Game quotes from "The Dominion of Man"

Cast of Characters

Kris Fazzari:Altáriël Iliriya Nienna Rionhlas AKA The Crimson Fury
Lisa L.:Ellu
Joe Saul:Hasmar, Nassur Tarquin
Erica Schippers:Vainonie Pelaluna
John Schleick:Martuf


September 17, 2006

"Is it an angel's blade?" -- Lisa L.
"Well, it's a blade made out of angels...." -- John Schleick

October 15, 2006

"As your bodyguard, I think that's a bad idea. Just saying." -- Vainonie to Hasmar

"Where does everyone get these abilities?" -- Hasmar
"I have no idea, Mr. Sees Wards." -- GM
"But to get anything more exciting than that I have to drink blood in a graveyard." -- Hasmar

"(Persus is) not unattractive in a bald-headed, wearing-a-formless-gray-robe kind of way." -- GM to Martuf

November 12, 2006

"It's not cursed is it? Other than being trapped in a rune object." -- Ellu to GM

"The handle would be on fire." -- GM
"That's a design flaw in a burning sword." -- Hasmar

"My only problem is, I don't want to be possessed by a rune sword." -- Hasmar to the group

December 10, 2006

"I've been playing with my staff all day. Want to check it out?" -- Hasmar to Vainonie

"I cast the tongue spell on myself." -- Hasmar to GM
"You're going to tongue yourself?" -- Kris
"After playing with his staff all day." -- GM

"Having a secret language - cool. Having a language no one else understands - not so cool." -- Hasmar to the group

"Sweet, I can send incomprehensible pigeons." -- Hasmar to the group

"You can cast the spell meteor swarm (with the staff)." -- GM
"That's like a bunch of fireballs, right?" -- Hasmar
"Yes, in the same sense that a Ferarri is an automobile." -- GM

"I assure Martuf that he won't catch on fire. I've never been wrong when I've told him that before." -- Hasmar
"How often (has Hasmar) told him that?" -- Kris
"Today. Prior to that, (he) didn't realize that (he) needed to." -- Hasmar

"The Dominion of Man"

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