Using High Performance Fortran for Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations

R. Keppens

FOM-Institute for Plasma-Physics Rijnhuizen, The Netherlands

G. Tóth

Department of Atomic Physics, Eötvös Univ., Hungary

submitted to Parallel Computing

Two scientific application programs, the Versatile Advection Code and the HEating by Resonant Absorption code are adapted to parallel computer platforms. Both programs can solve the time dependent nonlinear partial differential equations of magnetohydrodynamics with different numerical schemes. We describe our approach to parallelize the original Fortran 90 source codes using High Performance Fortran. Optimization strategies, scaling results, and comparison with performance on vector supercomputers are discussed. We find that the data parallel approach is quite successful for our applications both in terms of single node performance and parallel scaling. The combined use of VAC and HERA allows us to address complementary aspects of fully three-dimensional plasma dynamics. This is demonstrated for a Kelvin-Helmholtz unstable magnetized cylindrical jet.