Quotes of Passing Import

Game quotes from "Queens of Amber"

The Early Sessions

"Katrina, a voice in your head announces: 'Trump gate initiation sequence activated.' Emma, you're aware of a BIG build-up of Trump energy in the room, coming from Katrina. Katrina you hear in your head: 'Mark!...6...5...4...'" -- GM
"I try to block." -- Emma, putting her hand on Katrina's shoulder
"You can't. It's too powerful." -- GM
"So sorry dear...." -- Emma to Katrina, stepping away hastily

"One should be careful when making those sorts of inferences...it could prove dangerous...." -- Emma
"And what did you infer from the comment, dearest cousin? We are, after all, both ladies, are we not?" -- Meredith
"As we've only just met, I can only say with certainty that one of us is a lady...." -- Emma
"Bravo!" -- Meredith, laughing

"When you see Meridian...tell him about the destruction of Aspeiron...and how I drank wine while his homeworld burned." -- Lylesberg
"And why would I tell him? What advantage is there for me?" -- Meredith
"Why, the sheer joy of watching his face crumple at the loss. There is a certain sublime joy to being the bearer of bad news." -- Lylesberg

"It appears I'm from what you call Shadow." -- Meridian
"Ah yes...well some things were meant to stay in Shadow...." -- Emma

"You can doubt your heritage if you like, but to look at us, the question of your parentage seems almost certain. The same hair, the same eyes.... The resemblance is striking." -- Emma
"Well, I'm not certain what things are like here in Amber, but in my world there are quite a few short, dark-haired peasant girls." -- Meridian
"That may be true where you come from, but this short, dark-haired girl is Princess Emma, and I can either make things very easy for you here in Amber...or not." -- Emma

Session 8

"Ok, when did we marry?" -- Emma
"Uhhh, umm, uhhhh...." -- Gawain
"You lose." -- Emma

"Llateri?" *sigh* "She always did have her hands in a few cookie jars...." -- Shaenan
"...and the Abyss." --GM
"That's one big cookie jar." -- Shaenan

"Is it cold?" -- Emma to GM, picking up Brand's Trump
"Yes." -- GM
"Fuck!" -- Emma

"I can evade a small security force." -- Gawain to GM
"But an entire city alerted to your presense? Police, with radios?" -- GM
"He doesn't know about radios!" -- Lisamarie, yelling from other room
"Oh." *sigh* -- Gawain

"How was he dressed?" -- Emma, after her daughter was attacked by Brand
"In a mask." -- Emily
"Naked?" -- Emma, frustrated and impatient
*sigh* -- Emily

"Have you ever been to a Shadow where you can see what a person would look like by using a sample of their blood?" -- Emma
"Genetic cloning. Yes, it's already underway." -- Katrina
"No! We don't need another Brand around!" -- Emma

"Teach me to be bad! I'm no good at it!" -- Gawain to a non-present Brand

"The only rule I gave (Gawain) was to keep it in Shadow, and look. He kept it in Katrina!" -- Emma to Caine

"Am I not Caine?" -- Shaenan, posing as Caine
"I know very well who you are. Am I not your daughter?" -- Emma

"Who did you piggyback out of the Abyss this time?" -- Bleys to Brand
"Llateri (pronounced 'flattery') will get you nowhere." -- Lisamarie

"You spelled it wrong." -- Wendi, pointing at the note written by Brand which reads 'I know how to get Llatery.'
"I don't know how to spell the bloody buggery bitch's name!" -- Kevin

Session 9

"What happened to you?!" -- Emily
"Other than the hole in my stomach, ruptured aorta, bruised speen, broken ribs, collapsed lung and severe head trauma...I'm not bad. You?" -- Katrina
"I had a headache." -- Emily

"You're not very good at resisting temptation." -- Emma
"I resisted you...." -- Gawain
"When?!" -- Emma

"Appeal to Emma's good side, if you can find it." -- Sean to the group

Session 10

"It's amazing how one of my children can be so ambitious and un-subtle." -- Bleys to ?

