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Last updated on October 9, 2008


The following is an annotated guide to some of the most useful research tools related to Inter-Governmental Organization (IGO) and Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) materials with a focus on IGOs. The page begins with a list of general resources for IGOs and NGOs, continues with a list of links to the websites of numerous Inter-Governmental Organization in alphabetical order. It collects, in the end, other information related to international issues such as treaties, news, simulations etc. This is not a complete list, although it strives to include all the main IGOs that present a webpage. The abbreviations listed on the left column refer to the English acronim used by the Organization. Also, as much as possible, we link to the English version of these Organizations' homepages.

General Lists of Links and Guides

      Alphabetical Index of Websites the United Nations system of Organizations
      • Portal to websites of the United nations, its funds, programmes, specialized agencies, key prjects and initiatives by the UN System
      • Can also be browsed by subject
      Foreign Governments Resources (U. Colo.)
      • Annotated subject index to foreign and international web sites and publications
      IGOs internet sites (Stanford University)

      International and Area Studies (Larry Schankman)
      • Annotated list of international organization and area studies web sites
      International Governmental Information at UC Berkeley
      • Extensive and clearly organized collection of links to international organizations and information
      star International and Regional Organizations (CIA)
      • Extensive listing of international and regional organizations with their address, phone, and fax
      • The information here collected does not link to the Internet
      • See also paper copy of the World Factbook located in Documents Center and UGL: G 122.U56
      star International Documents Task Force (ALA/GODORT by Northwestern University)
      • Links to international agencies, including their press releases and publications
      International Relations Research (Univ.Toronto/MIT)
      • Annotated guide to international relations research by subject or type of material
      • Includes lists of international governmental and non-governmental organizations
      Materials on International Organizations and Law (MSU)
      • Annotated bibliography of reference tools for international and regional organizations at the Michigan State University Library
      • Includes links to international internet sites
      Organizations of Africa (MBENDI)
      • Extensive list of African international organizations with a description and mail/phone contacts
      • Links from many of the organizations to descriptions of their member countries
      Organizations Involved with Eurasia
      • Links to peace, war, and refugee organizations involved in the Eurasia (and other) geographic areas
      • Developed by the Eurasia Research Center
      PRAXIS (UPenn)
      • Links to international governmental and non-governmental, regional, and social work organizations with particular stress on social development issues
      • Links to social and economic development web sites arranged by subject (e.g. population, housing, culture, employment) as well as social services available
      • Reference tools for social workers in the field of international development, including maps, flags, contacts, and travel information
      • Project of UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA)
      • Premier global online source of information on natural disasters and complex emergencies
      • Contains over 300,000 maps and documents dating back to 1981, with about 150 documents added daily
      • Chronological list of rulers and primary ministers arranged by country or international agency
      • Provides dates in office as well as birth and death dates
      • Essentially begins during the early 19th Century


Links to Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)Collections

      • Gateway to information on policy, practice, research and use of evidence-based development knowledge
      • Country profiles
      • Advanced search allows to search by organization, continent, keyword and document
      InterAction (American Council for Voluntary Action)
      • Web site for 150 of the world's relief, development and refugee assistance agencies
      • Links to information on refugees and disaster relief
      • News items, such as the status of foreign aid bills, Kurdish refugees
      • Description of the organization's humanitarian programs
      NGO Cafe

      • Index of NGO lists appears under NGO Bungee Jumps
      • Remainder of web site defines types of non-governmental organizations and suggests resources for their effective operation
      Non-Governmental Organizations Research Guide (Duke University)
      • Comprehensive list of international non-governmental organizations on the environment, human rights, and women but essentially covering all aspects of development
      • Cross-indexed alphabetically, by region, IGO affiliation, and subject
      • Separate list of reference materials and those NGOs providing significant statistical data
      • Initial web page describes scope and suggests methods for examining an NGO web site
      Non-Governmental Organizations with Consultative Status to ECOSOC NGO Network (resource for Central-Eastern Europe and Former Societ Union NGOs)
      • Provides an NGO database, NGOs directories, links to cross-border networks and think tanks for Central and Eastern Europe
      • Presence of an electronic library with information on the subject
      Relief and Rehabilitation Network
      • Links (bottom of the right column) to international governmental and non-governmental agencies providing humanitarian relief and disaster assistance (Red Pages)

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Links to Inter-Governmental Organization (IGOs)Collections

Inter-Governmental Organizations: A

      African Development Bank (AFDB)
      • Regional multilateral development finance institution dedicated to combating poverty and improving economic and social progress in the continent
      African Union (AU)
      • Organization promoting unity and solidarity among African States and cooperation for development
      • Official documents full text (of speeches, declarations, treaties, conventions, reports etc.)
      • Useful linksto other organizations connected with Africa or with topics of interest to Africa
      Andean Community
      • Full text of publications
      • Statistics
      • Additional links on each Andean State (organized by major subject) when clicking on the name
      Arctic Council
      • Regional forum for sustainable development, concentrating on environmental, social and economic issues
      • Environment links
      • Working groups (AMAP, CAFF, EPPR, PAME, and SDWG
      Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
      • Organization of Pacific Rim nations promoting business development
      • News releases and the full text of major publications
      • Member nation profiles include brief descriptive information and extensive links to economic and business web sites
      Asian Development Bank
      • Recent ADB social, economic, and agricultural projects by country
      • ADB Business Opportunities, a monthly periodical with business procurement notices
      • Press releases, catalog of publications
      • Environmental impact assessments
      • The University of Michigan is an Asian Development Bank depository library; publications may be located by searching MIRLYN's MCAT
      Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN)
      • Speeches and documents of the ASEAN summits
      • Economic agreements, foreign policy and regional cooperation
      • Foreign trade statistics beginning 1993
      • Official web sites of ASEAN members
      Asian Productivity Organization
      • Contribute to the socioeconomic development of Asia and the Pacific through enhancing productivity
      • E-books and e-reports on Agriculture, Community development, Industry and Services and Green Productivity
      Asociacion Latinoamericana de Integration (ALADI)
      • Statistics
      • List of Integration and Cooperation Organizations of Latin America and the Caribbean Islands
      • Other useful links


