State Government Legislation

If you are familiar with how to find state government legislation, you can skip this section.

Overview Much less information is available for tracking legislation in all 50 states.

You can expect to find bill text, bill status, laws, and newspaper articles.

You may find reports from individual state agencies, summaries from national associations of state officials, and regulations.

All States

Web Source State Capital Universe provides bill text and legislative status for all 50 states since 1991. It includes the leading legislative newspapers and all state laws. Coverage of regulations is selective.

It is only available to University of Michigan students, faculty, and staff from campus workstations, from home using the University's private Ann Arbor phone number, or through the remote server.

Web Source State Government Resources on the Web links to state government agencies, national associations of state officials, and state lobby groups.


Web Source Michigan Legislative Histories lists numerous sources in addition to State Capital Universe.

Among them are background information from the Citizens Research Council and Public Sector Consultants.

House Fiscal Agency Analyses are available under bill number in the Michigan Legislature's web site.

Michigan Laws are searchable through Michigan Legislature web site while Regulations have their own web site.

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