"What did you give her?" -- Gawain
"My word, my devotion, and my unswerving loyalty." -- Emily
"No, really...." -- Gawain, laughing
"A hat pin." -- Emily
"Ahh. Probably more trustworthy." -- Gawain

"Okay, now where were you?" -- GM
"Using the Logrus, heading toward Amber." -- Shaenan
"You arrive at the Primal Pattern." -- GM
"Why the Hell do I keep ending here?!" -- Shaenan, backing up

"Chaos is heading this way. ALL of them!" -- Emma to ?

"How does Katrina block me?" -- Gawain
"The way she always does - with her legs wide open." -- Lisamarie

"Tessa cuts into the soft part of your abdomen." -- GM to Gawain
"There's no soft parts on Gawain." -- Emma
"Only when you're around." -- GM

"I'm small, I'm blonde and I'm cute." -- Meredith to an unimpressed nurse in RLW 1289, the home shadow of Katrina

Session 11

"I was wondering about my sword." -- Katrina
"I'm afraid I no longer have it. It was lost when I was trapped in Shadow after the Abyss War." -- Shaenan
"Well, where is it?" -- Katrina
"It's in one of Mandor's infinite hells. I gave it to a large demon." -- Shaenan
"He's telling you the truth." -- GM to Katrina
"Can you retrieve it?" -- Katrina
"Tell you what, after that Shadow is pulled back into the Courts, I'll let you know and you can go get it." -- Shaenan

"I guess I'm not really a necessary part of Rebma any longer." -- Gawain
"But you're family. You're welcome and loved here. We want you here." -- Branwen
"I guess things really have changed, more than I thought." -- Gawain

"He's Oberon's son." -- Jacob
"He claims to be...." -- Rhiannon
"He's gone to walk the Pattern. He's someone's son!" -- Jacob

"You've noticed that Amber is different, as if it's moved forward in time. They have indoor plumbing with hot and cold water. There are bedwarmers...." -- GM
"Ahh. I'm used to a cold bed. I sleep with Gawain." -- Emma

Session 12

"I walk into the throne room." -- Katrina to GM
"Katrina, this is our dear, dear cousin...what the fuck is his name?!?" -- Rhiannon, as the GM suffers a lapse of memory

"I feel the need to brag, lest you think that I'm just a small girl with a large bosom and a big tract of land." -- Cerridwyn
"That's my girl." -- Gawain

"I like (Cerridwen). When I kill her, I will be sad." -- Gawain to ?

"I have a long list (of people I'd like to see dead), dear." -- Gawain
"Fortunately, my list is much shorter, so I needn't worry about your list." -- Emma

"How is Gawain?" -- Jane Elisabeth Rhodes
"He's fine." -- Emma
"Have his attentions become, ahmm, fickle?" -- Jane, giving a knowing, motherly look
"His attentions have always been fickle." -- Emma

"Now that you're 'free,' what are your plans?" -- Despil
"I thought I'd travel." -- Gawain
"Are there places to travel to in Amber?" -- Despil
"No." -- Gawain
"Nor are there here (in the Courts of Chaos)." -- Despil
"Actually, I thought I'd just travel back and forth until I tire my daughter of my presence." -- Gawain

"(Dalt) tied me to a tree and left me for dead!" -- Jacob
"So, you two are friends?" -- Emily

"I am Katrina! Princess of Power!" -- Katrina to ?

"Hard to believe that (Jane) is Emma's mother..." -- Brent
"...because she's so nice!" -- Brent, Katrina and Meredith (in unison)

Session 13

"What would you have Emma do in the intervening weeks?" -- GM
"Hang in Arden. There. Done." -- Lisamarie "Come to dinner with Shaenan. He could be any man (she'd) like him to be." -- Philip
"Okay. Be (her) husband. And act interested." -- Lisamarie

"Need any security help?" -- Brand
"No. We have all under control. There will be no slaughter, death, mayhem...." -- Emily
"So, there won't be bodies to transcend at the end?" -- Brand
"No. Just food for the cooler." -- Emily

"You see Katrina from across the room, smiling." -- Katrina
"What? Is she touching herself?" -- Gawain

"So, what will Gawain be wearing to the costume ball?" -- GM
"I don't know." -- Sean
"Just come up with something." -- GM
"The last time you forced me to come up with something, I fed Katrina cold-cuts." -- Sean

"Are you playing with Dalt's little thingy?" -- Meredith to Katrina

(Meredith and Emma) had a perfectly conjugal breakfast this morning." -- Wendi, meaning to say 'cordial', to ?