Inter-Governmental Organizations: B

      Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC)
      • Organization aimed at fostering political and economic interaction and harmony among the Black Sea region States
      Bank for International Settlements
      • Full text of selected conference, economic and working papers on international banking
      • Full text of its quarterly International Banking and Financial Market Developments since Fall 1996 with numerous statistical tables
      • Publications require Adobe Acrobat to view and files may be very large
      • Links to national banks with web site

Inter-Governmental Organizations: C

Inter-Governmental Organizations:E

European Organizations

European Union


        Historical Archives of the European Communities (at the European University Institute)
        • History, access, and holdings of the archives, located in Florence, Italy
        SCAD Bibliographic Data Base (transferred to the European Commission Central Library's ECLAS database)
        • Index to more than 350,00 documents beginning 1983
        • Includes Community legislation, official publications, articles, and opinions from the two sides of industry
        • Useful links to other European libraries or information centers to the left
        • Locating publications in SCAD
          • Publications marked OJL refer to the Official Journal of the European Communities--Legislation located in the Graduate Library stacks, JN 30 .A1 A343, (1973-1999 issues) and in the Documents Center Workstation (2000- issues in CD-rom)
          • COM documents are located in the Law Library
          • Other documents cited by SCAD may be unavailable at the University of Michigan

    See the class assignment web page for International Organization and Integration for coverage of the single European currency unit

Inter-Governmental Organizations: F


      Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
      • FAO catalog of publications, its work programme, and press releases
      • Main page has search capacity; for a list of contents, see the "What's New" section Connect directly to statistical time series on agriculture, fisheries, forestry, land use, and population searchable by commodity or country FAO Document Repository
        • Full text of many FAO reports since 1986
        • Three different search engines provide a combination approach by title, document owner, series number, date, and language but not be subject heading
      Francophonie, Organization International de la (OIF) - in French
      • Organization that aims to influence politics in favor of peace, democracy and human rights through multilateral cooperation
      • Intends to promote the French language and linguistic and cultural diversity
      Free Trade Area of the Americas
      • Organization charged by the 1994 Miami agreement to create a single free trade area in the Western Hemisphere
      • Text of Miami agreement, goals, and official documents
      • Text in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French

Inter-Governmental Organizations: G


      G7 Information Centre (U.Toronto)
      • News about current year's summit
      • Delegations and documents from previous summits beginning 1975
      • Searchable bibliography of scholarly papers regarding the summit with selected links to the full text of materials
      • Related G-7 Summit web sites
      G7 Denver Summit
      • Newspaper coverage
      • Useful facts about participating countries, including common phrases in the vernacular
      G8 Summit
        G8 Summit (Official Web Site)
        • Summit documents, including those of the finance ministers meetings the preceding week
        • News coverage
        • Summary of the issues
        • May 15-17, 1998 in Birmingham, England
        • Russia included for the first time
      General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) Digital Library, 1947-94 (Stanford)
      • Search or browse over 30,000 documents and 300 publications on reducing trade barriers
      • Free registration required to view the pdf version of a full text
      • GATT was the immediate predecessor of the World Trade Organization
      Group of 77
      • Organization of Third World countries created within the United Nations in 1964
      • Press releases and documents primarily on development issues
      • Full text of Group 77 Journal since January 1997
      Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)
      • effect coordination, integration and inter-connection among the Member States in all fields in order to achieve unity
      • deepening and strengthening of relations, links and areas of cooperation among their citizens
      • Statistics

