Dragaera Quotes, 
Session 14+ Scroll 
and Quill

Cast of Characters

Jennifer Bowen:Ladara (luh DAH ruh), Baroness of Quagmire-Under-Cliff, House of the Tiassa, mother of Marya (MAHR yuh)
Kris Fazzari:Denara (deh NAH ruh), Viscountess of Ehren, House of the Dzur, Lieutenant in the Dragon Guards, Red Boot Battalion, sister of Kassul (KAHS el), occasional lover of Kragar (KRAY gar)
Sol Foster:Ryllar (RYE lar), House of the Tiassa
Sean Frost:GM
George Rabick:Zetes (ZEH teez), Baron of Mysid, House of the Iorich, Imperial Knight of the Order of Corpet the Younger
Matthew Richardson:Sulemaine (SOOH luh mayn), Viscount of Morclave, House of the Athyra, professional snoop
Wendi Strang-Frost:Tseeli (TSEE lee), Countess of Greymere, House of the Lyorn, betrothed to Varellon (VAHR uh lun), artist


  1. The Hunt for Taltos
  2. Once Upon an Orb
  3. The Undiscovered Country

Session 14 (May 4, 1997)

"I just killed someone, so I'm in a good mood." -- Denara to GM

"(The Lyorn heir) will die soon anyway." -- Vlad
"So will you, little man." -- Tseeli

Session 15 (June 29, 1997)

"Corinn sighs, as she realizes this is going to be difficult." -- GM
"The Dzur sighs, as she realizes that Corinn isn't going to go away." -- Kris

Session 16 (July 13, 1997)

"(Kragar) drinks out of the bottle." -- GM
"Of course. I'd expect no less of a Dragonlord." -- Kris

Session 17 (July 27, 1997)

"Well, I was really kind of hoping this place would be large enough for both of us." -- Marya
"I was really kind of hoping that you would stay at home." -- Ladara

"When I remember (Marya's) around, I'm a decent mother, I think." -- Ladara to GM

Session 18 (July 12, 1998)

"Blood is thicker than water, but not nearly as thick as gold." -- Sulemaine to GM

"The good news, Kragar, is that when you're dead, people can notice you." -- Denara to Kragar
"Eventually." -- GM

"It's terribly hard to die gloriously when you cannot die." -- Denara to Kragar

Session 19 (August 2, 1998)

"If you do decide to go with (Vraughn), leave me payment before you go." -- Sulemaine to Dreen

"Is he dead yet?" -- Tseeli
"Yeah." -- GM
"I'll close his eyes." -- Tseeli

"After being healed, he goes to sleep. He's pretty tired." -- GM
"He got shot and lay down. Yeah, he had a lot to do." -- Tseeli

"Some are less cooperative, some are more." -- GM
"The more cooperative ones will heal quicker." -- Denara

"I have a lab, removed from the main house, in case of explosion." -- Sulemaine to Dreen
"Doesn't every good Athyran household?" -- Kris

"If I distinguish myself to (Aliera), she might not only not kill me, she might find some use for me." -- Sulemaine to GM

"I assume the Sea of Chaos is vaguely round?" -- Sulemaine
"Kind of like a blast radius, yes." -- GM

Session 20 (September 13, 1998)

"You feel a sense of wrongness." -- GM
"I'll assume that's due to being near the Sea of Chaos." -- Tseeli
"Good assumption." -- GM

"Do you really want to piss off a Yendi?" -- GM
"If it's a choice between pissing off a Yendi, or pissing off Aliera, which do you think I'll choose?" -- Sulemaine
"He's got a point." -- Wendi
"No, Aliera's got one, and it sucks souls." -- GM

"Zetes, you've been kicked out of Court. What do you want to do?" -- GM
"Gossip, of course." -- Zetes

Session 21 (October 11, 1998)

"We'll be wearing our sword today." -- Zetes to GM, after a mysterious contact from Vraughn

"Vraughn contacted me, but I don't know where he is." -- Zetes
"You didn't tell him where I am, did you?" -- Dreen
"Can't you just feel the love?" -- Kris

"Wow, I've already impressed caution upon (Dreen). Maybe I won't have to assassinate him." -- Sulemaine to the group

