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This is a collection of material that relates to the wonderful world of Railroad gaming. Some of these items were created by the GLG, some collected from the web. May the coal be high and the rails always clear. Enjoy!

Age of Steam by Warfrog/Winsome Games

Variants for Age of Steam

Dampfross (Railway Rivals) by Laurin

Coming Soon: variant for race portion of game.

Empire Builder by Mayfair

Crayon Rails Deck Generator Web Site

Empire Builder Chart, 5th edition (.PDF file)

Cards for Fast Trains Variant

Rail Baron by Avalon Hill

Available Soon: "Master of the Rails" a desktop published supplement kit to Rail Baron by Greg Nichols. The kit will include an enhanced "Historical Steam Trains Variant" with beautiful color train images (4 historical trains per pawn color) printed on card stock. The kit will also include a quick & unique variant for determining routes and payoffs during the game. Projected availability: last quarter of 2006.

Articles from The General

My Favorite Lines: The Railroads of Rail Baron (.PDF file) (html)

Game Aids and Variants

Rail Baron - The FAQ

Rail Baron - A Euro-Style Game Variant

Rail Baron - Home Swapping Variant

Rail Baron - The Short Game Variant

Governmental Take Over! Variant

Chart for Governmental Take Over! (.PDF file)

Santa Fe Rails by GMT

The GLG's Variant Rules and Options for Santa Fe Rails

The following is an expanded version of the 2nd edition Sequence of Play which also includes explanations of cards and bonuses. Cut along dotted line and then fold along solid line in the middle and gluestick together for a nice card! This is in a .PDF format.

Santa Fe Rails 2nd ed. - Sequence of Play

Santa Fe Rails using first edition Santa Fe rules

Santa Fe Rails - City Value Chart (.PDF file)

Silverton by Mayfair

In this game's optional rules, there is a description of a Simplified Selling Price Chart. Well I've taken that info and put it into complete charts. Two versions are offered and both in .PDF format.

Black and White - Optional Simplified Selling Price Chart

Color - Optional Simplified Selling Price Chart

Station Master by Mayfair Games

Card List Playaid (.PDF file)

Scoresheets Playaid(.PDF file)

Ticket to Ride series by Days of Wonder

T2R-USA Long Routes Variant (.PDF file)

TransAmerica by Rio Grande Games

Unofficial and Official Variants (.PDF file)

Engine House No.2 Variant with track (.PDF file)

Union Pacific by Rio Grande Games

Nineteenth Century Union Pacific Game Variant

Union Pacific - 2nd edition rule changes

Union Pacific - "Sequence of Play" cards (.PDF file)

Union Pacific - "Variant Sequence of Play" cards (.PDF file)

Union Pacific - Variant Share Tokens (.PDF file)

Union Pacific - The Variants

Union Pacific Strategy Guide

Variant Union Pacific (UP) Dividend Table

Volldampf (Full Steam) by TM Spiele/Winsome Games

Volldampf is a quick and tense German Railroad-themed game. A couple of drawbacks for English-only players are the rules and the Action and Sequence of Play cards are written in German. The following files are here to help. Printout on a sticker sheet (best way) or card stock, English versions of the cards (the back side is only necessary for full card stock versions). These are Greg's adaptations of a BoardgameGeek upload by Robert L. Cannon in Word 2002 format. Plus, Greg's done a version 3.0 of the English rules translation (version 1.0 done by Bob Scherer-Hoock) to help cleanup some of the machine translation and formatting. Enjoy!

Action and SOP Card - The Fronts

Action and SOP Cards - The Backs

English Rules Translation version 3.0 (Word file) (.PDF file)

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