Inter-Governmental Organizations: I

      Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR)
      • Affiliated with the Organization of American States
      • Full text of the Inter-American Human Rights Commission annual reports since 1970,basic documents and special reports
      • Also see the Inter-American Human Rights Database (Washington College of Law)
      Inter-American Development Bank
      • Basic social, economic, and monetary data for North and South American countries accessed through a clickable map
      • Information on approved projects by country
      Inter-Parliamentary Union
      • Statutes, membership, and rules governing the IPU
      • Bibliography of printed publications for sale and index of books and articles on parliamentary subjects since 1992 Parliaments of the World
        • List of all countries with a parliamentary system
        • Links to their web sites if available PARLIN provides basic parliamentary and electoral information (e.g. constituencies, voter qualifications) for all countries as well as the latest election results (voter turnout; statistics on elected officials by party, profession, sex, and age; textual analysis
      International Atomic Energy Agency
      • Full text of documents and debates from the IAEA's latest conference
      • Organizational information and access to the IAEA's bibliographic data base
      International Bureau of Education (IBE)
      • First intergovernmental organization in the field of education; IBE it is the center of the UNESCO that concentrates on sharing information and expertise on education to improve curriculum development in all areas of the world
      • IBE databanks on world education
      International Bureau of Weights and Measures
      International Civil Aviation Organization
      • News releases include statistics on air traffic and finance
      • Organizational information
      InternationalCoffee Organization(ICO)
      • Main intergovernmental organization for coffee, aiming at international cooperation between both producing and consuming countries in facing the challenges that the world coffee sector encounters
      • Statistics (prices, trade etc.)
      International Criminal Court
      • Description of the court
      • Information for victims and the defense, including rules of procedure
      • On-going cases
      • Documents of the governing board
      Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court
      • Text of the Rome Statute (1998) and succeeding preparatory commission documents
      • Material from 1995-97 not yet digitized
      International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES)
      • ICES coordinates and promotes marine research in the North Atlantic Waters, Baltic Sea and North Sea
      • Data Center offers data on oceanography, marine environment, fish etc.
      International Court of Justice (World Court)
      • Selected court decisions since 1948; statutes and rules of the court
      • Current dockets include complaints, requests for provisional measures, oral pleadings, orders and decisions by judges, and press releases
      International Development Association (World Bank)
      • Statistics on international lending
      • Reports on the results of development lending
      • Information about the organization and lending procedures
      • List of IDA approved projects
      International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
      • News releases, principles of disaster relief and humanitarian concerns
      • Links to national Red Cross/Red Crescent societies
      International Finance Corporation
      • The goal of this organization is to promote private investments in developing coutries to improve the economy and reduce poverty
      • IFC Annual reports
      International Hydrographic Organization
      • Promotes safe navigation and the protection of the marine environment
      • Web site provides very brief information on the organization and a zipped" catalog of publicationns
      International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance
      • Articles and guidance on election issues for new democracies
      • Subjects include voter and candidate registration, voting technology, counting ballots, campaign finance
      • Country data on voter turnout
      International Institute for the Unification of Private Law
      • The purpose of this organizationa is to study the needs and methods for coordinating and harmonising private and commercial law between States and groups of States
      • Annual reports and documents
      • UNILEX database of international case law and bibliography on the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG) and on the UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts
      International Joint Commission
      • Organization resolving water boundary disputes between the United States and Canada
      • Web site includes numerous reports, press releases, and newsletter articles on environmental concerns
      • List of basins, provinces, and states which are involved
      International Labour Organization (ILO)
      • Organizational information and Director General speeches
      • Press releases on such subjects as child labor, salaries, and occupational safety; some statistics included
      • Catalog of ILO publications Mirror Site (Cornell) LABORDOC
        • Index of over 350,000 publications (since 1919) on labour, employment and related social and economic development issues
        • Searchable by keyword, author, title, year, country, and provides multilingual access (English, French and Spanish) to specialized documents
        • Labor laws for over 170 countries and territories
        • Searchable by a combination of subject, country and year
      International Maritime Organization
      • A UN agency promoting maritime safety and prevention of marine pollution
      • Summarizes the text of maritime conventions
      • Press releases and a bibliography of maritime legal documents arranged by subject
      International Monetary Fund
      • Press releases and speeches of the IMF beginning 1995
      • Catalog of publications for purchase
      • Full text of a few selected titles
      • Extensive links to international financial organizations
      International Narcotics Control Board
      • Press releases include information about individual drugs and narcotics control treaties
      • Annual report provides regional and country statistics on illegal use of drugs and drug trafficking
      International Organization for Migration
      • Descriptions and hot links to national and international projects on migration studies
      • Bibliographies and the full text of selected documents
      • National migration laws
      • Data sets, migration news, and search engine being planned
      International Organization for Standardization
      • An NGO promulgating technical standards
      • Organizational information and a catalog of publications
      International Standards Organization Country Codes
      • Two letter abbreviation for countries arranged by abbreviation
      • Useful for statistical manipulation and web site identification
      International Seabed Authority
      • Established by the United Nations to regulate seabed activities such as mining
      • Text of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea and related Secretary General reports
      • Minutes of ISA meetings
      • Maps and databases under construction as of August 1997
      International Telecommunications Satellite Organization
      • Current ephemeris data
      • Accomplishments of organization in international communications
      • Numerous graphics
      International Telecommunications Union
      • Speeches, press releases, and newsletters
      • Catalog of publications and data bases
      International Trade Center
      • Technical cooperation agency of the UNCTAD and WTO for aspects of trade development
      • The link to " Coutries" provides information about national trade and support institutions
      International Whaling Commission
      • Organization set up with the purpose to regulate the whaling activities throughout the world, protect certain species and prescribe open/ closed seasons and areas for whaling
      • Requires from the member states compilation of catch reports and statistics
      Inter Parliamentary Union
      • Organization that fosters communication and coordination among parliaments and parliamentaries of all countries for peace and democracy
      • Alphabetical list of websites of National Parliaments
      • Bibliographic database about women in politics
      • IPU publications available in full-text
      Islamic Development Bank
      • International Financial Institution established to foster economic development and social progress of its member coutries as well as other Muslim coutries and communities in the world
      • Islamic Research and Training Institute (IRTI) Online Publications are offered full-text in English and French besides the official language Arabic
      • Socio economic statistics on IDB member coutries

Inter-Governmental Organizations: L


      Latin American Integration Association (LAIA or ALADI)
      • Latin American group of integration promoting free regional trade
      • Statistics and socio-economic indicators
      • Publicationsinclude official documents, the ALADI journal, studies and newsletters
      League of Arab States
      • Organization aimed to promote economic, social, political, and military cooperation among its member countries
      League of Nations
        League of Nations Covenant
        • Full text of Covenant with amendments through 1924
        • Part of Yale University's Avalon Project
        League of Nations Photo Archive (Indiana University)
        • Photographs of the historic League of Nations assemblies, councils, conferences, International Labor Organization, and Permanent Court of International Justice, 1920+ List of the heads of state and foreign officers of member countries, 1920-45
        • Links to online books, archives, and reference material
        League of Nations Statistical Yearbook (Northwestern University)
        • PDF version of the League's main statistical compendium, 1926-1944 Divided by year and chapter for easy retrieval Country data on population, prices, employment, public finance, industry, agriculture, and trade
        • Text in French

Inter-Governmental Organizations: M

      • Latin American economic organization Official Page
        • Organizational information, membership, treaties, agenda, official bulletin, and related links
        • In Spanish or Portuguese
        Mercosur Economic Research Network
        • Publications, working papers and project information
        • In Spanish, Portuguese, English
        Mercosur Portal
        • Website created by the IDRC and Mercosur Economic Research Network to help users research the Mercosur
        • In Spanish, Portuguese, English
      Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency
      • World Bank agency encouraging investment in developing countries Statistics on investors and recipients
      • Annual report and news items on investment activities


