disgusting." -- Wendi

"You just killed the keeper of the Logrus!" -- Patrick
"My bad! I'm hoping he'll get over this." -- Wendi

"Is it just me, or is it bad to take the Logrus right after killing its keeper?" -- Wendi to the group

"If this was D&D, think about how many experience points I would have just gotten (for killing Suhuy)." -- Wendi to GM

"Do I know how to get back to Suhuy's lab?" -- Jerand to GM
"You were a pile of ash at the time." -- Wendi

Session 10 (November 10, 2001)

"Most clowns just make balloon animals." -- Jerand to Rinaldo, after Rinaldo makes a snake for him out of the Logrus

"You're going to measure your life now in ASS. After you Stabbed Suhuy." -- Sean to Wendi

"And who might you be?" -- Llewella
"I am Maevyn Succat." -- Maevyn
"She asked who you might be, not who you are." -- Sean

"Mumbo, jumbo, wake up Dumbo." -- Sean to the group, paraphrasing how a sorcerer wakes up an unconscious Finn

"Is (Maevyn) feeling a little out of (his) element?" -- Wendi, as Maevyn is talking to Llewella underwater
"Yes!" -- Patrick
"Kind of like a fish out of water?" -- Kristen

"So what am I going to do with you?" -- Llewella
"Let me go back to the city?" -- Maevyn

"Great, before (Llewella) stabs me I know I might live." -- Maevyn to GM

Session 11 (December 8, 2001)

"Cole looks cross. She doesn't look very dangerous, but she does look cross." -- Wendi
"Kind of like an angry kitten." -- Sean

"Hey, I've already died twice...oh shit." -- Sean
"I was hoping you wouldn't figure that out." -- GM
"So Sean's the lamb." -- Patrick
"Well, I'm walking into a slaughter, it's only appropriate." -- Sean

"This is the most hurting and maiming I've ever done." -- Driscoll to the group, during the seige of Baylesport

"Do you want to do anything on the trip back (to see the Emperor)? Run away, hide, slit your wrists, marry a peasant?" -- GM to Maseera

"There was a time when I was omniscient. You moved everything around." -- Lucan
"I didn't!" -- Jerand

"Lucan, don't make me explain your death to the Emperor." -- Jerand to Lucan

"According to my instructions, all mechanical devices are to be delivered to Lady Frizzhead." -- GM, speaking for Duke Lugard
"That's Lady Frizzhead-Palatine." -- Wendi

"Hello, Jerand, long time, no see. How ironic, this time you're alive and I'm dead." -- Suhuy to Jerand

"Does (Marina) ever hunt the Unicorn?" -- Perrin, inquiring as to what his girlfriend's been up to during the ten year interim
"Yes. Successfully." -- GM
"You know, 'hunt the Unicorn' sounds an awful lot like a euphemism." -- Kris

"(Gramble) is a bit of a towering boor." -- GM to Maseera
"So he grambles on." -- George

Session 13 (February 9, 2002)

"(Cole's) errands tend to break the law." -- Jerand to GM
"Not this time!" -- Cole

"Clearly, Faith must die." -- Sean
"Then we'd have no faith." -- George
"I'm always in danger of losing my faith." -- Wendi

"And exactly how long were you dead? Does that make me a necrophiliac?" -- Cole
"Technically, yes." -- Jerand

"(Miranda) knows about as much about men and sex as you do about embroidery." -- Faith to Driscoll
"Both involve unpleasant pricks?" -- Sean

Session 14 (March 9, 2002)

"I think that when the time comes where I can no longer outsmart a seven-year-old, I need to turn my sword in." -- Driscoll to Faith

"You do not use the Logrus to chop up vegetables." -- Wendi to the group

"(With the Logrus) I can find out anything I want to know." -- Logrus master to Perrin
"And still Driscoll can't figure out what his wife is up to." -- Kris
"That's because he's not invading her privacy...much." -- Wendi

"Well, there's only so many rooms you can destroy before you run out of rooms." -- Cole to GM

"Fiona's not made up of flesh and blood like you and me, but pure, elemental spite." -- GM
"Being Mandor's wife will do that to you." -- Kris

"Welcome to the house of secrets. You should get some of your own." -- Bleys
"Oh, I have a few of my own." -- Maevyn
"No you don't. I've read your book." -- Bleys