"Such an admirable Yendi, sacrificing himself for the good of plot." -- Wendi to the group

"Well, you can always count on a Dragon to keep things dull." -- Morrolan to Tseeli

"As the rats desert the sinking ship." -- Wendi
"No, the Norska are flocking to this place." -- GM

"The Sea of Chaos is a source of energy. When it disappears, magic might be diminished." -- Wendi
"So we'll need another sea of chaos. I'll get right on it." -- Matthew

Session 22 (November 15, 1998)

"Insincerity through consistency." -- Kris to the group, speaking about Sulemaine's attitude

"I'm almost wondering if I should pretend to be concerned about this, but in order to be a proper Athyra, (Dreen) needs to be joyless. Life isn't about joy, it's about research." -- Sulemaine to GM

"Forgive me cousin, I forget that you live for minutia." -- Dreen
"That is the goal of our house." -- Sulemaine

"So, who's visiting?" -- Sulemaine
"The servant looks pale." -- GM
"Oh, it's Aliera." -- Sulemaine

"It occurs to me that I've neglected you of late." -- Aliera
"Seven years is not a long time for such as we." -- Sulemaine
"I wouldn't have dared to hope that you'd forgotten about me for at least another 20." -- Kris, speaking for Sulemaine

"I've never denied that we're thugs, we're just thugs for justice." -- Denara
"Phoenix Guards, thugs for justice." -- GM
"It can be our new slogan." -- Denara

"So this day, while you're sitting in your office, wishing there were things to kill..." -- GM
"Isn't that what Dzur do every day?" -- Denara

"Eventually one day I'll have kids, and toss (Dreen) aside like a bad habit. But that goes without saying." -- Sulemaine to GM

"It is a pity that Vraughn came out on the bad end of things." -- Sulemaine
"The bad end?!?" -- Dreen
"You know, the dead end." -- Sulemaine

"Hey, (Dzur) aren't stupid, we're just bloodthirsty." -- Denara to GM

Session 23 (December 13, 1998)

"That's a fun thought. (Aliera) tore (Vraughn's) arm off. Ha-ha!" -- Matthew to the group

"I don't honestly think it's going to be the end of the world, but wouldn't I feel like a dumb-fuck if it was?" -- Sulemaine to GM

"Here's a question. Once the shit leaves the fan, can you ever really outrun it? -- Wendi to GM

"I wonder what the world would look like through an Easterner's eyes? They don't last long, but you can always get more." -- Sulemaine to the group

"Only Sulemaine would be excited about being forced into servitude." -- Kris to the group

"Money's important to me, and I'd like to be able to buy off brigands, should it become necessary." -- Sulemaine to GM

"There's a hushed awe, into which a wizard runs screaming." -- GM
"Oh, that's a good sign." -- Wendi

"We will take no action until Adron does something offensive." -- Dzrzanchkl to Tseeli
<Tseeli looks pointedly at her watch>

"There'll be lots of chances for glorious death now!" -- Denara to the group, after learning that civil war has broken out

"He wouldn't be Morrolan if he wasn't a jerk." -- GM to Wendi

Session 24 (January 10, 1999)

"What is (Sulemaine) mind-whammying Dreen to do?" -- Kris
"Keep his mouth shut." -- Matthew
"I hope (Sulemaine) has a lot of power." -- Kris

"So (Tseeli's) a tall skinny broad." -- Kris
"With lots of money. (Sulemaine) wants her." -- Matthew

"Now I'm a crabby Athyran." -- Sulemaine to the group
"And this is different from a normal Athyran how?" -- Kris

"What do I have to do to get conscripted?" -- Denara to GM

Session 25 (March 14, 1999)

"It's hard to be smart-ass Athyra." -- Matthew to the group

"(Sethra) wasn't (at Dzur mountain). I could tell by the way I didn't die going in." -- Kragar to Denara

Session 26 (April 11, 1999)

"Sethra could take (Sulemaine's) soul." -- Kris
"Oh please, let her take (his) soul. Then that bitch (Aliera) couldn't hit (him) with a Morganti weapon. Then (he) could run." -- Matthew

"So, how fast are you racing home?" -- GM
"Faster than I traveled out." -- Zetes
"Your horse will hate you." -- Kris
"Your horse will be dead." -- GM
"No, no, no, no, not that fast, I rented it." -- Zetes