Inter-Governmental Organizations: N

      NAFTA Secretariat
      • Secretariat for the North American Free Trade Agreement Charter of the agency, its rules and decisions Links to the Canadian, U.S. and Mexican secretariats as well as their trade agencies
      • English, Spanish and French
      Nonaligned Movement
      • Provides all member states, regardless of size and importance, with an opportunity to participate in global decision-making and world politics
      • Links to documents, statements, reports and resolutions
      Nordic Council
      • Countries include Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden History and organization of the Council Directory of council members and Nordic institutions
      • Links to the statistical agencies of the participating countries
      Nordic Investment Bank
      • International financial institution of its member countries aiming to promote economic cooperation and development through the long-term financing of projects in the private and public sectors
      North Atlantic Assembly
      • Full text of its publications
      • Staff, meeting, and conference information
      North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
      • Historic documents, NATO Handbook, NATO Review
      • Current press releases and fact sheets
      Nuclear Energy Agency -- (OECD)
      • Focus on nuclear energy safety Catalog of publications and the full-text of selected newsletters and issue briefs arranged by subject
      • Links to web sites of national coordinating agencies


Inter-Governmental Organizations: O

      Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
      • Catalog of OECD publications and data products
      • News and activities
      • Free documents arranged by committee since 1990 on subjects such as sustainable development, electronic commerce, trade
      OECD Washington Center
      • Summary demographic, economic, and energy data for OECD countries in Adobe Acrobat format
      • Publication order information for United States customers
      Source OECD (UMich Only)
      • Statistical data bases and periodicals of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development In-depth time series of data for the Western European countries, United States, Canada, Japan, and Australia Main Economic Indicators, Historical Indicators, and National Income and Product Accounts appear under PERIODICALS/STATISTICAL PERIODICALS Economic Surveys are under PERIODICALS
        • When you access the web site, you will be recognized as a University of Michigan user on the righthand side of the screen if you are eligible to use it You MUST register the first time, create a password, and use it for each successive access Use the search engine on the righthand side or the PERIODICALS or STATISTICS links at the top of the page Thereafter you can navigate from the middle of the screen or the lefthand frame Articles are in pdf format Data bases require you to choose series, countries, and dates
        • Data can be downloaded in spreadsheet format
      Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
      • The Chemical Weapons Convention went in effect on April 29, 1997
      • Web site has lists of national signatories and complete texts of its meeting document
      Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe
      • Information about the organization, press releases Structure of the Parliamentary Assembly and its committees
      • Full text of the Council Journal
      Organization of African Unity (Research Planning and Population Division)
      • Primarily policy statements
      • Newsletter includes some statistics on city population with projections into the 21st Century
      Organization of American States
      • OAS Foreign Trade Information System
        • Text of trade and investment treaties in the Western Hemisphere
        • Links to trade data and trade classification systems of Organization of American States members
      • Organization of American States
        • Speeches of Secretary General of OAS Directories, calendars, and organizational information
        • Bibliography of OAS publications (primarily in Spanish) with summaries
      • OAS Documents at the University of Michigan
        • The Microform Reading Room has microfiche copies of the OAS Documentos Oficiales, 1965-77, as MICRO-F X207 The printed bibliography, 1961-77, includes an index and list in Spanish as Doc. Cen. Z 1605 .P17. The U-M Law Library has the microfiche, 1986-2000 as Micro-10 S430 and the printed index, 1988-2000, as Microfrm Room Books D6374 O32da. (Michigan State University has more updated versions under the call number: F1402 .A1). Find the series number in the index (e.g. 1969, OEA/Ser.K/XVI,1.1); then locate the number to the left of the entry (e.g. K272)
        • Go to the microfiche; look for the year (1969), Series Number (OEA/Ser.K), and then the entry number (K272)
      Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries(OAPEC)
      • Focuses on cooperation among its Arab member countries for the development of the petroleum industry
      • Publications include Annual Reports, Statistical reports, Monthly Bulletin in both Arabic and English
      Organization of the Eastern Caribbean States
      • Promotes education and its contribution to the social, cultural and economic development of the member countries
      • Documents organized by area of interest
      Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC)
      • Aimed at promoting Islamic solidarity among its member states and cooperation in political, economic, social, and cultural affairs
      Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)
      • News releases and a list of publications
      • Information about member countries includes statistics on oil production capacity


Inter-Governmental Organizations: P

Inter-Governmental Organizations: S

      Secretariat of the Pacific Community
      • Covers history, objectives, member states, publications, and depository libraries E-Mail directories of staff and employment opportunities Organization named South Pacific Commission until February 6, 1998 Pacific Regional Information System (SPC)
        • Extensive comparative tables of economic, social, demographic, and weather data from the individual South Pacific islands
        • Links to their corresponding national data web sites
      Shanghai Cooperative Organization (SCO)
      South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
      • Organization promoting social development in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka
      • Charter, objectives, report, and newsletter beginning January 1996
      South Center
      South East Asian Ministers of Education Organizations
      Southern African Development Community
      South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission
      South Pacific Commission Summit of the Americas
      • Conference of Western Hemisphere leaders, April 18-19, 1998, on free trade, democracy, human rights, education, economic development Press releases, video clips, and final declaration
      • Videoclips of 1994 Miami conference

Inter-Governmental Organizations: U



UN Official Records | UN System Web Sites | UN Publications
UN Related Agencies | UN Research Guides | UN Web Sites

Document Definition Index Full Text
Official RecordsDebatesAccess UN*, 1946+
UN Speech Index, 1983+
Access UN*, 1990+ if vote
UNODS, 1992+
DocCen in paper and fiche
ResolutionsLegislation that has been approved
Resolutions are not assigned an A/RES or S/RES designation until they are approved
Access UN*, 1946+ Access UN*, 1990+
UNODS, 1946+
UN Web Site
--GA, 1981+
--SC, 1974+
DocCen in paper and fiche
Draft ResolutionsProposed Resolutions Before Passed
Usually designated with numbers as A/55/L.62, S/13790, etc.
UNBISnet, 1979+ (Keyword search: B02)
Access UN*, 1946+
(keyword search: draft resolution)
UNODS, 1992+
Documents Center paper and fiche
Voting RecordsCountry Votes on Resolutions That Passed
For defeated resolutions, check UN debates by hand
Voting Records
--SC, 1946+
--GA, 1983+
Voting Records
--Security Council, 1946+
--General Assembly, 1983+
Mimeographed (Masthead)Letters and DraftsAccess UN*, 1946+ UN Web Site, some, 1990+
UNODS, 1992+
DocCen in paper and fiche

