Game quotes from "The Kingdom of Lost Children"

Cast of Characters

 Carla Arnoldi:Calixta Luna, Malkavian Vampire
 Carla Arnoldi:Ling, Eshu Changeling
 James Arnoldi:GM
 Kris Fazzari:Mei Li Fong, Shih
 Matthew Richardson:Drusilla Peel, Toreador Vampire, former Sluagh Changeling
 John Schleick:Lucien, Sidhe Changeling
 Jeff Trumitch:Samuel Titus, Mummy
 Jarrod Van Kirk:Finian O'Donnel, Sidhe Changeling
 Jenn Woelke:Maevren Anki, Wereraven
 Mark Wizynajtys:Konstantine Bern, Tremere Vampire
 Mark Wizynajtys:Shaeffer, Werewolf


Session 1 (October 20, 2002)

"You're nice. Why are you (working) here?" -- Abigail to Maevren, Drusilla's groundskeeper

"I check to see if there's anything out of the ordinary." -- Samuel Titus
"Other than the elf and the vampire, no." -- GM

"I'm not going to shoot you, you're my groundskeeper. I don't want to mow." -- Drusilla to Maevren

"So (Calixta's) not using (her) amazing squirrel powers?" -- Jarrod
"No, it's just Lucien who has amazing squirrel powers." -- Carla

"Welcome to Undead Animal Farm." -- GM to the group, as Drusilla gleefully contemplates breeding an army of scarabs

"I'm going to be quite annoyed if (the police) shoot my instructors." -- Drusilla to group

"Next time, why don't you let me handle the burglarizing, and you handle the monster." -- Drusilla to Lucien

"Hello, I was in on the burglary. You were just outside jumping around." -- Drusilla to Lucien
"Acting squirrelly." -- Jenn

Session 2 (November 17, 2002)

"Oh, (Konstantine was) Turned?" -- Drusilla to Lucien, sounding eager
"The (vampire) dating pool just got bigger." -- Kris, speaking for Drusilla

"I dig up his number." -- Samuel to GM
"Dig up? Is your filing system undead too?" -- Matthew

"So, tonight I assaulted a pizza boy and took a little girl out drinking. I'm not doing the good role model thing, am I?" -- Drusilla to the group

"(Calixta's) the wacky sort of evil." -- Matthew to the group

"We're looking for a Wu, we don't know who, we're going with a Were?" -- Finn to the group, summing up his mission

"I can tell if you're lying." -- Samuel to Helen
"Can you really?" -- GM

"Mrs. Peel's School for Girls has a sucky sports team because all the girls look pale and tired, while Abby (Calixta's vampire child) is nice and plump." -- Matthew to the group

"I caught (Helen) sneaking out of your office." -- Samuel
"I'm going to have to talk to her. If she's going to be sneaking, she at least has to learn how not to get caught." -- Drusilla

"Did you buy your girlfriend as a flaw?" -- Matthew to Mark
"Whiny girlfriend, one point flaw." -- Jeff
"Passive-aggressive girlfriend, two point flaw." -- Matthew

Session 3 (December 15, 2002)

"Now that (Finian's watch) is manifesting dark tendrils, I wish I'd hung onto it." -- Drusilla to the group

"Yo, crow!" -- Jarrod
"Stop calling me that." -- Jenn
"I shift into crow form." -- Jenn
"Now he's got you doing it." -- Jeff
"I hate you!" -- Jenn

"Miss peaceful Drusilla." -- Jenn
"Miss peaceful Drusilla? Hello? Have you been paying attention at the previous games?" -- GM

"The first mummy was Horus." -- GM to Mei Li
"He should use cough drops." -- Jenn
"Neigh!" -- Jarrod

"I ought to strangle Dru. If only she breathed." -- Finian to the group

"Note to self: next time give Finn the training watch." -- Dru to the group, after Finian triggers a Malkavian artifact in the form of a pocket watch

"I killed Calum Erskine, but apparently he's not dead so it doesn't count." -- Drusilla to the group

"You gave me a pocket watch that tried to destroy the world." -- Finian
"I thought it would make a good gift." -- Drusilla

Session 4 (January 19, 2003)

"There are scarabs everywhere except where I need them." -- Samuel
"They're flesh-eating beetles, it's a good thing if they're not everywhere." -- Drusilla
"Not to me." -- Samuel

"I'm not a warrior, I'm a philanthropist." -- Finian to Thor

"My butt hurts, and my mouth tastes like old man." -- Drusilla to the group
"That's better than your mouth hurting and your butt tasting like old man." -- Jarrod

"Three Vampires, a Fae and a Demon Hunter walk into a flower shop...." -- John to the group

"The other Dru is loading up her blow pop." -- ? to the group, meaning to say 'blow gun'
"It's an explosive blow pop! 1, 2, 3...BANG!" -- Matthew
"Now that's a weapon I can see Dru having." -- Kris
"It's great for children who snack between meals." -- Matthew

"These are big, scary aliens. Let's go have tea." -- Drusilla to Calixta

Session 5 (March 16, 2003)

"(Julian) betrays everyone." -- future Finian
"No he doesn't! OK, maybe he does. Who cares?" -- Calixta

"I'm so confused." -- Kris
"Don't you love time magic?" -- Jarrod
"No. But you knew I was going to say that." -- Kris

"My future self is dead." -- Jarrod
"You officially have no future." -- Kris

"The bird is flighty." -- Mark to the group, talking about Maevren

"(Anna the spider) won't eat you." -- Fae Drusilla to Finian
"Yet." -- Jarrod and Jeff, in unison

Session 6 (April 20, 2003)

"That rock left a bruise." -- Jarrod
"That wasn't a rock." -- Matthew

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