"So the 2nd of Teckla begins with Zetes racing home, away from the front line." -- GM to George

"If my mom gets whacked, I'll get to be a duchess." -- Tseeli
"I'll help you, darling." -- Sulemaine

"My brother Zetes, to whom shit happens." -- Ito to the group

"(Tseeli's) pretty and all, but (Aliera's) got a Morganti blade, so sorry!" -- Matthew to Wendi

"I guess I'll survive without that sphincter." -- Kassul to Denara
"Don't most of Morrolan's dates say that?" -- Matthew

"Oh look, someone belled the cat." -- Wendi, refering to Kassul's charm
"I'm so glad you're being sent to your death." -- GM

"Being cats, Dzur are awfully familiar with sorcery." -- GM to the group, making a horrible pun

"I can't believe I almost slept with Sethra!" -- Denara to the group

Session 27 (May 9, 1999)

"See, that's just lost on (Aliera)." -- GM to Sulemaine
"Subtlety is lost on Dragons in general." -- Kris

"The Dragaeran Empire's official can of whup-ass: House Lyorn." -- GM to the group

"You were armed with furniture. Furniture was on your side." -- GM to Tseeli

"So (the Lyorn) are heading away from me? I guess that's cool. Unless I'm in Bizarro-world." -- Sulemaine to GM

(Tseeli) will diffuse the situation with a nice, long-winded speech." -- Wendi to GM

Session 28 (July 11, 1999)

"Lyorn are born with the ability to bore people to death." -- GM
"Isn't that the Athyra?" -- Wendi

"I figure the next time (Sethra) knocks me unconscious, I'll have to do something about that." -- Sulemaine to the group

"This is the part I hate about fighting. When there's no fighting." -- Denara to the group

"Of course (Sulemaine) hedges. He's an Athyra." -- Kris
"You mean he's a hedge wizard?" -- GM

"Don't you think the Easterners might be a little upset to see us coming through?" -- Tseeli to Varellon
"I'm hoping." -- Denara

"I don't want someone else to have control over me, but that invisibility thing sure would be nice." -- Sulemaine to the group, contemplating losing his soul

"If I took out my soul, (Aliera) couldn't get me." -- Sulemaine

Session 29 (August 15, 1999)

"(Vraughn) keeps not dying. This has to stop." -- Sulemaine to the group

"(Vraughn) actually seems quite tickled with himself for losing his soul." -- GM
"Well, I understand, I've been considering that myself." -- Sulemaine

"OK, it's icky, but it's not just for fun." -- Sulemaine to the group, about keeping Vraughn's severed leg

Session 30 (November 14, 1999)

"Hey, I have standards. It's bad enough that I'm sleeping with a soulless Dragon, but an Orca? Please!" -- Denara to the group

"So, unless any of you have anything stupid you want to do..." -- GM
"We're in the East, we've already done our stupid thing of the day." -- Denara

"By the way, (Sulemaine's) hiding his stupidity from his second in command." -- Matthew to GM

"Anything else you want to bring?" -- GM
"Oh, just plenty of people to keep me from being stabbed." -- Sulemaine

"Only Denara would try to attack the sun." -- George to the group

"I don't think, on my second experiment with pre-Empire sorcery, that I'm going to try to remove my soul as a defensive measure." -- Sulemaine to GM

"Ooh, Vraughn's leg, where did I leave that?" -- Sulemaine to the group

Session 31 (December 12, 1999)

"There are a few things you know about Zetes. He was the mayor of Adrilankha...before it sank." -- GM to Ryllar

"The goal is to die gloriously." -- Denara
"No, that's your goal." -- Zetes

"You don't get as many levels of alchemy as I have without a few booms." -- Sulemaine to the group

"At this point, it looks like your mission is failing." -- GM
"No, we're succeeding, albeit via a very subtle method." -- Ryllar
"Ah, so you're using the Dr. Who strategy: First, get captured." -- GM

"So, what are they going to do to us?" -- Sulemaine to Ryllar
"I get to dig latrines." -- Kris, speaking for Ryllar

"Aliera is right up there with Sethra in terms of a prospective mate." -- Sulemaine to the group