*Campus-Licensed Web Site

      United Nations Web Sites

        Official Website Locator for the United Nations System of Organizations

        star United Nations
        • Basic information on the United Nations (history, charter, member countries)
        • Press releases, daily highlights
        • General Assembly, ECOSOC, and Security Council publications and resolutions
        • Index permits keyword searching for all documents or by individual type of document
        • Major conference documents, catalog of UN sales
        United Nations Yearbook
        • Very detailed summary of debates and actions taken by the United Nations and its main bodies published annually since 1946
        • Articles often include the text of resolutions and references to individual documents
        • Extremely valuable for indexing
        • Individual volumes are browsable and searchable with all volumes cross searchable using Boolean logic and proximity indicators
        United Nations Conferences
        • List of previous UN conferences since 1994 and future international conferences
        General Assembly Agenda: 50th Session, 1995

        Membership Payments United Nations Peacekeeping Operations
        • Details current and completed operations, personnel contributions, fatalities in pdf format
        • Provides deployment maps
        Permanent Missions to the United Nations (UNDP)
        • Links to web sites of UN missions from various countries
        • Web sites often have texts of press releases and speeches in the General Assembly and Security Council
        United Nations Information System on the Question of Palestine
        • Full text of letters, mimeographed (masthead) documents, reports, resolutions, UN Yearbook articles, and debate transcripts in the General Assembly and Security Council
        • League of Nations is the source for 1917-39; United Nations is the source, 1945 to present
        • Main access point is chronological with supplement access by UN series symbol, type of document, title, and subject
        • Keyword searching requires a password currently not available through the library
        UN Chronicle
        • Quarterly periodical on issues facing the United Nations
        • Selected articles on the web since 1997
        • Full text available on Academic Universe (UMich Only) since 1983
        United Nations Speech Index
        • Indexes speeches in the General Assembly, Economic and Social Council, Security Council and Trusteeship Council since 1983
        • Index by country or keyword
        • Sample search by country, subject and session:
            Choose keyword
            russia* 54 kosovo
        • Data includes speaker, country, subject, date, record number, and agenda item number
        • Does not link to the full text of document
        • Speeches are also indexed since 1946 in Access UN (UMich Only)
        UN Statistics Common Data Base (UMich Only)
        • Hundreds of data elements for almost all countries, 1946+ present
        • Subjects include agriculture, economics, health, prices, men and women, education, labor, development assistance, environment
        • Basic View allows selection of single data series for up to 10 countries for 20 years
        • Advanced View supports multiple series, years, and countries with downloading capability into Excel, ASCII, or CSV formats
        • Web site includes definitions, sources of the data, and a topical list of subjects
        • To be replaced by UN Data in July 2008

        United Nations Voting Records
        • Country voting records on Security Council resolutions since 1946 and General Assembly resolutions since the 38th Session (1983) with a possible one-year time delay
        • Searchable by resolution number or keyword
        • Data includes votes name of resolution, resolution number, agenda item number, and voting records for individual countries
        • Note: the arrangement is by resolution rather by country Additional Sources of Voting Records
            General Assembly 58th Session, Supplement 47
            • Pages 13-19 give all public SECURITY COUNCIL VETOES, 1946-June 2004
            United Nations Roll Call Data, 1946-1985 covers General Assembly; in SPSS format; ICPSR membership only Nations on Record (Doc. Cen. JX 1977.8 .V6 N28) has General Assembly roll call charts, 1945-86 General Assembly Sessional Index, 1975+ (in Documents Center UN Collection) and Security Council Sessional Index, 1976+ (in Documents Center UN Collection have similar charts

      United Nations System
        Dag Hammarskjold Library Blog
        • New United Nations publications
        United Nations System (Official Index)
        • Locates UN information by alphabetic, subject, and UN classification of agencies
        • Links to frequently-requested information and related international information
        starUnited Nations System (UNDCP)
        • Gopher and web sites of the various UN departments, affiliated agencies, and conferences
        • Texts of UN resolutions (indexed)
        • See the Documents Center's CD-ROM index of United Nations publications for additional material
        United Nations International Computing Center
        • Well-organized list of United Nations system gopher and web sites

      United Nations Publication Indexes

        Access UN (UMich Only)

        • Index to United Nations documents issued since 1946
        • Searches may be defined by author, country, type of document (official record, sales publication), subject, title, text, and date
        • Provides citations to United Nations microfiche and paper records located in the Documents Center
        • Includes the full text of General Assembly plenary meetings (A/PV) since 1993 (48th session) and its committees (e.g. A/C.2/46/SR.1) since the 45th session, 1990, when they contain voting records

        UNBISnet (Dag Hammarskjold Library)
        • Free index to United Nations publications and some non-UN publications in its library, roughly since 1983
        • Searchable by author, title, subject, and UN number
        • Multi-index search also taps voting records and speeches since 1983

        United Nations Official Documents System
        • Free full text of UN Official Records and related parliamentary documents since 1992 as well as journals and bulletins
        • Searchable by date, document symbol, and full text with output in Adobe Acrobat format
        • Best indexing is by known document number

