Willow is about four and a half feet tall, definitely above average for a Wolfrider, a trait inherited from her mother's side of the family. Like her aunt, Burr, she also has brilliant blue eyes and a soft, full figure, but this is as far as the resemblance goes. Her nose turns up, not down, and her hair is long and golden blond, falling below her hips. She can most often be found with her hair pulled back in five braids, to keep it from getting in the way.

Willow tends to wear simple leather breaches and a shirt, most of the time, her feet shod comfortably in a pair of sandals. Her favorite color is yellow, and her clothing usually reflects that, unless she is hunting at night or in other circumstances where it might give her away.

Willow is about average in appearence, dexterity, and strength, but with a somewhat below average constitution, which she makes up for with her somewhat above average intelligence and above average power.

When hunting, Willow favors her bow. She usually carries her sword when she is away from camp.


Passionate, playful, downright jolly at times, Willow was originally named Sunbeam by her parents, both for her golden hair and her cheerful personality. The name stuck until she was an adolescent, and decided that she wanted a name that sounded more mature and grown-up. After much agonizing and indecision, trying and discarding many names, she settled on Willow, both for her tall appearance, and because it sounded nothing like Sunbeam.

Willow's passionate nature has earned her her share of lovemates, but she has yet to remain with any of them for long, preferring to avoid the responsibilities of a committed relationship. Having barely passed eight eights of seasons (or 64 years, as the humans like to say), she is still reveling in the freedom and egotism of youth, and has no interest in settling down any time soon.

Although she shows no signs of possessing the healing skills possessed by both her grandfather, Dryfall, and her aunt, Burr, Willow has exhibited a sporadic ability to bond with animals other than wolves. Because of the sporadic nature of this talent, it has thus far proved useful for little more than impressing her lovemates and friends, or at the very least amusing them when she fails.


Willow found her latest wolf-friend while returning from "exploring" the woods with Nighteyes, her lovemate at the time. As they neared the camp, they heard a piteous howl from close by, and, upon investigation, found a wolf with one of its paws tangled up in a bramble bush. Wishing to impress her lovemate, Willow managed to use her ability with animals to calm the wolf enough for her to free him, and pull the briars from his paw. Nighteyes was suitably impressed, and they continued on their way. Unfortunately, the wolf went with them, even going so far as to push his way between them as he limped along. Whether the bonding worked a little too well, or the wolf just decided that Willow was handy to have around, is open to debate, but he soon became a semi-permanent fixture around her, running with her when she hunted, sleeping next to her at night (much to the dismay of Nighteyes), and whimpering piteously by her feet until she removed the latest sharp bramble, thorn or briar to get tangled in his fur, or stuck on his paws. It was this latter tendency that prompted Willow to call him Briarpaw in jest, and the name has stuck with him ever since.

Fellow Outcasts

Bearfoot: A Wolfrider from Raven's tribe in the Twin Lakes Holt, she is Strongarm's younger half sister.

Bobcat: A Wolfrider from Whitebrook's tribe in the Big Water Holt, he is Quickstrike's nephew.

Burr: A Wolfrider from Raven's tribe in the Twin Lakes Holt, she is Willow's aunt.

Quickstrike: A Wolfrider from Whitebrook's tribe in the Big Water Holt, she is Bobcat's aunt.

Strongarm: A Wolfrider from Raven's tribe in the Twin Lakes Holt, he is Bearfoot's older half brother.

Torquemada: A Glider raised by humans in Spain during the Inquisition.

Vikah: A Go-Back.


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