"I'm so proud of my handiwork." -- Denara
"Now if only you'd died." -- GM
"Yeah, that's the only part that didn't turn out as planned." -- Denara

"So, what's a metaphor?" -- GM
"It's a Fenarian pastry." -- Matthew

"If I was dead, this would be a lot easier." -- Denara to GM

Session 32 (January 9, 2000)

"I'm dead, I'm in no hurry." -- Denara to GM

"Why is it whenever a Lyorn is around, everyone answers very carefully?" -- Wendi
"Because brass vambraces in the face hurt." -- GM

"The field is kind of odd. It doesn't seem to be growing grass or anything like that. Instead, it seems to be full of dead people." -- GM
"Now I know why I'm skipping." -- Denara

Session 33 (February 13, 2000)

"Adron. Of the Disaster." -- Vlad to Tseeli
"Turns out, it was just a minor mistake." -- Sol

"I'm glad this isn't where I am. This isn't where I am, is it?" -- Denara to the group

"I really don't think we want to be surrounded by aggressive men with swords." -- Sulemaine
"Why not?" -- Zetes, looking up at the giant, circling Jhereg

"I can take (the giant Jhereg) out. I took out the tree!" -- Sulemaine to the group

"Yeah, two people who can't be seen, trying to find one another." -- GM to the group, referring to Vlad and Kragar

"There goes my peace and quiet." -- Tseeli
"You stayed near a military camp for peace and quiet?" -- Zetes
"No, I went to the edge of the cliff, away from the military camp, for peace and quiet." -- Tseeli

"Now, now, now, that's not very nice. Don't make me turn you into a frog." -- Sulemaine to Scholar X

"You're the third unremarkable fellow that I've run across in the past three weeks. Which is, in fact, remarkable." -- Sulemaine to Vlad

"(Vlad) wouldn't want my soul. He'd spend a lot of time dusting." -- Sulemaine to the group

"What's a soulless Yendi doing in Aliera's dungeon?" -- Vlad
"Well, he was trying to spy on her for Sethra." -- Sulemaine
"What!" -- Vlad

"(Aliera) is kind of pretty, in that blond, washed out sort of way." -- Sulemaine to Vlad and Zetes

"When this is all over, I'm hoping that if I throw in with the other side, they'll give me a polite execution, not this tearing out my soul business." -- Sulemaine to Vlad and Zetes

"It occurs to you that, all things considered, breaking in the horse was remarkably easy." -- GM
"But I also died and had all of my wounds healed, so really, this isn't that unusual." -- Denara

"We don't want to run away, we just want to run away-ish. Does that make any sense?" -- Ryllar to GM

"I'll provide a distraction. Look, Ryllar's on fire! The rest of you can run." -- Sulemaine to the group

Session 34 (March 12, 2000)

"No one's ascending to godhood while I'm here." -- Kassul to Sulemaine

"I think you're taking the Dzur-are-cats motif too far. I mean, no one's saying that if we let the Lyorns in there, they'd start lifting leg and pissing in corners." -- Kris to GM
"No. Because (Tseeli) would squat." -- Wendi

"I certainly didn't pack any Ehru food." -- Varellon to Zetes
"You are Ehru food." -- Kris

"I want a weapon, damn it! If there's an army of zombies, I don't want to be running around with my bare hands. I mean, I want my bare hands, but I want to have a weapon in them." -- Ryllar to GM

"So, in order to get the door open, you have to become a god?" -- Zetes to Sulemaine
"No, we just have to stab him through the center." -- Tseeli

"Look, we're not getting out of here until one of us becomes a god. And since I'm not a pre-Empire sorcerer, it's not me!" -- Varellon to Sulemaine, Tseeli and Zetes

"It takes more than a blue stone to be a pre-Empire sorcerer." -- Matthew
"Yeah, you have to be an idiot, too." -- Sol

"Oh, I hate zombies that are smart!" -- Ryllar to the group

Session 35 (May 14, 2000)

"I kept one (canteen of blood), gave one to Tseeli and one to Kassul, because those are the only three people I trust." -- Denara to the group

"Only Sulemaine could sleep knowing there's this god-thing sitting 100 yards away." -- Kris to the group

"You still need to have balls to go in between the legs of the near-god." -- Zetes to the group

