Public Character Description - Morgana

Morgana is 5'6" tall and slender, with shoulder-length black hair and bright blue eyes. She likes denim or leather, and usually dresses in jeans and sweaters or t-shirts, depending on the weather. She's fairly laid-back and friendly, and does her best to avoid attracting attention from the elders, since that might spoil her fun. Anyone who has spent some time on Shadow Earth would probably place her style of dress and speech as being influenced by that place.

Once she knew of Corwin's disappearence after the war, she left searching for him. This wasn't a secret, but it wasn't something she advertised, either. When she returned, she claimed that she was unable to find Corwin. Random has not been happy with this answer, and has pressed her on it, but accepted her story.

Morgana tends to come and go from Amber, sometimes staying for weeks, other times only for days. While she's keeping an eye on Merlin on Earth, she's also working on getting some medical training, since this seems like a wise precaution, but she's not studying too hard to have any fun.