» cleveland
not much to say, we intended to stop in the city to have lunch but could not find any place of interest so we just kept on trucking.

lake erie and downtown cleveland.

» viaduct park, bedford
viaduct park is a small park located near downtown bedford, ohio. it would be a really nice area except that it is populated and polluted. there are some historical things to see such as the ruins of an old mill and an old tunnel and viaduct. in short, it's not worth going out of your way to see.

great falls of tinkers creek.

the left side of the falls and the old stone tunnel and viaduct.

» cuyahoga national park
cuyahoga national park is located between cleveland and akron so it is not much of a descent into wilderness, but it does have some nice waterfalls, rock formations, and is centered around a river valley that i'm sure is very pretty in the fall.

brandywine falls. pretty, but its ease of access makes the whole experience superficial.

blue hen falls is in a more secluded area but is not all that impressive.

however, if you hike down the creek from blue hen falls you will find buttermilk falls, a more secluded and interesting waterfall.

the top of buttermilk falls and the view from below.

looking down on buttermilk falls.

me on top of the falls.

some green life sprouting up.

ritchie ledges. interesting crevices, caves, and cliffs formed by glaciers many years ago.

everything was relatively bleak while we were there, here are some pictures of the area during other times of the year.

» nelson-kennedy ledges state park
some interesting rock formations can be found here, but the entire park is right along a major road so you never feel like you are in the wilderness.

trees grow in the damndest places (this is a vertical cliff).

cascade falls.


me standing above a crevice and megan standing in one.

» pittsburgh
there is plenty to see and do here.

mt. washington from downtown.

the incline up mt. washington and a neighborhood on mt. washington.

us and one of the viewing platforms on mt. washington.

pittsburgh from mt. washington.

looking left, center, and right.

the old and the new.

three points park.

the omni penn hotel and other buildings.

» mcconnells mill state park
mcconnells mill is a relatively small park about 40 miles north of pittsburgh centered around the slippery rock gorge. it was surprisingly crowded with fishermen, kayakers and others, but still maintained that feeling of pristine wilderness. we found a steep and rocky little gorge to climb up and also headed over to the other side of the park to hike hells hollow.

a rock filled gorge we climbed up. located between eckert and breakneck bridges.

various views of the area and megan using a vine to ascend a steep slope.

bouldering up the falls.

top of breakneck falls.

we were there.

hells hollow area.

hells hollow falls.

more beautiful times.


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