Some pictures people related to me

From Italy
My mother (Concetta) and father (Enrico) on their wedding day, in Barisciano, my mom and dad on their wedding day province of L'Aquila , in the Abruzzo region of Italy. (I was named after the gentleman on the right in the back row -- Giovanni D'Alessandro -- my maternal grandfather) The region is best described in the great novel Fontamara despite some dubious life choices by the author, Ignazio Silone. (The summary in the previous link, by the way, does not represent my views of the book well, but it is one of the few English/American links I could find. This much shorter blurb by contrast to the previous one has plugs by Trostky and Graham Greene!.) Some more famous Abruzzese include Rocky Marciano, Dean Martin, Mario Lanza, and Frank Sinatra. Apparently three Abruzzese died in the 9-11 bombings in New York City, including one namesake Marisa DiNardo.

To Detroit
Me, Jean ("she married him!") Wohlever, and my sister Ellen. John, Jean, and Ellen>