"You're a sucky parent." -- Gawain
"You fed your children to abyssal demons!" -- Katrina
"Hey! I raised those children specifically to be fed to the demons!" -- Gawain

"I can just see (Meredith) in her room, cowering in a corner, hiding behind a pile of pillows. 'Who's there!?!' she screams. 'Save my cats!'" -- Kevin to ?

"I'll not argue that your mother isn't despicable...." -- Gawain to Emily

Session 14

"(Jonathan's) going to be the father of (Gawain's) grandchildren." -- Jarrod, commenting on Jonathan's marriage to Rhiannon
"Not before (Gawain) is!" -- Sean

"You drink wine don't you?" -- Faust, trying to explain why getting married isn't a bad thing
"Yes, but...." -- Meredith
"And you'd have missed all the enjoyment of drinking wine for so many years if you'd been too scared to try it the first time." -- Faust
"But wine can't make you pregnant!" -- Meredith
"Yes, it can!" -- Lisamarie

Session 15

"So, why did you have a fling with Katrina?" -- Despil
"I was just using her for a night. How was I supposed to know she was using me harder?" -- Gawain

Session 16

"Isn't that where Mirelle touched me?" -- Meredith
"Mirelle touched you lots of places...." -- GM

"Well, I have some good news and some bad news." -- Robert Marcellus to Lara
"Lara looks concerned." -- GM
"The good news is that Marcus is getting his sight back. The bad news is that one of us is a shapeshifter...and it isn't me." -- Robert Marcellus

"Thanks to Robert, the next generation of Princes and Princesses of Amber are running around with twine for belts: Prince Bubba Sue, Prince Jimmy Lee, Princess Dee Dee...." -- GM to the group

Session 17

"What do you want?" -- Gawain
"I want respect." -- Mirelle
"Damn. I was hoping you wanted sex." -- Gawain

"I have something to tell you, and probably best done in person." -- Jacob
"Let me guess. Brand's dead again? We're quite used to that by now." -- Adam
"Yes, but this was a big stompy gun-type thing. And he didn't seem the least bit happy about it." -- Jacob

"Robert Marcellus, it's good to see you." --- Faust
"Prince Faust." *shallow bow* "This is my wife Lara and our three children, whose names are written down on a piece of paper on my dresser at home." -- Robert Marcellus

Session 18

"But I'm good stuff! Well, I was until I created that third pole of reality...." -- Sean to GM, pleading on behalf of Gawain

"Oh great. We have a horse's ass sitting beside the Queen." -- Meredith
"Well, that's one of them." -- Faust
"Queen Rhiannon's the thong between the buttcheeks of Jonathan and Caine." -- Lisamarie

"(Robert Marcellus) is popping out the Blood like puppies! I guess four's enough for anyone." -- Caine to ?, regarding Robert Marcellus's fertility
*cough* "Oberon." *cough* -- Philip

"Oh God. I'm Rhiannon's bitch!" -- Jonathan to the group

"We spent time together. She kissed me. She killed my wife. I thought she liked me." -- Brent to Shaenan, discussing Meredith

Session 19

"Kill him!" -- Philip to Sean, regarding some random NPC
"Nuts, I'm good Gawain! I'll need to arrange his assassination." -- Sean
"You're sane Gawain, not good Gawain. There's a difference." -- GM
"Yeah. Good Gawain would be back in his suite in Amber knitting booties for his grandchildren." -- Philip

"Can anyone just draw a Pattern?" -- Patrick
"All you need are some crayons.... Now Logrus! It takes talent to create the Logrus." -- Philip, nodding
"And it helps to carry an old piece in your pocket." -- Wendi
"Nevermind the throbbing, pulsating, mass of Logrus in (Shaenan's) pocket!" -- Philip