Love is just a phase you go through when you're young." -- Miranda
"No, that's acne, dear." -- Fiona

"This is probably going to hurt like hell, but..." -- Maevyn to GM
"Nothing good ever comes from a statement like that." -- Kris

Session 15 (April 13, 2002)

"I'm trying to figure out how to get the choker off (my neck)." -- Miranda to GM
"All you need's an ax." -- Sean

"I don't so much serve the Emperor as survive his orders." -- Jerand to the group

"(Driscoll) got cut open by aliens, man." -- Kris
"Just (his) head. It's not like (he) ever used it." -- Wendi

"It takes a very clever man to force the hand of a god." -- Una
"Or a very stupid man." -- Maevyn

"And then you come across the thing that's been described in just about every Con game. It looks like the top of a mountain's been lopped off, it's the size of a football field, blah, blah, blah." -- GM to Maevyn, describing the Primal Pattern
"That's what I love about Matthew's GMing style. He makes you feel like you're right there." -- Kris

"Dude, (Maevyn) got a substitute wife. Try her out." -- Wendi to Patrick

"I'm in a very big hurry." -- Jerand
"I understand, but if I try to teleport you the whole way, only part of you will arrive." -- eastern sorcerer
"Which part?" -- Jerand

"Tell your fortune?" -- a different eastern sorcerer
"I'd rather not know." -- Jerand

"The fact that I can die repeatedly...that's what I like about this game." -- Sean to the group

Session 16 (May 11, 2002)

"The undead Palatine is talking to the demon transsexual." -- Sean to the group
"Just another day in the life of Jerand Helgram." -- Kris

"Oh no, I sent my demon minions." -- Miranda to the group
"Miranda has minions?" -- Wendi

"What do you do when people ask for your help, and you're the only one who can do what they want?" -- Rinaldo
"I usually glare at them until they go away." -- Driscoll

"You know, it's your party, you can cry if you want to." -- Sean to Kristen, after Maseera is forced to kill her oldest son at her party

"Are you insane, they're shooting at me!" -- Jerand
"Yes, get on!" -- Maseera, motioning for Jerand to climb on her horse
"Well, she said she was insane..." -- Jerand

"I'll tell Cole that (Lily's) trying to kill me." -- Jerand to GM
"But you're already dead!" -- Wendi

Session 17 (June 8, 2002)

"I'm not fighting the Hendrakes and an undead army." -- Bances to Jerand

"Can I put some clothes on first? Killing in a bathrobe is so..." -- Marina to Perrin

"(Jerand's) holding my snake. I'll just do what I'm told." -- Sean to the group, speaking for Rinaldo

"Not too many people come out of (Gantu) alive." -- Patrick
"Not too many people go into Gantu alive." -- Kris

"It's my favorite body." -- Jerand to the group
"You've been through so much together." -- Kris
"Life, death, life, death." -- Sean

Session 18 (July 13, 2002)

"Those late night 'strategy' sessions are essential to the running of the Empire." -- Driscoll to Maseera
"Or at least to the running of the Emperor." -- Kris

"I can't show off the new toy, I have to admit to something sucky, and now I have to wake up the Empress. Things are just going to get suckier and suckier, aren't they?" -- Maseera to the group

"You get that kind of 'sad puppy that's run into something' look on your face (when you summon the Logrus)." -- Faith to Driscoll
"Note to self: raise the Logrus in private." -- Kris and Wendi

"'D.' Dominic, Driscoll, Dmitrii." -- GM to Maseera
"Maseera in 3D." -- Sean
"It's the other way around, Sean. 3D in Maseera." -- George
"Three men and a floozy." -- Sean

"I'm not sure what to do with (Dominic). I'm sure something will come up." -- Maseera to the group, deciding what to do with the naked man in her bed

"Don't you have taste?" -- Jerand
"I do. Your son is very tasty." -- Maseera

Session 19 makeup (September 18, 2002)

"Each of us spend our time studying that which we find important. Sadly, (Martin) focused on the guitar." -- Brand to Miranda

"That would be the memories of this reality talking." -- Miranda to Brand
"You could say he's of two minds on the subject." -- Patrick

