» chapel loop, pictured rocks national lakeshore, upper peninsula
for our main hike in pictured rocks, we decided to do the "chapel loop", a 9.8 mile hike which heads through unspoiled forest and lakeside cliffs, passing rivers, waterfalls, and sandy beaches along the way. about 7 miles into our hike we came to chapel beach where there is a backcountry campground and in an amazing coincidence, one of the guys i play hockey with was at the campground packing up just as we were arriving. some forest sections of the trail got slightly tedious but the cliffs, falls, beaches, and rivers were absolutely beautiful.

where the mosquito river meets lake superior.

mosquito beach.

along the shore of lake superior, near mosquito beach.

lovers leap.

cliffs, forest, and a large rock in lake superior.

mineral stained cliffs and the emerald green shallows of lake superior.

a couple of wildflowers.

a group of backpackers can be seen in the upper left.

megan on a cliff. i believe this is grand portal point...it was like a sandy beach hundreds of feet above the water.

the cliffs and us.

water carved coves.

the trail along the cliffs and stopping for lunch near chapel rock.

chapel beach, rock, and river along the shore of lake superior.

chapel rock and megan and i standing in chapel river, where it falls into lake superior.


chapel falls. this is a very big waterfall, only about 1/3 of it is shown in this picture.

the top of chapel falls.

» miners beach, pictured rocks national park, upper peninsula
by the time we got to the miners castle area, a dense fog was rolling in off the lake so only outlines of the cliffs were visible. we headed down to miners beach where miners river winds across the beach and into lake superior.

the top of miners castle (all that was visible in the fog), and miners beach, where miners river hits lake superior.

» miners falls, pictured rocks national park, upper peninsula
miners falls is a powerful 50 foot waterfall accessible by a 1.2 mile round trip hike.

me at the base of miners falls.

» munising falls, pictured rocks national park, upper peninsula
munising falls is a 50 foot waterfall that can be reached by a short hike, just inside the park.

munising falls.

» munising, upper peninsula
munising is situated in a beautiful area, reminiscent of ketchikan alaska, with misty green hills (much smaller of course), waterfalls and a bay. the town itself however, is nothing to write home about.

alger falls, munising bay, the misty hills of munising, and us at wagner falls.

wagner falls, located in the woods just outside of downtown.

a creek on the way to wagner falls.

» laughing whitefish falls state park, upper peninsula
laughing whitefish falls is a 100 foot cascading waterfall located about 30 miles east of munising.

the trail to laughing whitefish falls.

me on the falls.

the top of the falls.


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