"Home is where the heart is." -- Rhiannon
"Not having one, I wouldn't know." -- Meredith

Session 22

"I'm sure that I have something in my security to block out dead people!" -- Gawain to GM

"(Melanie) sounds quite sincere.... She has an item that makes her sound sincere." -- Kris to the group

"I was so looking forward to my child not having an uncle." -- Emma to Caine, upon learning she has another brother

"Be nice to Aelric. He's a nice boy." -- Caine
"Are you sure he's yours?" -- Emma
"More than I am about you." -- Caine

"And Victoria?" -- Mandor, catching up on current events after being brought back to life
"Burning in the Abyss. Sorry, Dad. We had to." -- Meredith

Session 27 (November 13, 1999)

"When we last left off, Robert Marcellus and Aelric were strategizing..." -- GM to the group

"We need to stop focusing on fixing Patterns and start focusing on fixing Amberites." -- Sean
"You realize that, by that logic, (Gawain) is first to be fixed." -- GM

"I need a body shield, apparently. Too bad I didn't strap Aelric to my back." -- Robert Marcellus to the group

"Burnt up is no good for ransom." -- Robert Marcellus to the group

"You're to be wed to Jonathan." -- Mandor to Miranda
"He's perfect for a Chaosite, he's a one-eyed snake!" -- Sean

"Are you afraid to die for your Emperor?" -- Lisamarie
"No, I'm afraid to be killed by my Emperor." -- Kevin

"I think I know of a way to make Mom behave. We just have to bring a nuclear weapon." -- Emily to Meredith

"Jonathan gives (Miranda) a cross-eyed look." -- Jarrod to Kevin
"How? You've only got one eye." -- Wendi

"I've held babies before." -- Miranda to the group
"Over the Abyss does not count." -- Lisamarie

Session 28 (December 11, 1999)

"Infinite reality at (Mirelle's) fingertips, and she goes to Bloomingdale's." -- Jarrod to the group

"What does biohazard mean?" -- Gawain to Mirelle, after waking up in a hospital room with the word posted prominently on his door

"You really shouldn't open letters with my name on them." -- Jonathan
"That's OK dear, I knew it wasn't trapped." -- Miranda

"No more errands!" -- Jacob to Emily
"Come to Arcana. I would never send you on an errand. I might kill you on a whim, but I would never send you on an errand." -- Gawain

"I'm going to find a way to super-glue (Seth's) soul to his body." -- Meredith to GM
"Try spirit gum." -- Sean

"We'll need a new water supply. I won't drink out of any well that has a Rebman floating in it." -- Miranda to Jonathan, after learning about the Rebman plague

"My whole Kingdom went belly-up." -- Gawain, King of Rebma, to the group

Session 29 (January 8, 2000)

"Who else needs land?" -- GM to Liam
"Gawain." -- Sean
"Gawain's got Rebma." -- GM
"Yes, but it's full of dead Rebmans." -- Sean

"I kick (Theocritus) in the balls." -- Miranda to GM
"Let (Miranda) die. She's useless to us." -- Theocritus to Jonathan

"We need Katrina." -- Jonathan to Miranda
"I'll bet you never thought you'd say that before." -- Kris
"Does anyone truly need Katrina?" -- Liam

"I was trying to punch (Theocritus) in the head. If he'd let me punch him in the head, he wouldn't have gotten kicked in the balls. It's his own damn fault!" -- Miranda to the group

"So what can you do?" -- Jonathan
"I'm an ambassador. I'm diplomat trained." -- Miranda
"So, in other words, you're useless." -- Kris
"Yes." -- Kevin

"When you grab for power, you can't complain when it's squishy." -- Sean to the group

"And it's true, (Gawain) really does look a bit like his Grandad." -- Sean
"(Gawain's) more attractive." -- GM
"Of course! Grandad's dead!" -- Sean

Session 30 (February 12, 2000)

"Gawain can be very charming and smile at you as he shoves a dagger into your stomach." -- Emily to Seth
"Where have I gotten this reputation? The smile comes after." -- Gawain to the group

