Santa Fe Rails

Playing first edition "Santa Fe" rules with a second edition "Santa Fe Rails" game

GMT's Santa Fe Rails is an enjoyable game whether you play with first or second edition rules. The first edition was published by White Wind under the name "Santa Fe." Thereís a good deal of difference between the two editions which can be characterized by the following:

The following instructions will allow you to play first edition Santa Fe rules with a second edition copy of Santa Fe Rails. Players could go strictly first edition or possibly include one or two of your favorite second edition features to create your own groupís edition. For instance, I do like the additional Short Line Railroads but split them up and put two in the middle third of the City deck and two in the last third of the City deck before shuffling. I think it creates more excitement by adding a bit more unknown to the appearance (or not) of these smaller railroads. Enjoy!

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