Session 20 (October 12, 2002)

"(Jerand's) a professor, (he's) supposed to be boring." -- Kris
"No, but (he's) been told that (he's) a little stiff." -- Sean, punning horribly

"Shouldn't we make sure (our son) is planning something bad before we cripple him? It would be a shame if he was planning our anniversary party and, oops, you've cut off his legs." -- Cole to Jerand

"I'm not delusional. I'm just having a rather unfortunate out-of-body experience." -- Driscoll to one of his voices

"(Lily and Maevyn) discussed (the fact that he can't remember anything) openly at the party." -- GM
"My husband is a moron." -- Miranda
"That's what we've been telling you!" -- Driscoll
"You were the ones who were telling me to marry him!" -- Miranda
"That was before he ruined the world." -- Driscoll

"House Vizsla has never tended to be very...imaginative." -- Bances to Jerand
"We use antlers in all of our decorating..." -- Sean and GM, singing
"It's true!" -- George

"You see several arrows sticking out of (the Count), one in his head." -- GM
"That cannot be good." -- Perrin

"On the plus side, when you start seeing stone statues of animals, you know you're getting close." -- GM to Perrin, on hunting a basilisk
"All the other animals in the forest hate the basilisk." -- Wendi
"But only briefly." -- Sean

Session 22 (January 11, 2003)

"Perrin's got a beer gut." -- Kristen, singing, to the group, after Perrin eats a mess of deer and begins bloating
"Is it a beer belly or deer belly?" -- GM

"You know, of course I have bad stuff. My wife and my mistress are best friends." -- Driscoll to the group

"If war is hell, didn't (Miranda) just go to hell in a handbasket?" -- George to the group, after Miranda gets transported to the battlefield via a basket

"I want to find out who's slinging the dirt. Besides me, damnit!" -- Maseera to GM

"I kick him." -- Driscoll
"You notice that you're moving more slowly (in this body)." -- GM
"I kick him until I'm faster." -- Driscoll

"Oops." -- Driscoll, after 'accidentally' dropping Maevyn into a snowbank
"That was a lie." -- GM to Maevyn

Session 23 (February 8, 2003)

"The baby's eyes are black all the way across." -- GM to Maevyn
"Name her Susan. Black-eyed Susan." -- Sean

"You find yourself on a stone outcropping." -- GM, after Jerand is swallowed by the Serpent
"Silly thing for it to have swallowed." -- Jerand

"You land in a claw-footed bathtub." -- GM to Jerand
"Welcome to (the GM's) fantasy house." -- Patrick

"Why did I stab myself? In the face!" -- Jerand to the group
"Because you wanted to see it coming." -- Wendi

Session 24 (March 8, 2003)

"I go to ruin my minions' lives...more than usual." -- Jerand to GM

"I think Martin was replaced...although I don't know, maybe Amberites are normally stuffed with rags and sewn together." -- Maseera to Mischa, the Head of House Sawall

"Ewww! The heads are alive...." -- Patrick
"With the sound of music!" -- Sean, singing

"Plot has to be lobbed directly at you, while you're standing in a narrow hallway so you can't dodge." -- GM to George, on how to negate his amazing plot-avoidance ability

"What would Miranda like to do this morning?" -- GM
"Necromancy!" -- Miranda

"(The Jewel's) the only (ceremonial object of the King) that matters." -- Maevyn
"Are you sure about that? You don't know what the other items do." -- GM
"I know (the Jewel) makes and breaks Patterns. That's the only one that matters to me." -- Maevyn

"You feel like the environment is being changed." -- GM
"Like someone is directing it?" -- Maevyn
"Yes." -- GM
"Like they're trying to stop us?" -- Maevyn
"Yes." -- GM
"Shit!" -- Maevyn
"Yes." -- Sean

"That's it? It's not very complicated, is it?" -- Delwin to Maevyn, upon seeing Corwin's Pattern

"Can we take this as an object lesson?" -- Driscoll, after he and Maseera get sucked into a Trump trap
"But the universe changed. It wasn't my fault!" -- Maseera

"Can you get home safely?" -- Maseera
"I should be able to mange. You?" -- Driscoll
"I am home." -- Maseera

"I assure you, I did not order his execution. If it's not too late, stop it, or put his head back on." -- Belissa to a functionary

