I am a fifth year Computer Science and Engineering Ph.D. candidate at the University of Michigan, where I am advised by Westley Weimer. My areas of research interest broadly span software engineering and cognition.

Coming from a liberal arts background, I am very passionate about teaching and the quality of instruction in the classroom. I have taught a variety of courses, ranging from introductory-level core courses to upper-level electives, as instructor of record. I also actively seek out opportunities for undergraduate mentorship, with a particular focus on students from groups less represented in Computer Science or those with non-traditional backgrounds.

I am currently on the academic job market, with expected graduation in Winter’24. I am primarily interested teaching-focused faculty positions.

Outside of school, I love playing soccer. My favorite team is Manchester United–it is a rare occurrence for me to miss a United game, regardless of the time it airs. I also consider myself semi-decent at ping pong. I enjoy portrait photography, but unfortunately have not had much time to take my camera out of the storage closet.

Career Highlights

Teaching and Professional Development

  • August, 2020 - August, 2023: Completed the University of Michigan Graduate Teacher Certificate program, focusing on professional development workshops, instructional practice, and mentorship.
  • May, 2023 - June, 2023: Completed the 5-week University of Michigan Preparing Future Faculty program, focusing on course design and equity-focused instruction.
  • September, 2022 - December, 2022: Served as instructor of record for CSCI 111: Fundamentals of Programming I and CSCI 317: Database Systems at Washington and Lee University.
  • January, 2022 - April, 2022: Served as instructor of record for EECS 281: Data Structures and Algorithms at the University of Michigan.
  • July, 2021: Received the Computer Science and Engineering Winter 2021 Graduate Instructor Award (3/368 recipients).

  • Research

  • February, 2024: Our paper "Causal Relationships and Programming Outcomes: A Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Experiment" was selected for an ACM Distinguished Paper Award.
  • October, 2023: Our paper "Causal Relationships and Programming Outcomes: A Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Experiment" was accepted at ICSE'24.
  • August, 2023: Completed my Ph.D. dissertation proposal.
  • April, 2023: Our paper "CirFix: Automated Hardware Repair and its Real-World Applications" was accepted to appear in TSE.
  • January, 2023: Our paper "How Do We Read Formal Claims? Eye-Tracking and the Cognition of Proofs about Algorithms" was accepted at ICSE'23.
  • August, 2022: Our paper "LOGI: An Empirical Model of Heat-Induced Disk Drive Data Loss and its Implications for Data Recovery" was accepted at PROMISE'22.
  • June, 2022: Our paper "Digging into Semantics: Where do search-based software repair methods search?" was accepted at PPSN'22.
  • April, 2022: Our paper "Sift: Using Refinement-Guided Automation to Verify Complex Distributed Systems" was accepted at ATC'22.
  • November, 2021: Our paper "CirFix: Automatically Repairing Defects in Hardware Design Code" was accepted at ASPLOS'22.
  • February, 2021: Our paper "Applying Automated Program Repair to Dataflow Programming Languages" was accepted at the GI workshop at ICSE'21.
  • December, 2020: Our paper "A Program Logic to Verify Signal Temporal Logic Specifications of Hybrid Systems" was accepted at HSCC'21.

  • Miscellaneous

  • December, 2021: Received an M.S. degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of Michigan.
  • September, 2019: Started my Ph.D. program at the University of Michigan.
  • May, 2019: Graduated summa cum laude from Washington and Lee University with a B.S. in Computer Science with honors.
  • May, 2019: Received the Washington and Lee Departmental Computer Science Award (awarded to one recipient for the graduating class).
  • March, 2018: Inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa National Honors Society.