If you really can't abide (Rilga's) presence, then you'd better kill her, because nothing else will do." -- Caine to Aelric

"There's this friend of mine, and he's having a little trouble..." -- Edgar to Little Brand
"Big trouble in little Rebma." -- Gawain

"You know, I am so tired of my father just refusing to stay dead." -- Melanie, daughter of Brand, to the group

"(Using his Guantlets, Swayvill) defeated his enemies handily." -- Sean to the group

"I'm not completely stupid...just stupid enough to put the Guantlets on." -- Melanie to the group

"I tried to think what could I give to you that you didn't already have, and the former King of Deiga came to mind." -- Mirelle to Gawain

"If I ever find out that (Meredith) did that, I'm going to kill her." -- Jonathon, after Meredith probes his mind
"Oh please, you present your bare bottom to someone and you're surprised that she spanked you?" -- GM

"We could always throw (your amulet) on the Pattern." -- Faust to Aelric
"Hey! I do not want my Pattern being used as a bug zapper!" -- Meredith

"I have just enough points invested in Fiona to stop her from frapping me." -- Meredith to the group

"Great, some religions get a Holy Ghost, we get a Holy Bitch." -- Sean to the group, referring to Fiona's role as the Unicorn

"Strangely, (the trail) goes into the sewer." -- GM
"Crap!" -- Little Brand
"Precisely." -- GM

"OK, so you're shirtless and covered in shit, and you'd like to gain entrance to the castle? Denied!" -- GM to Little Brand

Session 31 (March 11, 2000)

"(Renton's) unhappy because he can't lick his balls (when he's human)." -- Sean
"I would be too." -- Jarrod

"I need to figure out how to ask Linnea for more money." -- Little Brand to GM
"(Linnea), I need more money so I can have more whores." -- Kris, speaking for Little Brand

"It's my fault that Edgar is dead." -- Little Brand to the group
"How is it (his) fault?" -- Kris
"(He) didn't do anything, because (he) didn't want to get blown up." -- Wendi

"It's amazing how they can talk without actually ever saying anything." -- Lisamarie, about Gawain and Little Brand

"Some people are comfortable with just a very casual kind of relationship, where they just have sex with each other." -- Linnea
"So, where do you meet these people?" -- Little Brand

"Lord Robert, I think you should go to the kitchen." -- servant
"Is it on fire?" -- Robert Marcellus

"If you ever bring your withered carcass anywhere near my house again, I will bash your brains in with a frying pan and feed you to the hogs for slop." -- Lara to Rilga
"That's the woman I married." -- Robert Marcellus

"What the hell is Julian's wife's name?" -- GM
"Morgenstern?" -- Sean

"I'm going to watch this from afar, because if the spell burns down the house, I don't want to be there." -- Jacob to GM

"You only live once in this game...unless you're Brand." -- Lisamarie to the group

"When you sell your soul to the devil, you don't want to learn that he's been replaced." -- Gawain to the group

"(Kaedric) knows who's sleeping with who, and who's just spanking." -- Sean to the group

"(Rilga) will resist." -- Aelric to Faust
"Resistance is futile." -- Liam
"We are the co-regents." -- Jarrod
"You will be assimilated." -- Sean

"I wear white to all my weddings." -- Patrick, speaking for Flora, to the group

"Perhaps I will ask one of the redheads. One of the redheads who isn't me." -- Jacob to Mirelle

"Why don't you like Katrina?" -- Mirelle
"She locked me in prison! And while some people might have fantasies about that, I'm not one of them." -- Jacob

"Dara's maimed." -- Linnea
"I know." -- Little Brand
"Ryan's dead." -- Linnea
"I know." -- Little Brand
"I guess I'm not getting married then." -- Linnea

"What do we know of this Jonas?" -- Rhees Minobee to the assembled Dukes and Duchesses of Chaos
"Swallowed by a whale. Hasn't been heard of since." -- Lisamarie