"You don't need guards, you've got three prisoners." -- Sol to the group

"We should go carefully, so we don't step on any sticks." -- Tseeli to the group
"Yeah, the last thing you want to do is scare the zombies." -- Matthew

"What's the last thing I saw?" -- Zetes
"A zombie going, 'Brains!'" -- GM
"Oh, then we should be safe." -- Ryllar

"Let's kick some head!" -- Tseeli to the group, when the zombies attack

"Which type of fighting are you using?" -- GM to Ryllar
"The kind I'm most effective at." -- Kris, answering for Ryllar

"OK, Lyorn in the hole." -- GM to the group, as Tseeli is being lowered down into the temple

"I died once, I can do it again." -- Denara to the group

"Let's try throwing a one-armed, one-legged, soulless half-Yendi at (the Jenoine)." -- Matthew to the group

"I should die horribly. That's my destiny." -- Sulemaine to the group

"Just make sure we can find your body this time." -- Kassul to Denara

"You're safe." -- GM to Zetes
"You're in the path of danger." -- GM to Denara, Tseeli and Sulemaine
"You're bringing the danger to them." -- GM to Ryllar

"You can all feel the Orb." -- GM
"What time is it?" -- Ryllar

Session 36 (June 11, 2000)

"In the couple of days in which (the scholars) could leisurely look over things...leisurely meaning without zombies and Jenoine attacking..." -- GM to Zetes

"At least (Kassul) was Dzur. You could count on him getting himself killed at some point." -- GM to Zetes

"It was a glorious battle." -- Denara
"But you survived." -- Rovin
"That was the only downside." -- Denara

"If I die, I'm at least going to make (Aliera) really angry first." -- Sulemaine to the group

"Well, I've heard good reports about your willingness to assist the mission you were sent to stop." -- Khaavren to Ryllar

"Tseeli is awarded a Viscounty under Morrolan." -- GM
"That's the only way she'll ever be under Morrolan." -- Wendi

"This is all (my father's) fault." -- Tseeli to the group
"Yeah, if he hadn't gone and had you, you wouldn't have this problem." -- Sol

"Dead scholars are not much fun." -- Varellon to Tseeli
"Undead scholars, on the other hand..." -- Sulemaine

Session 37 (October 15, 2000)

"I'm just glad I got home and found that I still had money. That's what I was worried about." -- Sulemaine to the group, after learning that Dreen usurped his title in his absence

"The Dragons are concerned that there be no illusion of..." -- GM
"Collusion?" -- Kris

"You know, (Tseeli's) father is starting to remind me of a Dzur. 'We were slaughtered, but we won.'" -- Kris to the group

"My, aren't we eager?" -- Edorna, referring to Sulemaine's desire to have offspring
"Not terribly, really." -- Sulemaine

"We destroyed a Jenoine. How many people can say that?" -- Sulemaine to Varellon
"Denara." -- Wendi

Session 38 (November 12, 2000)

"You just used the same thought process as a Dzur. You should be ashamed." -- Wendi to George

"Yay, I have (land) I can graze sheep on. Now all I have to do is get some sheep." -- Ryllar to the group

"Yes, the land is overcast." -- GM
"It is Scotland!" -- Sol

"I can recommend someone who's experimented in teleportation." -- Zetes to Ryllar
"How do you feel about arriving at your destination naked?" -- Wendi

"I like researching things before experimenting on myself." -- Ryllar
"See, that's where you're different from Dreen." -- GM

"Aliera's very good at emasculating people." -- Kris
"Ask Sulemaine." -- Wendi

"Do I even have eyes? Not according to my sheet here." -- Ryllar to the group
"That would explain why he kept running into those trees in the woods." -- Wendi

"When you say suffer, you mean get wiped off the face of the earth, right?" -- Sol
"Yes." -- GM
"Just checking." -- Sol

"I hate it when I get land, and then the gods get scared." -- Ryllar to the group

"I wasn't sleeping with Mario, I was sleeping with his soulless body." -- Denara to the group

"I could sneak through Redface. How hard could it be?" -- Ryllar to the group

"I'm sure there's a Cliff's Notes for planar travel." -- GM to Ryllar

"See, the problem here is that (Tseeli) is part Lyorn, so the thing (she) can't stop doing once (she) starts is researching." -- Sol to Wendi

