» catalina island
On Friday we took the ferry out to Catalina Island to meet up with Megan's parents to do some sailing. We sailed around the south side to the Palisades where we were met with stiiff winds and big waves which rocked the boat like a seasaw. We were going to sail around the entire island but we had to turn around because the wind was messing up Megan's hair.

The Palisades on the southwest side of the island. These cliffs reach heights over 1,600 feet.

Further east.

The boat, and me looking at the cliffs (Taken By Megan).

The water in this spot was very turquoise, probably due to suspended sediment washed away from the cliffs.

Island living: Once we got done with sailing, there was not much to do but sit in the sun with our remaining time. So, we went swimming and took the dingy out for a ride on the east side of the island. On our dingy ride we saw a Bald Eagle and Catalina Flying Fish.

The last glimmer from the sun, as we cruised back to Long Beach.

Left: The decommissioned Queen Mary ocean liner which earned fame during WWII when it made many transatlantic runs without incident, carrying nearly 15,000 troops at a time. Hitler went as far as offering lavish rewards for the commander who could sink her. Right: The docks at Long Beach.

» torrey pines, san diego
Torrey Pines is a dangerous place. There is the obvious danger of eroding cliff edges and rattlesnakes, but in the seemingly harmless hills there lies another hidden danger: desert plant life. While trying to avoid one part of a Prickly Pear Cactus, I rammed my knee into another part, sending a thorn deep into my knee. So I was like ok, that didn't really hurt, I'll just pull it out. So I did, with some difficulty, and it started to bleed but still it was no big deal. Then I tried to walk and was like what the hell? Did my knee just get clubbed by Tanya Harding? Seriously, I couldn't walk without limping, from a little thorn, from a stupid plant. If I had a baseball bat I would have beat the hell out of that plant. But as it was, with my soft, daily moisturized skin, I had no chance against a cactus.

So, a word to the wise, don't mess with desert plant life, they are hardcore and ruthless. I don't completely blame them, they are probably like "living in the desert with no water is hard enough, I dont need you bumbling animals trampling me too... and what's with all the moving anyway? Why can't you just be like a plant and be happy where you are?". Well screw you plant bitches, as long as Tumbleweeds can move, so can I.

The cliffs near Flat Rock.

Looking down on the lagoon.


Left: A deadly Prickly Pear Cactus. Right: Broken Hill.

A couple of people walking down on the beach.


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