"OK, I get Faust a blanket and a cup of tea." -- Meredith to GM
"My wife's not doing shit for me." -- Jonathan
"I offered to get you a nurse." -- Miranda

Session 32 (May 13, 2000)

"How do you impress this woman?" -- GM to Ignatius
"Keep your pants on." -- Philip

"When the physician starts retching, you know you're in trouble." -- Sean to the group

"Would a mistress of the Spindle be called a spinster?" -- Sean to the group

"Oh, I doubt it's going to get me killed." -- Jonathan to Little Brand
"Says the man with one eye and half an arm." -- Patrick

"So, (Jonathan's) taking Mandor's balls and putting them in a nice, pretty package?" -- Kris to Jarrod

"Jonathan's not entirely stupid." -- Jarrod
"Only partially." -- Kris
"Mostly." -- Aaron

"If you do this, I will grant a boon unto your son." -- Fiona to Aelric
"Screw my son. Why not me?" -- Aaron, speaking for Aelric

"I don't trust Derrick. He tried to eat me." -- Seth to the group

"One of your uncles is here to see you." -- Lily
"Which one?" -- Jacob
"I believe it's your Uncle Caine." -- Lily
"Isn't he all dead and stuff?" -- Jacob

"When I start urinating digger wasps, should I come back (to Cabra)?" -- Patrick to the group, speaking for Ignatius

"Shaenan is master of the bad touch." -- GM to the group

"I said to Fiona, 'What can I do for you?'" -- Aelric to the group
"That was your first mistake." -- Kris and Wendi, in unison

"Looks like Fiona, tastes like maaaadness." -- Kris to the group

"So, I don't have the Logrus?" -- Aelric to Meredith
"No, but you do have gonorrhea." -- Liam

Session 33 (June 10, 2000)

"Katrina has something I lack." -- Meredith to the group
"Legs." -- Sean

"How many friends did you go there with?" -- Investigator
"Three." -- Ignatius
"You have three friends?" -- Robert Marcellus

"They did think (Ignatius) did something, but there's just no way he did." <pause> "What's eviscerated mean?" -- Robert Marcellus to Lara

"See this caterpillar? That was Shaenan. See this butterfly? That's Shaenan now." -- Derrick to Seth
"Then a spider jumps out and eats the butterfly. That's Shaenan." -- Sean and Lisamarie

"Sarah could just take (Seth's) ass back to the summer castle." -- Wendi to GM
"Or all of him, in fact." -- Sean

"(Daelin) didn't have good taste." -- Miranda
"(You) raised him." -- Derrek

"My stupid husband! What is he doing now?" -- Miranda to her children
"It's not what, it's who." -- Lisamarie

"My husband's sleeping with a stable boy, how embarrassing for me." -- Miranda to the group
"I'm not a stable boy anymore, I work in the brothel." -- Little Brand

"Why are you trying to kill me?" -- Little Brand
"Because you're an Abyssal minion. You have a reputation for stealing babies, corrupting the innocent, and generally causing trouble." -- Kaedric
"I thought that was my reputation." -- Melanie

"See, (Miranda) should have done that with people she didn't like." -- Kris
"(She) sent Jonathan." -- Kevin

"I've got lots of energy for evil." -- GM to the group

Session 34 (July 8, 2000)

"I'm trying to pick up (Little Brand's) surface thoughts." -- Jonathan to GM
"It's like fishing in an empty pond." -- Patrick

"So where is (Ignatius)?" -- Emily
"I don't know. It looked good. Could've been a whorehouse." -- Robert Marcellus
"Like I'd pay." -- Ignatius
"You'd better." -- Little Brand, the bouncer

"Bouncer of a whorehouse. King of Rebma." -- Patrick to the group, describing Little Brand's jobs

"So, if you were a part of you, where would you be hanging out?" -- Ignatius to Wesker

"Women just seem to like (Ignatius). It's not like he has looks or charm..." -- GM to the group

"There's a new god in town." -- Liam to the group, after Blethius deposes Fiona as Avatar of the Pattern

"I give you the flames of righteousness, which can be used to burn sinners and idolaters." -- Blethius to Aelric
"Ahhh!" -- Jonathan
"He said idolaters, not adulterers." -- Kris

