isn't snow weird? i mean, think about it, where does it come from? the sky? yeah, right, i bet you also believe in evolution ...look! i can think of baseless theories too: those big white cotton balls that float around in the sky are actually made up of water vapor which can freeze and form ice crystals which then fall to the ground!...the easter bunny is real too, and made up of pink water vapor!

in aspen, magic snow covers the mountains like delicious frosting...except it has no flavor, unless you're unlucky...

a snow frosted peak, just waiting for someone to pop some birthday candles in it.

distant mountains and wind blown trees.

maroon bells as seen from snowmass.



across the valley.


aspen & pine trees locked in battle.

view from the top of aspen. it was far more breathtaking in person.

view from the top of aspen.

pyramid peak as seen from the top of buttermilk mountain.

wind blown snows and distant mountains from the top of snowmass.

the crew.

resorts: snowmass, aspen, aspen highlands, and aspen again.

proof that we were there.

action shots.

i'm not much of a jumper but here i try.

i pulled off a more impressive trick when i skied over a snow covered rock and my skis came to a dead stop on the rock while my body kept going, causing me to do a somersault over the edge, using my head as a pivot point.

view from condo.


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