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Last Updated on June 22, 2000


Over five hundred CD-ROM products are currently available from the federal government, international governmental agencies, and commercial firms for potential use by the public. Software packages are numerous, making mastery difficult for all but a few.

This matrix of CD-ROM products is being developed by government documents librarians from the Committee on Institutional Cooperation (Big 10 libraries plus the University of Chicago and University of Illinois-Chicago Circle) to identify existing user guides, technical documentation, and World Wide Web alternatives to the individual CD-ROM titles. It is also being used as a working paper from which CIC librarians will select documentation for conversion to web format.

The project is intended to support a broader CD-ROM documentation project being conducted by the Government Information Technology Committee of the American Library Association's Government Documents Round Table. The project is available from the University of Iowa.

Titles were chosen from a combination of federal depository item numbers, federal electronic shipping lists beginning FY 1997, and listings of government-related CD-ROM products at member institutions.

Federal government CD-ROMS are arranged by Superintendent of Documents Classification Number. The SUDOCS number for the CD-ROM version of a title does not alway correspond to a paper, microfiche, or Internet version. Titles have at times been truncated to conform to the tabular format.

This matrix may be updated by searching the Electronic Shipping Lists from SUNY/Buffalo and the University of Denver. [It has been checked through shipping list 2000-022-E.] Bibliographic information about individual titles can be obtained by searching the Monthly Catalog of United States Government Publications by SUDOCS Classification Number.


The following titles have been converted from their CD-ROM versions to the web by CIC librarians as part of this technical documentation project:


With many thanks to Larry Schankman of Mansfield University for his original list of United States Government CD-ROMS and Stephen Woods' GODORT/GITCO CD-ROM Documentation Template, the staff of Pennsylvania State University, the staff of the University of Memphis and Rob Lopresti, who started it all with his DocBase.

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