"So you have this unconscious woman on top of you." -- GM
"And my clothes are coming off." -- Ignatius
"So this is nothing unusual." -- Kris

"I'm getting really good at taking clothes off of men." -- Ignatius to the group

"We have to split up the name. You are now Mel, and I am now Annie." -- Liam, speaking for Melanie 2 to Melanie

Session 35 (August 12, 2000)

"What does Robert Marcellus wish to do?" -- GM
"Get out of the dress shop!" -- Lisamarie

"(Jonathan) needs to find someone delicate." -- Kris to Jarrod
"More delicate than Jonathan?" -- Patrick
"How about Little Brand?" -- Sean
"He's been broken a lot." -- Patrick

"This one makes women want to sleep with you, this one makes men want to sleep with you, this one annoys Fiona." -- GM to Jacob, describing Bleys' rings

"I went home, home." -- Little Brand to the group
"You're in the Abyss?" -- Kris

"I may be burnt and crippled..." -- Liam to the group, speaking for Caine
"But I can still laugh at Fiona." -- Sean

"You understand why I had to do it?" -- Jonathan
"Yes. And you understand why I took you telling me you had to do it as a cry for help, which is why I hit you?" -- Little Brand

"I want (Miranda) unconscious, because I know she's mean." -- Jonathan to GM

"Hey, you can come to Rebma if you knock all my whores up." -- Little Brand to Ignatius

"I would try to expose myself to small doses of poison and then heal from it." -- Jonathan, looking to improve his shapeshifting
"In those off times when you aren't healing from other injuries?" -- GM

"And you wake up in the infirmary." -- GM
"That's getting familiar." -- Jonathan

Session 36 (September 9, 2000)

"You really need to stop rushing headlong into danger. I'm starting to wonder if we might be related." -- Merlin the tongueless to Jonathan, after Jonathan's latest bodily injury

"You know those things Robert never thinks to use? They're on the whole protecting his wife and children thing, man." -- Lisamarie to GM
"Those things he never thinks to use?" -- the group
"His brain." -- Lisamarie
"Condoms." -- Wendi

"Where did I see (Derrick) last? Oh yeah, walking around town trying to eat me." -- Seth to GM

"What would you like to do?" -- GM
"What would I like to do? I'd like to turn invisible." -- Ignatius

"I just filled my shorts...with bees." -- Ignatius to the group

"(Caine's) really not all that big on social occasions when he's all burned and ugly looking." -- GM to Aelric

"I'm a little wet." -- Ignatius, just returned from Rebma
"Wow, you took a bath for (the party). It must be important." -- Robert Marcellus

"I know it's an unfortunate name, but it's the one my parents gave me." -- Wesker
"I understand that." -- Little Brand

Session 37 (October 14, 2000)

"Speaking of hairy spiders, have you seen my wife?" -- Jonathan to Little Brand

"Shaenan has always been fair." -- Jonathan to Little Brand
*laugh* -- GM

"I can control (Robert's) children. I can make wasps come!" -- Ignatius to the group

"I'm learning slowly and steadily, and I'm not going to screw it up." -- Jonathan to the group
"This is coming from Jonathan?" -- Wendi
"Hey, (he's) lost enough body parts that (he's) learned a lesson." -- Jarrod

"How are you sensing this when I am not?" -- Jonathan to Fiona
"She used to be god." -- Jacob

"I'm going to knock her out and knock her up." -- Jonathan to the group, on how he's going to deal with Miranda when he finds her

"He might ask you to marry again, he might simply eat you." -- Sarah
"Yeah, that's the problem with dealing with Shaenan." -- Jonathan

"Is the other (Melanie) any more agreeable?" -- Jacob
"Let's just say they're very similar." -- Jonathan

"There's only so many places Dworkin could put (the disc)." -- Melanie to GM
"Like all of infinity." -- various people in the group

"Any prospects for a new wife? I need to procreate soon." -- Jonathan to Baalam

"There's something interesting about Jonathan. There's a flame inside of him." -- GM to Aelric
"He's gay." -- Liam

