Shadow Rising

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Shatter the mirror; look into the light.
Brightness is falling, the star's past its height
Shadows are rising, to swallow the sun--
Darkness ascending, the grand night's begun.
Hellriders have come across this Shadow since June 1, 1997.

Table of Contents

sun icon Setting
sun icon The Courts of Chaos
sun icon Player Characters
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sun icon The Augery

This play-by-email game is out of commission.


The game is set about 20 years after Patternfall, with the PC's mostly second generation. Corwin's history is not common knowledge, because as Jason put it, "Corwin isn't so stupid as to write it all down and leave it in the library."

Amber is ruled by Random, whose son Archimedes is the Crown Prince. Chaos is ruled by Kaedric, son of Delwin, whose daughter Alora is the Crown Princess. There is another universe to deal with -- Argentum, Corwin's universe. Corwin is the King. There is a healthy diplomatic corps criss-crossing shadow and joining the poles of reality, and an even healthier series of spy networks doing the same.

Done by Merrie Haskell and Kris Fazzari.

Kaedric is derived from the excellent novel Fire Get by Cheryl J. Franklin, published by DAW Books, Inc., © 1987.

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