if you are ever planning to ride over niagara falls in a barrel, i recommend that you not do it in winter...the water looked cold and i think the ice at the bottom would provide a rough landing...but hey, i'm not here to preach at you, if you want to do it, do it...

we stayed on the canadian side which is like a small las vegas, making for a very unnatural backdrop to this very natural wonder. it was very cold while we were there (below zero) but seeing the falls in the winter was pretty interesting.

canadian falls.

american falls.

icicles on a cliff near the canadian falls.

a stream feeding into the river above the falls, the candian falls with ice covered plants, and the ice below the canadian falls.

a sheet of ice floating down the river above the falls, icicles hanging from a cliff, the canyon down river from the falls, and frozen lake erie.

me, a frozen stream, ducks who wish they had flown south, and megan in front of a ship wreck.

views of the falls from google maps.

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