"Jonathan, your bones are showing." -- Little Brand to Jonathan

"Does your god tell you nothing?" -- Baalam
"No one tells me nothing, thank you." -- Aelric

Session 38 (November 11, 2000)

"I don't suppose there's a shop that sells Gawain repellent?" -- Little Brand to GM
"Try marrying him, that always works." -- Lisamarie

"I warn you, I've already been used once today." -- Little Brand to Jonathan

"What does Robert Marcellus want to do before the funeral?" -- GM
"Take a nap." -- Robert Marcellus
"Otherwise, he'll be cranky." -- Wendi
"How could you tell?" -- Lisamarie

"My wife gave something to your husband that she shouldn't have." -- Robert Marcellus to Gillian
"A sexually transmitted disease." -- Lisamarie

"Marry your cousin." -- Patrick
"Everybody else does." -- Jarrod

"And it has the benefit of even being true." -- Melanie to the group, about the rumor she's spreading

"I'm to be Emperor?" -- Jonathan
"Yes, you're going to get exactly what you deserve." -- Miranda

"(Robert Marcellus) carried a Pattern blade to the funeral?" -- Patrick
"Of course, he's been to family gatherings before." -- Lisamarie
"We're all armed, why aren't you?" -- Jarrod

"You need to learn to leave when danger happens." -- Meredith
"You didn't." -- Jonathan
"That's because she can protect herself." -- Wendi

"So Jonathan's having a dick-waving contest with Meredith." -- Kris
"Everyone knows that Meredith has the biggest dick." -- Wendi

"Never turn your back on your god. They're likely to stick something in it." -- Jonathan to the group

"The women of Chanicut have become she-males. 'Life's gotten much more interesting since I got my magic wand.'" -- Sean to the group

"Do you have danger sense?" -- GM
"I have guards ahead of me and behind me." -- Jonathan

"I put Jonathan back in the closet." -- Little Brand to GM

Session 39 (December 9, 2000)

"As soldiers burst into flame left and right..." -- GM to ?
"See, we knew (Faust) was a flamer." -- Sean

"You need to learn to think quieter." -- Jacob to Robert Marcellus

"I hate traps!" -- Miranda to the group
"As opposed to everyone else, who just love them." -- Kris

"(Miranda) walked Corwin's Logrus." -- Liam to Kevin, after Miranda encounters a sentient rose bush during her Logrus walk

"Jonathan's had a bit of an accident." -- Duke Alec Sawall
"Already? He's only been Emperor for four days!" -- Miranda

"Jonathan's met his demise." -- Meredith to Aelric
"He's not dead yet." -- Kris
"He's just a little stiff." -- Wendi

"When one has a tongue such as Jonathan's, that often gets you into trouble." -- Aelric to Meredith
"It also gets you a lot of dates." -- Liam

"I'm not going to argue with the priests with crossbows." -- Ignatius to GM

Session 40 (January 13, 2001)

"You're going to fuck yourself! That's the best part!" -- Lisamarie to Sean, after it's suggested that his old PC be sent against his current one

"You reach Amber City without issue." -- GM
"Oh good, I hate it when I have issue." -- Ignatius
"I thought that was Gawain." -- Kris

"There are no notes, there are no wasps, life is easy." -- GM to Ignatius

"Only in this game could the fact that nothing's going wrong make you nervous." -- Kris to Sean

"And (Aelric's) attempt (to Trump Jonathan) is met with stony silence." -- Sean to Patrick, punning horribly

"It looks like a Pattern etched into the ground over a three mile area." -- GM to Aelric
"I ain't walking that." -- Little Brand

"So, how long did it take (Little Brand) to get over losing Jonathan, five minutes or ten?" -- Kris
"Once (he) figured out (he) wasn't going to get busted for it, (he) felt much better." -- Wendi

"It's an option, not a plan." -- Little Brand to Ignatius, after he proposes hiding Ignatius in the Abyss

"Some people have the strength of ten men, (Ignatius) has the ass of ten men." -- Kevin to the group

Queens of Amber

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