"Outcasts" quotes

Character creation

"It's kind of hard to have a relationship with a bunch of ashes..." -- Jill
"Nah...(Torquemada) will just mark his forehead with 'em every Ash Wednesday and remember her fondly." -- Matthew

"Whatever happens, dear Torquie-poo will handle in his usual helpful, prim, egotistical, giggly fashion. Then he'll burn the forests and all the elves with 'em." -- Matthew to the group

"I do not wish to sit on Torquemada. But if it's necessary, the resigned, strong, ascetic elf will do so. Unless he tries to burn my little mute sister - in which case the Axe of Death will descend." -- Strongarm to the group

"You all seem to misunderstand Torquemada. He's not such bad guy...an Inquisitor with a heart of gold, if you will. And he'd never just routinely slay or attempt to hinder a party of elves...until after he'd learned that you little pagans are quite beyond salvation. And isn't admitting that you are all desinted for the flames of perdition in a sense admitting defeat? He's not here to hurt you...he's here to save you...and all the elven tribes, too. He doesn't torture out of malice...he does it because he cares." -- Matt to the group


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