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Bonny Lin, MA Student, Center for Chinese Studies
The Statue of Guan Yin?
Hainin Island, China
The photo is of statue of Guan Shiyin (a bodhisattva) in Hainan. The Statue has multiple sides, with Guan Yin holding a different symbolic object in each side. The entire park is highly modern and tour guides refer to the statue with pride as it is several meters higher than the U.S. Statue of Liberty. The entire park, though a Buddhist ground, is highly commercialized and one can see all the fresh and brilliant gold paint on the structures beneath Guan Yin. Ironically, the park's entrance fee was quite expensive - perhaps not a
place with entry prices affordable to all people.

Camera make: FUJIFILM | Camera model: FinePix A303 | Exposure time: 1/180s
Aperture: 7.0 | Metering mode: Multi-segment |Focal length: 17.1mm

JAlbum 6.5