Session 25 (April 12, 2003)

"(Marina's death) was an accident." -- Kris
"Most of (Driscoll's) deaths are." -- Wendi

"On the plus side, I didn't lose my hand." -- Cole, explaining how she lost her wedding ring
"Hands grow back." -- Jerand

"Oooh, that gives me an excuse to do something stupid." -- Driscoll to the group
"And this is different how?" -- Sean

"I wish people who died would do the courtesy of leaving a corpse." -- Jerand to GM
"We can't all be Helgrams." -- Patrick
"Helgram corpses come back and report." -- Sean

"He drowned doing the laundry." -- GM
"It was a clean death." -- Sean

"My brain remembers how to dress like a peasant. Because that's how I was raised." -- Driscoll
"No, your brain remembers how to dress like a thug." -- GM

"Do we know that (the Ministry of Information) has a secret police?" -- Perrin
"If they did, it would be a secret." -- GM

"Belissa has a funny way of promoting people. 'You're going to promoted...or executed. The choice is yours.'" -- Wendi to the group

"Sadly Driscoll is not able to attend. He's recovering from a recent injury." -- GM to Maseera
"What?!? This bodes not well." -- Driscoll

"How badly has the spike (in my back) cramped my style?" -- Driscoll
"Well, you're bleeding a bit...." -- GM

"Oh that's good, the hypothermia will slow down the blood loss." -- Driscoll to GM, after he falls into the sewer

"Just try not to bite yourself." -- Maevyn to Delwin, after he's given fangs

"I can't send you any more sorcerers. They won't go. You've killed too many of them." -- Belissa to Driscoll

"If you're going to have (Maevyn) killed, pick someone expendable." -- Driscoll to Belissa
"Grandson, kill him." -- Sean, speaking for Belissa

"What did you do to piss off Brand?" -- Delwin
"I have something he wants." -- Maseera
"Well, give it to him!" -- Delwin

"Somebody tried to kill (Jerand) last night." -- Luccia
"Isn't he already dead?" -- Driscoll
"Yes. They tried very hard." -- Luccia

Session 26 (May 11, 2003)

"Jerand's office smells slightly of ash...and burned human flesh." -- GM
"Well, I'll be very polite them." -- Perrin

"So where are they?" -- Perrin
"Out in Shadow." -- Morgenstern
"Well, that's rather large." -- Perrin

Session 27 (June 14, 2003)

"It's much easier to replace knowledge with sarcasm. All I have to do is make a pissy comment once a session when I'm playing Malcolm and I'm all set." -- GM
"That's all of your characters!" -- Sean

"You know, you don't have to be dead to be manipulated." -- Jerand to Maseera
"But it helps." -- Kris

"The dead don't care if they're left off the party list." -- Jerand to the group

"I need a good name." -- GM
"Oh hell, don't look at me!" -- Wendi
"That's a terrible name!" -- Sean

"Do the dead get zits?" -- George
"They do if they eat too much pizza." -- Sean

"I haven't spoken to (Brand) in years. Not since his execution." -- Miranda to Maevyn

Session 28 (August 9, 2003)

"Never go off to your certain death without a full stomach." -- Driscoll to the group

"(Brand) pulls out a little box of paints." -- GM
"Is it time for my makeover?" -- Driscoll

"What is Brand going to pull out of his bag of tricks?" -- GM, pondering
"Something useful I hope!" -- Driscoll

"You see Brand, he's got one hand bandaged up." -- GM to Maseera
"He's been branded." -- Sean

"Why couldn't I have had a peaceful reign? A few civil wars, something minor like that." -- Belissa to Jerand

"You know that every time they've tried to squish (Miranda), she's come back." -- Jerand to GM
"Like a cockroach." -- Kris

"You are dead, by the way. They started your heart, and then it stopped." -- GM
"Oh good. I hate that." -- Jerand

Session 29 (September 13, 2003)

"(The orb) tips the scales." -- The Serpent to Jerand
"And it would know a lot about scales." -- Sean

"I don't think I'm ready to report on this one." -- Jerand to GM, after encountering the Serpent

"I can't control everything I do when I'm a god!" -- Maevyn, protesting to the group

