» blizzards, cliffs, icy shores, and snowdrifts
The conditions along Lake Superior were pretty extreme but I don't want to sensationalize or exaggerate things so I have employed a professional TV reporter to summarize our trip in his typical balanced and unbiased manner:

This is Kip Jantz from Channel 4 Action News reporting live from Munising, Michigan where two thrill seekers have just completed a harrowing journey along the remote lakeshore cliffs of Lake Superior, known as the Pictured Rocks.

When Megan & Lars headed north on the 26th of January for the frozen landscape of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, they didn't know if their adventure would end in jubilation or disaster. From the gripping drama of the doomed Mount Hood climbers to the heartbreaking story of the family stranded by snow in rural Oregon, we now know the dangers hidden beneath the seemingly tranquil blankets of winter snow, and this trip had all of the ingredients needed for things to go horribly wrong. Read more...

Frozen Chapel Falls.

Water flowing under the ice of Chapel Falls

Left: Megan hiking down to Chapel Falls. Right: Me sitting on Chapel Falls (Photo by Megan).

Whitecaps on Lake Superior.

Iced cliffs near Chapel Rock.

Chapel Rock.

Me on Chapel Beach where Chapel Creek flows into Lake Superior (Photo by Megan).

Cliffs southwest of Chapel Beach.

Lower Chapel Falls and Chapel Rock.

Chapel Beach. Unfortunately we had no time to sit out and sun bathe.

First cove southwest of Chapel Beach.

Same cove, the blurry white streaks are from falling snow.

Winter waves crashing around in the cove..


An iced cliff and the icy Chapel Beach.

Me skiing along Chapel Beach (Photo by Megan).

Looking towards Grand Portal Point. The yellow ice is a 90 foot formation known as Singing In The Rain.

Left: Looking back from near Grand Portal Point. Right: Megan pausing along the trail.

Grand Portal Point.

Cliffs southwest of Indian Head, and interesting wind patterns on the waves.

Left: Snow hanging from branches. Right: Icicles and sea caves.

Indian Head.

This tree picked a bad place to live, soon it will pay the price.

Left: Megan in the woods. Right: Me at the cliff edge.

A wave crashing into Lover's Leap.

Megan making her way past some ice (not snow) covered tree limbs that had fallen and blocked what we believed to be the trail.

Left: Lover's Leap. Right: Mosquito Beach.

Hiking through the woods (Photo by Megan).

Snow squall.

Megan heading from Mosquito Beach back to the trailhead.

» munising falls

Left: Frozen Munising Falls. Right: Us.


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