American National Election Study
Quick Start Instructions

1. Open URL:

2. Select SDA Archive

3. Select ANES Cumulative Datafile for 1948-2004

4. You will retrieve the following screen.

You choose the codes for your variables at the lower part of the left hand side, they appear on the upper part of the left hand side, and are moved to the upper part of the lefthand side. You choose your percentages and run the program.

5. Let's say you need the black vote in the 1952 presidential election by race.

A. Select a row variable

B. Select a column using the same method.

In this case, gender is under DEMOGRAPHICS and appears as variable VCF0104.

C. You want only the black population and only the year 1952.

You will need to handle this under filters. The code for race is VCF106A. You must go to the codebook at the top of the screen to determine the way to limit your search to black.

D. You can append the year of the study (VCF0004, found under Administration/Processing) to the filter.

E. Choose your percentages and run the program.

6. Search Results

Updated by Grace York, March 20, 2009

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