United States Foreign Policy and United Nations Peacekeeping

National High School Debate Topic, 2004/05


Resolved: That the United States federal government should establish a foreign policy substantially increasing its support of United Nations Peacekeeping Operations.

Among the topics being debated are international relations theory (multilateralism v. unilateralism), humanitarian v. military intervention, United Nations costs and effectiveness, roles for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, and international crises within the past decade: Bosnia, Iraq, Kosovo, Rwanda, Somalia, and the Sudan.

Debate themes require an analysis of two or more positions on any given issue. Within the federal government this can be achieved by comparing Presidential administrations or locating debates within Congress. Non-federal sources for similar comparisons include think tanks, political parties, international organizations, foreign governments, journal articles and books on a particular aspect of the topic.

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Search Engines

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International Organizations and Peacekeeping

United Nations

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North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe

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President and Foreign Policy

Comprehensive Sources

President Bush

President Clinton

Past Presidents

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Executive Branch Agencies and Foreign Policy

Agency for International Development

Defense Department

National Security Council

State Department

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Congress and Foreign Policy

The Senate ratifies treaties and ambassadorial appointments. Congress as a whole has the power to declare war and to appropriate funds for national defense and foreign aid. The diverse opinions expressed by Members of Congress make Congressional publications a prime source for alternative viewpoints.

Types of Documents




Debates in Congressional Record

Congressional Research Agencies

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