        Documents Alert Service (DHL)
        • Annotated list of important documents issued by the United Nations within the previous month Arranged by date or UN series symbol Some hot links provided to the full text
        • Documents Center will receive the publications in paper copy
        United Nations Documentation: Research Guide
        • Very complete and cross-reference guide to United Nations publications Includes explanation of UN number systems (series, sales), full-text options, speeches, resolutions, news releases
        • References include paper sources, free material on the web, and subscription items
        United Nations InfoQuest (Unique)
        • Dag Hammarskjold's index to annual reports, official records, serials and major conference documents
        • Identifies United Nations sales, official record, and series numbers (e.g. series numbers for all of the annual reports of UNICEF)
        UN Statistics Common Data Base
        • Hundreds of data elements for almost all countries, 1946+ present Subjects include agriculture, economics, health, prices, men and women, education, labor, development assistance, environment Basic View allows selection of single data series for up to 10 countries for 20 years Advanced View supports multiple series, years, and countries with downloading capability into Excel, ASCII, or CSV formats
        • Web site includes definitions, sources of the data, and a topical list of subjects
        United Nations Statistics Division
        • Primarily lists the publications and electronic products available for purchase
        • Some free online and methodological material
        United Nations System Pathfinder (Dag Hammarskjold Library)
        • Bibliography of main reference tools produced by the United Nations system Arranged by broad topic (culture, disarmament, environment, human rights, international peacekeeping) and further subdivided References include links to web versions (seldom available) and UN series or sales numbers
        • Ask at the Documents Desk to locate individual publications listed
        United Nations Yearbook
        • Very detailed summary of debates and actions taken by the United Nations and its main bodies published annually since 1946
        • Articles often include the text of resolutions and references to individual documents
        • Extremely valuable for indexing
        • Individual volumes are browsable and searchable with all volumes cross searchable using Boolean logic and proximity indicators

    United Nations Research Guides

      Academic Council on the United Nations System
      • Full text of selected ACUNS publications (copyrighted) and United Nations documents (not copyrighted) Links to web sites on selected United Nations issues
      • Membership information, programs, and projects
      United Nations at 60 (UMich)
      • Web site celebrating the 60th anniversary of the United Nations on October 24, 2005 and complementing a Graduate Library display Brief description of the origins, charter, structure, and work of the United Nations
      • Created by Sarah Cookingham and Catherine Morse
      United Nations Scholars' Workstation (Yale University)
      • Subject index to web sites with United Nations information Links to numeric data sites
      • Academic information about Yale's UN Studies program and Yale Library resources


      United Nations Cartographic Section
      • General political maps by region of the world
      • Detailed maps on UN peacekeeping missions with pull-down menus describing the mission and all UN deployments
      United Nations Children's Fund
        Progress of Nations is an annual statistical report on conditions affecting women and children, including health, sanitation, education, infant mortality, female mutilation State of the World's Children, 1997 focuses on child labor Separate section provides statistical data and mapping by country
      • Convention on the Rights of the Child
      United Nations Commission on Human Rights
      • Web site includes human rights protocols and treaties Documents of the Commission on Human Rights and its related bodies Reports by the UN and some decisions on human rights implementation in various countries For additional information on the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights
          Country Reports Decisions
          • Selected Decisions of the Human Rights Committee, 1982-92, are available in the Graduate Library Stacks: K 3239.23 .H8611
          • United Nations Official Documents System includes the full text of Human Rights Committee decisions under the series number: CCPR/C/Session/D/Number/Year (e.g. CCPR/C/82/D/92/2000

      United Nations Commission on International Trade Law
      • Regulates the flow of trade between countries Text of laws, model laws for countries
      • Includes case law resulting from UNCITRAL's work
      United Nations Conference on Disarmament
      • Final Report of the Review Conference (1996) and annual reports to the United Nations beginning 1995 Historic documents and disarmament treaties
      • Organizational proceedings and selected publications
      United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
      • Press releases and the full text of documents concerning UNCTAD's structure Summaries of its Trade and Development Report and World Investment Report For the most part publications are cited but the full text not included
      • UNCTAD documents are available in the University of Michigan Library; consult the Documents Center
      United Nations Crime and Justice Information Network (UNCJIN)
      • Data from its crime trends surveys, 1970-94, in zipped format for ASCII, LOTUS, and SPSS software
      • United Nations guidelines on crime prevention, criminal justice, and the treatment of prisoners
      United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
      • Extensive data base of news releases, documents, and conferences on poverty, women, disease, nutrition and related development issues
      • Includes the annual Human Development Reports (for previous reports search through the "find report" option on the right column).
      United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
      • Description of the agencies activities in economics, population, social issues, statistics, and transportation Newsletters and the text of abstracts of the Asian-Pacific Population Journal beginning 1994
      • Summary statistical data for each country includes demographics, vital statistics, protein consumption, government finance, landuse, employment, transportation, literacy
      United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
      • News of social and economic development issues African Economic Outlook provides analysis of economic and social conditions with some regional and country statistical data Africa Index lists periodical articles on social and development issues; found under Library heading
      United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (ECE)
      • Web pages of its divisions (transport, economics, statistics, trade) identify their programs and major program documents Press releases and catalog of publications
      • Statistics limited to a summary country data for Europe and the U.S. as well as timber and gas statistics (as of August 1997)
      United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC)
      • Reports of regional conferences Information about ECLA's data bases and projects
      • News releases include an analysis of economic trends, including poverty and jobs
      United Nations Economic and Social Commision for Western Asia (ESCWA)
      • ESCWA Documents, Press Releases, Statistics and Publications
      United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
        • Press releases, description of UNESCO programs
        • Catalog of UNESCO publications and data bases
        UNESCO Bibliography
        • Indexes about 100,000 records for books, book chapters, and UNESCO documents in the UNESCO Library Includes microfiche documents listed in UNESCO List of Documents and Publications (Doc.Cen. Z 6483 .U5 A51) Approach by author, title, keyword, publication year, and language
        UNESCO Documents
        • FULL TEXT of General Conference and Executive Board proceedings, resolutions, conferences, and speeches of the Director General since 1995 Searchable by keyword, author, date, and document number Includes reports of substance on education issues Files searchable together with some subsets (e.g. General Conference) separately searchable
        • Sample search: early childhood education [same phrase/words in text] and taiwan or japan or colombia or korea [in keyword]
        UNESCO Education Server
        • Statistics on educational enrollment, attainment, teaching, and finance for the world, contents, and groups of countries Directory of national ministries of education and distributors of UNESCO publications
        • Turn off the graphics on your browser to expedite access
        UNESCO Statistics
        • Educational enrollment and attainment data for individual countries for the past 15 years as excerpted from the UNESCO Statistical Yearbook
        • Time series data for individual countries on adult illiteracy, school funding, and the media
        UNESCO Thesaurus
        • Subject headings used with the various bibliographies Browsable by descriptor or by hierarchy
        • Lists broader terms, related terms, Spanish and French equivalents

