Government Gazettes Online

Government Gazettes, which are published by federal governments worldwide, are the means through which
the government can communicate to officials and the general public. Although most countries publish
a gazette, their regularity and content varies widely, which is noted in the description of each gazette. Gazettes are useful not only to monitor the actions of the government, but also as primary source documentation in research.

This website attempts to list all online government gazettes and their characteristics to aid researchers. A description of the contents and coverage are included for each gazette. Anyone wishing to do further research on foreign law will find useful resources in the bibliography.

If you know of further gazettes that can be found online or would like to offer comments and questions, please
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This project began through a project for the University of Michigan School of Information Alternative Spring Break, in which Anthony Davis and Caroline Crouse worked at the Dag Hammersköld Library at the United Nations for one week looking for online gazettes so that the library could weed their collection. We would like to thank our supervisor and the staff at the United Nations for the opportunity to work on this project, as well as Maurita Holland and the School of Information for giving us the opportunity to participate in Alternative Spring Break. Thank you to the Library of Congress for allowing us to use the book "A guide to official gazettes and their contents" for a reference to the contents of the gazettes. Finally, thank you to Grace York, head of the Documents Center at the University of Michigan for helping us develop this final product and hosting it on the Documents Center site.

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