The CLINT Manual

In the CLINT manual, on page 52 some artwork needs to be added by hand: Between the first two lines of the display, two lines need to be drawn, linking a1 to a2, and a1 to a3. Between the second and third lines of the display, four lines need to be drawn, linking a2 to a4, a2 to a5, a3 to a6, and a3 to a7. Between the third and fourth lines of the display, eight lines need to be drawn, linking a4 to a8, a4 to a9, a5 to a10, a5 to a11, a6 to a12, a6 to a13, a7 to a14, and a7 to a15. Between the last two lines of the display, thirteen lines need to be drawn, linking a8 to a16, a8 to a17, a9 to a18, a9 to a19, a10 to a20, a10 to a21, a11 to a22, a11 to a23, a12 to a24, a12 to a25, a13 to a26, a13 to a27, and a14 to a28.

The CLINT DOS Programs

Some of the programs indicate that printing is possible. However, in the newer versions of Windows, the DOS emulation no longer supports printing.

The program permcalc is unfinished, but still functions sufficiently to enable students to see that the cycle structure of the permutation x -> ax (mod m) is very different from that of a random permutation.

It seems that the program reduce has a bug in it, which thus far has not been located or corrected. In the case that other bugs are discovered, or a program fails to operate satisfactorily, please report the details to

Some of the programs terminate when the calculation is completed. Such programs cannot be operated by clicking on the Windows icon. To operate the program, open a DOS window, change the directory to the one containing the program, type the name of the program, and press [Enter]. The DOS window can be toggled between small and full-screen by typing [Alt]-[Enter]. To see a listing of the files in the current directory, type dir /w [Enter]. The DOS window can be closed by typing exit [Enter].