Inter-Governmental Organizations: W


      Western European Union
      • Basic documents and press releases
      World Bank
      • Describes programs and publications of the World Bank Extensive summaries of selected publications Approximately 150 book titles issued by the World Bank are available to University of Michigan affiliates through Net Library World Development Indicators (UMich Only)
        • World Bank data base with 593 series of demographic, economic, and environmental information for 226 countries Time series covers 1960 to present when annual data are available for a given country Choose countries or groups of countries Choose series with the tree or alphabetical view Choose years Once you view the data, choose the orientation (columns or rows), scaling options, display (chart, index, raw) Download into ASCII or Excel format For the University of Michigan, this replaces access provided by the dear departed CITRIX server
        • The Documents Center will maintain a CD-ROM for single workstation access
      World Court World Customs Organization
      • The WCO attempts to simply and standardize customs administration
      • List of legal conventions on customs (not the text), recommendations for improvement, and links to member country customs web sites
      World Food Programme
      • Weekly newsletter on food shortages by country Appeals for assistance
      • Statistics on food aid needed and assistance by country and/or commodity
      World Health Organization
      • Press releases, programs, directories and publications of WHO Description of its statistics program with some viewable or downloadable files Full text of many reports in pdf format Bulletin of the World Health Organization in full text since 2000
      World Intellectual Property Organization
      • United Nations agency regulating copyright, trademark, patent, and Internet domain issues issues Text of current treaties as well as the international patent classification system Numerous reports on the issues
      • Libraries with large WIPO documents collections include the Library of Congress (depository); Illinois Institute of Technology/Kent College Law Library; Stanford University; University of Nevada at Reno
      World Meteorological Organization
      • Index of weather data on the Internet by continent and type
      • Press releases and description of WMO programs
      World Tourism Organization
      • International agency coordinating worldwide tourist policies and improvements International Tourism Overview summarizes top country and regional tourist destinations as well as revenue received
      • Access to specialized data bases requires a password
      World Trade Organization
        Trade Policy Reviews analyze trade policy and assistance needed in developing countries Regulation and policy on goods, services, copyright Description of organization and its programs, press releases, newsletters, and a bibliography of publications
      • See also GATT

earth Treaties



      American Society of International Law
      • Extensive guide to print, CD, and internet sources of international law Focus on criminal, human rights, maritime, environment, and economic law "How to" instructions on using information
      • Organization's newsletter and issue briefs


      United Nations Treaty Data Base
        United Nations Treaties
        • Subject approach to international treaties deposited with the United Nations and League of Nations Searchable by subject, parties, type of agreement, date signed Text viewable page by page Alternative plug-in permits one to view the entire treaty at the same time
        • The full texts of the treaties are also located in the printed United Nations Treaty Series (JX 170 .U54 with current in the Documents Center)
        Multilateral Treaties
        • Provides title, registration, date entered into force, location of text, and participants with their signature, ratification/accession/succession and reservations
        • The paper is the equivalent is Multilateral Treaties Deposited with the Secretary General (Doc. Cen. JX 4165 .U54)

      World Treaty Index, 1900-1980
      • Doc. Cen. JX 171 .R74 Indexes international treaties by party, keyword, and date Includes League of Nations and United Nations Treaties
      • May cite treaty sources from other countries that must be borrowed on Inter-Library Loan
      • Also available online from the University of Washington Library

      Avalon Project (Yale)
      • Full text of historic legal and political documents for the U.S., Western Europe, and the Middle East
      • Includes numerous treaties beginning with the 18th Century with focus on treaties ending individual wars
      International Laws and Treaties (House of Rep)
      • Links to major historical and current international treaties, including those on the UN and League of nations, trade, human rights, the environment and peace treaties following major wars
      International Treaties (Law Research)
      • Miscellaneous collection of international treaties arranged by title
      League of Nations Treaty Series
      • Treaties published 1920-1946 Paper copy in Buhr: J2000 .A4
      • Microfiche copy in Serials/Microforms: MICRO-F X464
      Multilateral Treaties (Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy)
      • Historical and current international conventions on arms control, environment, human rights and trade
      • Approach by topic or date with keyword index
      United Nations Treaty Data Base (UMich Only)
        United Nations Treaties
        • Subject approach to international treaties deposited with the United Nations and League of Nations Searchable by subject, parties, type of agreement, date signed Text viewable page by page Alternative plug-in permits one to view the entire treaty at the same time
        • The full texts of the treaties are also located in the printed United Nations Treaty Series (JX 170 .U54 with current in the Documents Center)
        Multilateral Treaties
        • Provides title, registration, date entered into force, location of text, and participants with their signature, ratification/accession/succession and reservations
        • The paper is the equivalent is Multilateral Treaties Deposited with the Secretary General (Doc. Cen. JX 4165 .U54)


      International Boundary News Archive
      • Single-paragraph news articles on international boundaries since 1991 Searchable by subject
      • Includes both boundary demarcations and boundary disputes

      International Agreements Database
      • Bilateral and multilateral treaties on energy policy to which the U.S. is a party Includes defense and nuclear cleanup Searchable by keyword, country and subject
      • Full text in pdf format

      ECOLEX: Gateway to Environmental Law (UNEP/World Conservation Fund)
      • Current treaties searchable by a combination of keyword, subject, type (bilateral, multilateral), country, region, year, language, and depository)
      • Brief description of the treaty in the native language
      Environmental Treaties (CIESIN)
      • Full text of international environmental treaties
      • Searchable by keyword, date entered into force, signatories, and socioeconomic indicators of signatories
      European Environmental Law
      • Full text of numerous environmental treaties, international laws, and case laws about environmental topics in Western Europe
      International Water Law Project
      • International treaties on water use and environmental protection Regional treaties on waterways and basins
      • Links to international and regional commissions with jurisdiction over shared water
      Transboundary Freshwater Dispute Database (Oregon State)
      • Summaries and full text of 150 international treaties and 39 interstate treaties
      • Searchable by parties, subject, beginning and ending date
    Human Rights