"You must never touch your inner Wombat!" -- Wendi to the group

Session 39 (December 10, 2000)

"It's not 'come marry my daughter' acceptance, it's 'dance for me, monkey' acceptance." -- GM to Zetes, explaining how the Norska are being accepted into Dragaeran society

"So, I had a kid. Hire some additional staff people to take care of it." -- Sulemaine to GM

"Genius requires a lack of attention. I've got the lack of attention down, it's the genius part I'm still working on." -- Sulemaine to GM

"There is a certain way that an Athyran says 'Morrolan.'" -- GM to Sulemaine
"Like a Frenchman says 'white zinfandel?'" -- Sol

"(Ryllar) could be the direct cause of harm to (Tseeli's) dad." -- GM
"Well, at least (he) didn't help sink a city." -- Sol
"Hey!" -- George

"The skin is an organ." -- GM
"The biggest one you have." -- Wendi
"Well..." -- Sol

"I give (Varellon) that look and he falls apart." -- Tseeli to GM
"That's useful in a husband." -- Kris
"(Tseeli) gives him that look and he pees his pants." -- GM
"That's not useful in a husband." -- Wendi

"I'm afraid we've had a bit of a tragedy. Do you have a decent black dress?" -- Sulemaine to Edorna

"I didn't know where else to put the body, you can't just put it in with the garden tools." -- Sulemaine to Edorna

"Expressing moral outrage to a Dragon is like expressing moral outrage to a cat." -- GM to Denara
"I thought you were going to say 'politician,'" -- Sol

"So, I have top secret maps, single malt scotch, and sheep!" -- Ryllar to GM, summing up his situation after three years

"So, do the sheep all get blown away in a woolly tornado?" -- Kris to GM
"It's a woolwind." -- Matthew

Session 40 (January 14, 2001)

"Being a war hero and still alive is good." -- Ryllar to GM
"No it's not!" -- Denara

"I don't want a job where I just run around with a sword, I want to think." -- Ryllar to GM
"You've got it all wrong, it's when you have to think that you know the job sucks." -- Denara

"This is a bit more attention than I wanted. To try to legitimize a Jhereg assassin emperor. Yes, this will be fun." -- Tseeli to GM

"Denara, you've just been told to do the impossible." -- GM
"Yes, and I have no idea how to do it, either." -- Denara

"I already told Morrolan that the (blue stone) I had got eaten." -- Sulemaine to GM
"Yeah, but Morrolan didn't believe (Sulemaine)." -- Kris
"That's so funny, since (Sulemaine) was actually telling the truth, that time." -- Matthew

"Certainly, the gods can't hold me responsible for other people's problems." -- Sulemaine to GM

"If (Edorna) has a lover, it's less work for me." -- Sulemaine to the group

"As long as I don't get burned to a cinder, it's OK." -- Tseeli, checking out her new book
"For reading a book? This isn't Cthulu." -- GM

Session 41 (March 11, 2001)

"I need to build a windmill near the Greater Sea of Chaos." -- Sulemaine to himself

"There's gotta be a way I can get ultimate power from this." -- Sulemaine to GM

"How big is this painting going to be?" -- Varellon
"It's going to be life-sized, and (Norathar's) mounted." -- Tseeli
"By what?" -- Sol

"I do not open Dreen's letter. It's not appropriate to pry." -- Sulemaine to GM
"Yeah right. Since when?" -- Wendi
"No one's paying (him) to pry." -- Matthew

"What's self-immolation mean?" -- GM to the group, speculating on an alternate reason for Dreen's death

"The gods are incinerating people in the new lands?" -- Varellon
"Sorcerers." -- Sulemaine
"Sorcerers are people too." -- Varellon

Session 42 (May 13, 2001)

"I haven't fled for the hills. I am, however, at my estates in Morclave." -- Sulemaine to the group

"Maybe the gods are draining the amorphia (from the new lands)." -- Kris
"Yes, so they can destroy my sheep!" -- Sol

"Just covering my tracks, I wouldn't want to be accused of plagiarism later." -- Sulemaine to the group, as he destroys Dreen's notes

