Cameron Franc

Math postdoc at the University of Michigan

Name Cameron Franc
Citizenship Canadian
DOB 20.12.1983
Address Ann Arbor, Michigan
Office 3831 East Hall
Email francc at umich dot edu
Cameron Franc

I'm a math postdoc at the University of Michigan associated with the REBUILD project. My research is in number theory, with an emphasis on modular forms and L-functions. Previously I was a postdoc at UCSC, a graduate student at McGill, and an undergraduate at Queen's.

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In preparation
  • Projects with Candelori and Mason.
Submitted papers
Published papers
Past courses
Course development
  • In the summer of 2015 I designed and wrote the project material for applied linear algebra (Math 214) at UofM as part of the REBUILD project. You can find it at this link.
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  • In the spring and summer of 2015 I worked with a team of faculty at UofM to redesign Math 214 (applied linear algebra). This was a project headed by David Speyer as part of the REBUILD project.
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  • In the summer of 2014 I redesigned and created all new lab material for Math 215 (Calc III) at UofM. You can find this material at this link. We did a pre-post assessment of the changes and found that they were beneficial for students. This was also part of the REBUILD project.