      Bibliography for Research On International Human Rights Law
      • Extensive bibliography of paper, electronic and Internet sources
      • Covers treaties case law, research guides, periodicals, and country situations
      International Humanitarian Law (Intl Red Cross)
      • Text of 89 treaties since 1856 Ranges from maritime law and hospital ships to prisoners of war and landmines
      • Searchable by subject or keyword
      Refugees (UNHCR)
      • Text of international treaties and conventions on refugees beginning 1951
      University of Minnesota Human Rights Library
      • International human rights treaties arranged by subject and searchable by keyword United States human rights laws, speeches, reports, and historical materials
      • International refugee and asylum information

    Maritime Law

      International Maritime Organization
      • Summarizes the text of maritime conventions promulgated since the end of World War II
      Oceans and Law of the Sea(UN)
      • Convention on the Law of the Sea and related agreements General Assembly documents and Secretary-General reports on Oceans and the Law of the Sea
      • Dispute Settlement documents


      United States Treaties (Hein Online) [UMich Only]
      • Index and full text to the follow collections:
        • Treaties and Other International Agreements, 1776-1949 (Bevans)
        • United States Treaties and Other International Agreements, 1950-1984
        • Treaties and International Acts Series, TIAS 11060 to TIAS 12734
        • Kavass Agreements, 1-6311
        Also includes Treaties, Conventions, International Acts, Protocols and Agreements (Malloy), 1776-1937, (Malloy), and Treaties and Other International Acts of the United States of America, 1776-1863 (Miller)
      • Searchable by keyword, treaty number, signature date, parties, etc.
      United States Treaty Index, 1776-1990
      • Doc. Cen. JX 231 .U581 Indexes U.S. treaties by subject, country, number and date Provides references to books, Statutes, U.S. Treaties, and TIAS
      • Continued by the Current Treaty Index (Docs. JX 236.5 .C976) and coordinated with microfiche (DoX25 / filed between IIS and UN) but there may still be a multi-year time lag)
      United States Treaties in Force (State Dept)
      • Annual index for existing treaties to which the U.S. is a party Multilateral treaties are arranged by subject and date Bilateral treaties are arranged by subject Provides citations to standard sources (United States Treaties, Treaties and Other International Agreements) but does not link to the full text Web version is 3 MB (over 55 pages) in pdf; paper copy located in Documents Center as JX 236.1929 Current Treaty Actions
      Treaties, 1975+ (THOMAS)
      • Indexes treaties submitted to the Senate for ratification since the 94th Congress, 1975 Indexed by Congress, date, treaty number, keyword, or broad subject
      • Full text of treaties in pdf format since the 104th Congress, 1995+
      Unperfected Treaties of the United States of America, 1776-1976
      • Doc. Cen. JX 236 1776 .U561
      • Index and full text of treaties considered but never signed by the U.S.
    Full Text

      United States Treaties (Hein Online) [UMich Only]
      • Index and full text to the follow collections:
        • Treaties and Other International Agreements, 1776-1949 (Bevans)
        • United States Treaties and Other International Agreements, 1950-1984
        • Treaties and International Acts Series, TIAS 11060 to TIAS 12734
        • Kavass Agreements, 1-6311
        Also includes Treaties, Conventions, International Acts, Protocols and Agreements (Malloy), 1776-1937, (Malloy), and Treaties and Other International Acts of the United States of America, 1776-1863 (Miller)
      • Searchable by keyword, treaty number, signature date, parties, etc.
      Treaties and Other International Agreements of the United States of America, 1776-1949 (Bevans)
      • Grad Library JX 236 .1968 A5
      • Full text of multilateral and bilateral U.S. treaties as they originally appeared in U.S. Statutes at Large
      United States Statutes at Large (UMich Only)
      • Includes the full text of Indian treaties, 1778-1874, and treaties with foreign countries, 1776-1949
      • Statutes at Large also available in paper: Doc. Cen. K .U565
      United States Traties and Other International Agreements, 1950-1983/84
      • JX 231 .A3 with latest in Documents Center Full text of treaties after ratified and bound
      • Cited in indexes as UST
      Treaties and International Acts Series
      • Doc. Cen. JX 235.9 .A33 Unbound pamphlet versions of ratified treaties, continuing US Treaties above
      • Cited in indexes as TIAS
      Treaties, 1975+ (THOMAS)
      • Indexes treaties submitted to the Senate for ratification since the 94th Congress, 1975 Indexed by Congress, date, treaty number, keyword, or broad subject
      • Full text of treaties in pdf format since the 104th Congress, 1995+
      Unperfected Treaties of the United States of America, 1776-1976
      • Doc. Cen. JX 236 1776 .U561
      • Index and full text of treaties considered but never signed by the U.S.



      Early Recognized Treaties with American Indian Nations
      • texts of the nine treaties, created between the years 1722 and 1805 and not included in Kappler's volumes of treaties between American Indian Tribes and the United States government
      • link to the full text, and to the image of the original source
      Kappler's Indian Affairs and Treaties (Okla.State Univ)
      • Text of U.S. treaties with Indian tribes between 1778 and 1883 Indexed by year, alphabetically by treaty name and tribe
      • Search engine by keyword with a relevancy ranking for search results

earthInternational Jobs

European Personnel Selection OfficeInternational Job Vacancies
  • Hundreds of want ads for jobs with international intergovernmental agencies, primarily from the UN group Arranged by agency, country, and type of job
  • Provides complete description and application deadline
Internships at UNIDROIT
Union of International Associations (UIA): Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

United Nations System Employment Opportunities
  • Vacancy announcements from the UN specialized agencies and related organizations

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