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BillsFull Text1989+DailyBills, Laws, RegulationsKeyword, Sponsor, Bill Number, Congress, Links from Other Publications
Bill StatusSummary1989+Daily; for glitches see THOMASBills, Laws, RegulationsKeyword, Sponsor, Bill Number, Congress
Code of Federal RegulationsFull TextCurrentBi-weeklyBills, Laws, Regulations Keyword, Agency, CFR Citation, US Code Authority
Committee CalendarsAbstract*1980s+MonthlyCongressional Publications; Search by CommitteeCommittee, Committee Print, Congress
Full TextCurrentUnknownMembers/CommitteesCommittee
Committee MembersFull TextCurrentAs NeededMembers, CommitteesCommittee
Committee PrintsAbstract*1970+MonthlyCongressional Publications Keyword, Subject, Committee, Title, Congress, Bill Number, Links from law searches
Full Text1993+MonthlyCongressional Publications Keyword, Committee, Congress, Links from law searches
Committee ReportsAbstract*1970+Monthly or more frequentCongressional PublicationsKeyword, Subject, Title, Committee, Congress, Bill Number, Law Number
Full Text1989+Monthly or more frequentCongressional PublicationsKeyword, Committee, Congress, Bill Number, Law Number
Congress DailyFull Text1991+Twice
Inside WashingtonKeyword, Year
Congressional RecordFull Text1985+DailyCongressional Publications Keyword, Bill as Keyword, Speaker, Congress, Date as separate search, Citations from other Universe searches
DocumentsAbstract*1970+MonthlyCongressional Publications Keyword, Subject, Congress, House/Senate, Title, Bill Number, Law Number
Full Text1995+Monthly?Congressional PublicationsKeyword, House/Senate, Congress, Law Number
Federal RegisterFull Text1980+DailyBills, Laws, Regulations Keyword, Agency, Type of Action, Date, Federal Register Citation, CFR Citation
Floor VotesAbstract*1987+UnknownMembersMember, Congress, Bill Number
HearingsAbstract*1970+MonthlyCongressional Publications Keyword, Subject, Year, Date searched as keyword, Committee, Title, Witness, Bill Number, Law Number
Full Text1988+DailyCongressional Publications Keyword, Committee, Year, Witness, Date searched as keyword, Links from law searches
LawsAbstract*1970+AnnualBills, Laws, Regulations OR Congressional PublicationsKeyword and Congress, Bill Number, Law Number, Statutes at Large citation
Full Text1988+Daily?Bills, Laws, RegulationsKeyword, Bill, Law Number, Statutes Number
Member Biographies, Finances, PositionsFull TextCurrentAs NeededMembers, CommitteesName and Personal Characteristics
National JournalFull Text1977+Weekly Inside WashingtonKeyword, Year
United States CodeFull TextCurrentMonthlyBills, Laws, RegulationsKeyword, USC Citation

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