"How long does the war (in Yut-Lung's Shadow) take?" -- Driscoll
"Oh, not too long." -- GM
"So, then it's back to being bored." -- Driscoll
"You've got a wife, four kids and a mistress. I think you'll keep busy." -- GM

"Hendrake, what does that mean, let's decompose that, shall we?" -- Jerand
"Yes, lets talk about decomposing, zombie boy." -- GM

"Florimel has a party face (when she comes to the party)." -- GM
"She puts on so much makeup that it's hideous. Tammy Faye Barimen." -- Sean

"Something's oogy with the dead guy." -- Maevyn to the group
"He seems so normal, walking around after his death." -- Sean

Session 30 (October 11, 2003)

"The Trump shows you in a room, and in the mirror is a reflection of you with your back full of arrows. That's not traditional." -- GM
"You're saying that someone doesn't like me." -- Perrin
"I think you've gotten that point already." -- GM

"Look, Perrin has a handle!" -- Wendi, after Perrin gets shot in the ass with an arrow
"That gives a whole new meaning to the term 'woody.'" -- Kristen

"Poor Driscoll. He has too much Faith." -- Kris to the group, after Driscoll realizes there are two Faith's running around

"If there are two Faith's running around, how can we be sure that Lily is Lily, or you are you, or I am I?" -- Maseera
"Faith." -- Maevyn

"Oh...poop." -- Jerand to GM, upon realizing that there are two Belissa's

"Is this Jerand the honorable sort? Does he still feel his vows?" -- Mandor
"He's from our Thelbane. Of course he's dishonorable." -- Belissa

"Doesn't anyone stay dead in this game?" -- Wendi, after learning that Mandor is back

Session 31 (December 13, 2003)

"When Fiona pulls back, she seems kind of surprised." -- GM to Driscoll
"You're telling the truth." -- Fiona to Driscoll
"Maybe that's what surprised her." -- Kris

"Never let Fiona into your mind." -- Kris
"(Driscoll) feels like (he) needs to scrub." -- Wendi
"A brush won't reach those places." -- Kristen

"I would have demanded snacks." -- Wendi, after the Unicorn tells Jerand that he's stuck at the Primal Pattern
"(He's) a ghost!" -- Sean

"I hate taking myself out of the action." -- Jerand to the group

"I've been buried alive and my soul is stuck at the Primal Pattern. It's a momentary setback." -- Jerand to the group

Session 32 (January 10, 2004)

"So (Jerand) seems more dead than usual?" -- Perrin
"Well, he's not moving...." -- GM

"Is it a good thing or a bad thing when Fiona goes, 'Huh?' when scanning your mind?" -- Kris
"Given that it's Driscoll (she's scanning), it's probably a bad thing." -- Wendi

"I recommend not getting caught by the guards. That would prompt questions, the sort asked with hot irons." -- Dworkin
"That would be uncomfortable." -- Maevyn

Session 33 (February 14, 2004)

"The first (one who gets a) broken bone loses." -- Driscoll to Perrin
"That had better be one of yours." -- Jasra
"It usually is." -- Driscoll

"I'll assume (Driscoll's sword) is minorly pointed." -- GM, referring to its damage capability
"Most swords are." -- Wendi

"Perrin got hit with an intelligence bomb." -- Wendi, after Perrin starts having trouble remembering who he was supposed to be attacking
"Fortunately Vizsla don't need intelligence to do what they do." -- Kristen

"The enemy of my enemy is really fucking creepy." -- Sean speaking for Perrin, as he catches sight of Driscoll's bizarre demon form

"I suppose we're going to have to cook more now." -- Cole to Jerand, upon realizing that he's no longer undead
"If 'cook' is a euphemism, the answer is yes." -- Kristen

"If the campaign's ending, I at least want nooky." -- Jerand to the group

"I just wanted to make tenure." -- Jerand to the group, summing up his character's goals during the campaign

"Breakfast, your Majesty?" -- servant, holding a tray
"It appears to be...." -- Jerand, dubiously

"And the irony, of course, is that Brand was killed by karma." -- GM to the group, after Brand tries to kill Maevyn and gets nailed by his karmic reflection power

"I'm really sorry I never told you that I killed your parents." -- Driscoll to Miranda

of Memory

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