"Vraughn has this way of assuming that you actually know what he's talking about." -- GM
"That's what's so weird, this time I do." -- Zetes

"Me? (Become a god?)" -- Zetes
"Why not?" -- Vraughn
"It disturbs me that I can't think of a single good reason not to." -- Zetes

"I can't just go carrying (Vraughn's) leg around in the East. It'll putrefy!" -- Sulemaine to GM

"I make sure I'm appropriately dressed for (Morrolan's) party that never stops. But businesslike." -- Ryllar
"So you put on your toga...and a tie." -- GM

"I don't know about you, but I don't want to owe the dead any favors. What if I can't fulfill them before I die?" -- Morrolan to Ryllar

"We're going to talk to the Serioli." -- Morrolan to Ryllar
"So, we're going to go contact the dwarves. Hi-ho, hi-ho, tell us what we want to know." -- Sol, singing

"Instead of just destroying your soul like most Morganti weapons, (Great Weapons) torture it for eternity." -- Kris
"Look on the bright side, eternity's going to be pretty short." -- Sol

"I'm getting an education today, and I'm not sure I like it." -- Ryllar to GM
"Yeah, but look at it this way, you won't be in the world when it's destroyed." -- Matthew
"I'll have to save all the rest of you. That'll be the next two years of the game." -- Sol

"You can do that?" -- Tseeli
"Of course I can." -- Sulemaine
"I can do what I think I can, can't I?" -- Sulemaine to GM

"I'll only give my sword to Morrolan." -- Aliera
"Fine. Kassul?" -- Denara
<pause while Kassul tries and fails to reach Morrolan psionically>
"Morrolan says you'll give the sword to me." -- Kassul, lying through his teeth

"You're empowered to do whatever it takes." -- Norathar to Tseeli
"Can we borrow the Orb?" -- Matthew

Session 43 (June 10, 2001)

"Yes, the gods are cross-dressers." -- GM to the group

"The question is not will Vraughn screw you, the question is how badly." -- GM to Zetes

"You should just kill (Vraughn)." -- Matthew
"He's died twice already." -- George
"You haven't tried burning him yet." -- Matthew
"Yes, actually, we did." -- George

"First there was Adron's Disaster, then there was Sulemaine's Silliness." -- Sol
"Sulemaine's Snit." -- Matthew

"But does (Denara) strip (Ryllar and Kassul)?" -- Matthew
"No. Even drunk, Denara doesn't want to see her brother naked." -- Kris

"If you don't mind, I'm trying to discover the secrets of the universe here." -- Sulemaine to ?

"Do something to perceive weird stuff." -- Sulemaine to GM, casting a spell

"I'm going to procure myself a Yendi." -- Sulemaine
"All right, be careful." -- Tseeli
"Oh, I'm not going to go after him myself." -- Sulemaine

"Faster than the speed of gossip, it is Sulemaine!" -- Matthew to the group

"Apparently the Countess Greymere has decided that the fate of the universe is best decided by Baron Mysid and a paraplegic Yendi. They can flip a coin for our lives!" -- Sulemaine to the group

"I think I'm going to wander the city for a bit." -- Zetes
"And hope to be mugged?" -- GM and Wendi, in unison

"If the world ends, it's all Sulemaine's fault." -- Wendi to the group

Session 44 (September 9, 2001)

"We'll start with last licks and see what everyone wants to do before George destroys the universe." -- GM to the group

"We seem to be down a Sea of Chaos right now." -- Sulemaine to GM, regarding his future plans

"Fourth time's the charm." -- Kris to the group, speculating on what Denara's tombstone will say

"Oops." -- Matthew to the group, speculating on what Sulemaine's tombstone will say

"I don't think my sister will be able to determine from the fact that I'm looking into Sethra that I'm trying to decide whether to become a god." -- Zetes to GM

"I don't trust a single thing that I know about (Vraughn) anymore." -- Zetes
"That you know, or that he's told you?" -- GM
"Both." -- Zetes

"I take it you weren't successful?" -- Melo
"I succeeded in what I accomplished." -- Zetes

"The name of this episode is 'A Wedding and Five Funerals.'" -- Sol to the group

"Why would you want to be in the Guard if you didn't want to hurt people?" -- Denara to GM

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