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  1. Determine whether your variables were asked on the population or housing questionnaire. Population publications include only population data elements. Housing publications may also include selected population characteristics. Make a note of the appropriate questionnaire. Census Questionnaire Facsimile

  2. Determine whether your variables were asked on the 100% or sample questionnaire. If one of the variables was asked on the sample questionnaire, your source MUST come from the sample category. Sample data usually includes variables asked in the 100% questionnaire though in far less detail (e.g. fewer age breakdowns). Click on the link for the appropriate 100% or sample questionnaire.

  3. Click on the desired geographic level using Geographic Concepts.

  4. You will be given a list of appropriate printed reports, CD-ROMs, magnetic tapes, or Internet sites. Some Internet sites use several CD-ROM products so make a note of the CD-ROM file if you are planning to use the Internet.

  5. Click on the source. The full title and location will be given for printed publications, CD-ROMs, and magnetic tapes. A direct connection is made to Internet sources. Click on the asterisks for information about corresponding maps located in the Documents Center. Consult the Map Library for the availability of electronic maps.


Two questionnaires were used when the Census was conducted on April 1, l990. A short form with population and housing items was sent to each household in the United States. The long form with additional questions was sent to 17% of all housing units. For a more detailed list of the variables, see Census Variable Definitions.

100-Percent Items

Household relationshipNumber of units in structure
SexNumber of rooms in unit
RaceTenure (owned or rented)
AgeValue of home or monthly
Marital statusRent paid
Hispanic originVacancy characteristics
... Congregate housing

Sample Items

School enrollmentYear structure built
Educational attainmentYear moved into residence
State or foreign country of birthSource of water
Citizenship and year of immigrationSewage disposal
Language spoken at homeHeating fuel
AncestryPlumbing and kitchen facilities
Place of residence 5 years agoNumber of bedrooms
Veteran statusFarm residence
FertilityVehicles available
Place of workCondominium status
Journey to workShelter costs, including
Year last workedUtilities
Class of worker...
Work experience in 1989...
Income/poverty in 1989...
Labor force status...

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