i headed to nyc with some friends for a weekend hockey tournament and to check out the always interesting city. we stayed in chelsea on manhattan island and on friday we skated down to times square and later played our first hockey game. on saturday we skated past the wtc ruins to battery park for a view of the statue of liberty. then we checked out wall street/city hall and took the subway to central park where we skated some more and then took the subway back for two hockey games that evening. that night we tried to go up in the empire state building but it was closed due to being "overcrowded". last time i was there it was closed due to "weather". it's like someone is trying to keep me from going up there, what are they hiding?

well, we won the tournament which means nothing really but of course it is generally more fun to win than lose.

the empire state building and some other tall building.

the city as viewed from the main reservoir in central park.

the electric daylight of times square.

roller blading through the city and central park.

the sky rink at chelsea piers (where we played), outside and inside.

our final game and us with our medals.

my room at the chelsea lodge.

the michigan/montana contingent of our team and some wallpaper.


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