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This legislative history guide was created by Michael Seadle, a student at the University of Michigan School of Information in 1997. His goal was to prepare a web tutorial similar to those given in class by live documents librarians. Mr. Seadle has since become a librarian at Michigan State, but his work lives on at Michigan and is revised as needed. Please send any comments to govdocs@umich.edu


You will get the most out of these Web pages if you go through them sequentially.

The 5 icons below are to make it easier for you to recognize what kind of information is being presented. Use them to scan the page for an overview of the process, for ideas and suggestions about how to proceed, and for Web, print, or database sources.

Remember: the symbols are visual guides only - not hot links.
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Overview: Legislative politics is a popular class assigment in the Public Health, Education, Social Work, Natural Resources, Public Policy, and Nursing schools at the University of Michigan, since professionals often lobby Congress about legislatio n related to their fields.

Since 1993, 75% of these assignments can be done using the World Wide Web. These pages will use environmental topics to illustrate the information retreival process.

Idea/Suggestion: You can find other resources in the Graduate Library at the Documents Center on the second floor.

As a professional, you may want to use this kind of information to lobby for legislation related to your field. Environmentalists are especially active lobbyists.

Table of Contents

You can go directly to any of the modules via this table of contents, but you will get the most out of this bibliographic instruction if you go through it from start to finish.

  1. Legislative Process
  2. Choosing a Topic
  3. Background Information
  4. Bill Indexes
  5. Hearings
  6. Committee Markups
  7. Floor Debates
  8. Presidential Statements
  9. Laws and Regulations
  10. Influences on Public Policy
  11. State Governments
  12. Conclusion and tour

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