Union Pacific Variants

The following Union Pacific variants were designed by gamers to add new spice to an already great game.

“Unlimited UP Stock” Variant  The number of UP shares in the game are unlimited but the dividend table remains the same.  The basic game rules and sequence of play are in effect. In addition to the UP share cards, variant UP share tokens are needed to be able to cover any runaway trading for UP shares (see UP variant tokens .pdf file).

“UP Wild Card” Variant  UP shares may be played as “wild card” shares to add to other company shares currently played or being played to the table. Here, a UP share being used as a wild card can never be played alone into the display but must join at least one other share from a non-UP company. Also, the number of UP wild card shares played can never exceed the number of regular UP shares played within a player’s display. This variant requires use of the "variant sequence of play" in which you can never draw UP shares but only trade for them.

“UP Stock for Trade Only” Variant  Here, the UP stock will last longer as it is less likely that players will try for an early game run on it. In this variant, the only way to get UP stock within the sequence of play is to use the optional trade ability within the Building Track action sequence. By not allowing players to draw UP stock, they are limited to acquiring one share per turn through trade. (see the "Variant Sequence of Play" cards in Word '97 and .PDF formats.)

“UP Dividend Table” Variant Some players feel that, as originally conceived, Union Pacific (UP) stock is overvalued within the game. This player sentiment can cause a run on UP stock early in the game while ignoring the other profitable stocks. In order to address this perceived stock imbalance, players have often adopted a variant table which lowers the 2nd, 3rd and 4th dividends. Even if you don't feel there's a UP dividend imbalance, this variant table can add new strategy dimensions when used. (see Variant Union Pacific (UP) Dividend Table.) You can combine this variant with the "Variant Sequence of Play" to create a much different feel.

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